• Today I am grateful that I can and am moving forward. That I have the love and support of my friends and the universe. All is well in my world and I wish that all is well in yours. Blessings everyone.

  • Good Morning All, Sylvannah my mom threatned everyone in the house who had a menstral with birth control, but she never did it and none of us got preggos! Funny. I'm grateful today for you guys, I pray that everyone is fine, expect something great to happen! 🙂

  • Sylvannah, nothing prepares you for hearing those words. Been there done that, sure felt like I got the wind knocked out of me. Since then I've learned my daughter thought I was having a heart attack because of the peculiar look on my face and the fact that I was not speaking. In my head I was screaming...."help me God, my first reaction only happens once, what do I say? Help me find the words Lord? Help me" Those few seconds felt like hours. All they were afraid of was me killing him and instead I said "well you're family now so we'll get through this somehow, together." Unfortunately for me that was with pregnancy number one for her. That "father" is long gone and she lost the child to miscarriage, it was hard on everyone. Turned out he was a good kid and I run into him every now and then. I didn't get the luxury of accepting my grandchild today when I found out about her impending birth. I just knew. Before I heard the words it just came to me and in my panic I decided to love the child what a great decision that was, I'm blessed to be a grandmother. I know not everyone feels that way when it happens to them and there are good and bad circumstances but i hope that should you ever have to face those two most frightening words remember that you love her, the rest will come with God's help.

    Be thankful you have time and remember everything happens for a reason. This child very likely saved my life by coming into it.


  • Poetic I loved that your mom threatened you all. Sometimes it's the simple approach that works that and the fear of her wrath right?

    Great things will happen today and if not make them good at least somethow.


  • My horoscope says this will be a lucky month for me, I hope so. My mom was old school she didn't play. She loved us but demanded a lot and expected a lot. I guess I expected a lot more from my kids too, I tried so hard. They have to want it, we can't make them. Alas we will dwell on the positives. Ain't life grand!

  • I will love my grandcild. My mom said that grandchildren were the best because when you were done enjoyin them, you could send them home. lol I have fears that some girl will call here one day to have me tell Chris, that she is pregnant and of course, I am waiting for my daughter to tell me she is. All I know is that she had better be 17 or older. Did you know, that if you were to give your son condems, that you could be arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Even though they can get them at school or the clinic! I told them that was a chance I will take. I'll take that then my son coming to me saying he's got some incurable disease or he got someone pregnant. I'll just say I had them in the bathroom. If he took them, nothing I could do about it. lol Although, I don't think there is a judge in the world that would convict you over something like that. Right now, my son would make an aweful father. He still has to grow up himself first. I already see him turning into his father so I don't know what his future even holds for him but it doesn't look too good.

  • Oh yes isn't life grand....and let us remember every child is a blessing. It's what we do with it or what they do with it that can make it great or not so great. Happy thoughts. RC

  • I decided that when I get real old, I'm gonna make them change MY diapers and have to watch me 24/7. LOL I am thankful that I found someone to help me physically. He must have been sent by God! I usually have to buy him a 4 pk of beer but that is a very small price to pay for what he does for me. Today, I'm gonna go ahead and buy my Chantix. I have to pay my bills. I always procrastinate doing them though I have no reason to. I don't have that many. Gas is what is killing me (other than smoking lol)I have to tell people to remind me if I owe them money cause I do forget, and the other people, feel it is rude but I don't. I know I forget and the only way to remember is if you tell me.I wrote my ex a letter, just to be a b%(*# because I can. lol It makes me happy so why not. lol I do feel sorry for him though. He may not experience anything bad right now but it's coming. By the time he realizes anything, I'll be long gone. I already told him that once he sticks his d%$k in anyone else, it is over. I think he has already but he will never know what quality sex is.

  • Funny! Sylvannah! RC you are right, I can wait for my grands, but I sure will spoil them!

  • Now remember each time you write out a bill payment say thank you Lord that I am able to pay this and have these services or roof over my head and food on my table. Each is a blessing as is the funds to pay for them. Seems silly but might not hurt.

