• poetic,

    happy to hear from you, happy you had a nice peaceful weekend, yes, what will the year 2011 will bring, i have positive faith that it will bring positive changes for all of us, thank you for sending me the articule, i have yet to read it, i will get to it tonight, after i do the dishes, i finish dinner long ago, but the dishes are pile up on the sink otherwise, i wont be able to be posting, usually that the last thing i do before going to be,

    i miss you to, the weekends feel strange, not many post during the weekends, i wish you a very good night,

  • Angel bee,

    lately we have been talking here and there and everywhere, i want to thank you for the articules you posted, i have alot of reading to do tonight before going to sleep, i call you so i imagine sometime tommorrow you will be reading, what i wrote you, thank you for everything angel bee.

  • zep,

    thinking of you, praying that everything is going great for you.


    missing you,


    my prayers for you and andre always,

    my journey,

    prayers for you also, missing you gals when you are not around,

    today i am thankful that i was able to get to the forum and post my thankful list,

    i give tthanks to god, that he granted me sixty two years of life,

    and last night, he gave me a aditional day

    i anm thankful, that my sister shiela is recieving healing prayers,

    that she is feeling somewhat better,

    i am thankful to angel bee, who has been helping me posting

    i am thankful that the weather is comfortable,

    i am thankful that i have food, water, a froof over my head

    i am thankful that my youngest grandson did not get worst

    i am thankful that i have heard from all those i love today

    i am thankful that i believe in a better tommorrow for all

    i am thankful for my mistakes,

    i am thanfkul for my intuition

    i am thankful that the holiday cheer is around the corner,

    i am thankful for all the emails i receivce

    i am thanfkul for all the spirtual food i receivce

    i am thankful for the smiles i receivce

    i am thankful to know the joy of laughter

    i am thankful to know that my love ones that have pass are not suffering

    i am also thankful i had them in my life

    i am thankful that tommorrow is another day, i will experience it if god permits

    i am thankful to god for everything i have, and all my steps in life,

    i am thankful always,


    may god pour his blessings over my spirtual family giving them health, peace , happiness, love, abundance

    love and hugs,


  • Ramonita, Thanks, I'm glad you are doing better and have your grandson feeling better also. We are managing ok, one day at a time. I tried to reach Zep but no luck so far, will keep you posted if I hear from her. Still praying for her & Andr'e.

  • Rcdreamer,

    thank you, that the most we change do is manage one day at a time, thank you so much for keeping us, post on zep,

    have a beautiful night, serene and peaceful,

    god bless you rcdreamer,

    now off to the dishes,

    love you all of you sisters,

  • Girls I am Ok.

    I am going through so much and I love it. It is the challenge to show there is more.

    As it shows in such hard times we connect.

    I got e-mail from a company in Germany who ask about Andr'es translation work.

    I met a woman who told me of her Mom who had a stroke in germany.

    OMG what a connection.

    My Andr'e is slow in recovery but I see a life more than most as a connection in spirit he shows.

    There is a Hope more than we see sometimes.

    As it comes in a time of hardship in others time as it is a Blessing.

    Who what of thought this is a blessing as it brings us closer to ourself.

    Ok I think why does it go this way..

    But I have seen it brings in more people...and why I do know I just do as I am..

    Which is a love of people and life..as I share with so many in the nursing home who does not have family who go to see them.

    If God gives me this I am Thankful to give as I see life.

    Who knows maybe I will work in a nursing home as I see they need improvement.

    I dont know where this goes but I know in my heart I will do what is needed to help our world of people who