  • That sounds like a good idea because I am very thankful for the services. I don't have many. I have elec., cell, garbage, credit cards,and cable. Hopefully I can add mortgage to that. But I get SSI so the amount never changes.They ripped me off out of $12,000 in back pay and I am gonna fight an overpayment. Nobody told me I couldn't combine all the money. If they did, I would not have done it. So we were never overpaid but they are making me pay it back. They take $60 a month. It will be over $5,000 in the end. I am so ready for good things to happen. I have had so much bad happen and nothing was ever my fault. Psychiatrists want to label me as depressed and are so surprised that I am not. What is the point of being depressed? It won't change anything and I will be miserable all the time. Another Mother's Day when I am not appreciated for being the wonderful mom that I am. I will be appreciated in the future. I just hope I am alive to see it lol I am an awesome mom but my kids make me sound like the spawn of Satan! LOL As far as they are concerned, I sacrifice children and eat their hearts while they are still alive lol If I was half as bad as they say I am, I would be locked up! I am so evil. It is 10:50p and I am taking her game remote. Bad mother! lol TTFN

  • I am thankful for all the kind decent people here on the Tarot Forums...

    and hope they find that ignoring the hateful, negative people on here, will sequester those folks to their own realm, where they can beat up on each other. ; )

    I am thankful for people finding the strength to face their fears, and their difficult situations, so they may overcome them and become better people in the process. : D

    I am thankful I am not actually a crab, since there are people who want to boil me and eat me. : p

  • Sylvannah,

    Hope you have a wonderful mothers day. I'm sure mine will feel like you described but I'm used to that now. Sadly. Hoping that will change in the future but time will tell. I'm thankful for people like you willing to share their stories and help others learn in the process.


  • Hi Brian that's so nice, you have a good heart and help many! RC I will try to remember that when paying bills, I hate bills but yes it's a blessing to pay them, could be worse. Sylvannah keep fighting the power and "never take a no, from someone who can't give you a yes." Another motto I live by.

    Today I am thankful that I can continue to plant seeds for spirtual harvest, whether I have money or not. Aint life Grand. I'm praying for all of us! 🙂

  • Nice post, here's mine:

    I am thankful to be alive another day. I am thankful for my loving dog, Lucy. I am thankful for my devoted husband. I am thankful for having my mother still be a part of our lives. I am thankful for my employment, my income, and the support of all my clients, team members, and superiors. I am thankful to God for gifting us with such a beautiful Earth. I am thankful to my lungs, for allowing me to breathe, and to my heart, for pumping enough blood in my body so that I may write this without physical distress. I am thankful for everything I know now, and everything I will ever know, and have known. Thank you!

    ::happy face happy face happy face =))))::

  • RC, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day too. And you are right Poetic, all I have ever heard was no and I don't wanna hear it no more. Even if people don't think they have the power for a yes, they do. I do not except 'no' for an answer. lol Unless of course a no would be a good answer. I don't wanna hear anybody say no, I can't. Unexceptable! lol my mom taught me thet the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I will squeak away! lol TTFN

  • Sylvannah, thanks to you too. Squeak away girl you deserve good things in your life and I think with patience they will come your way.


  • Good Morning/Evening all! Lamestra that is beautiful! Today and Everyday I'm thankful that my Mom did her best for me with what she had. I'm thankful that she's still here to guide me and that though we may always agree, we still love each other and come overcome our differences through love and patience. I'm thankful for the many mothers who mothered me as a child and taught me right from wrong and kept me out of places I didn't need to be. I'm thankful that though my children were not born with instructions, I did the best that I could and did better when I learned better. I'm thankful to God for this opportunity of Living, Loving and Sharing and always, always Learning. I'm thankful for all of you and Pray for good health, peace, longivity and an exceptional quality of life for us all. Amen!

  • Happy Mothers Day!

  • Awesome message Poetic.

    I miss my mom! She was the woman who always had room for one more, who did for those who needed her help even if they didn't know they needed it. She was quietly loving but never felt the need to speak those words. Once my mom was traveling to Ireland with my uncle her first plane ride and I can vividly remember her intentionally telling each of her three children that she loved us. My mom never said stuff like that, it was I guess too mushy you were just supposed to know it was so. I asked her after her trip why she said it then, she said in case she died on the airplane she wanted to be sure we knew and heard it from her. She said "I love you" in other ways, taking in our friends who needed help, making sure we ate before she did, always managing somehow to get the money to get us what we needed. It may not have been what we wanted but it was always enough to meet our needs.

    Now when things get to me and I feel the most alone I feel love surround me, and I know it's her. She learned to say " I love you" even though I can't hear the words. We were so lucky to have her be a part of our lives and mold us into the people we have become. I hope I haven't disappointed her too badly. Cherish your mothers, they are so precious a gift.


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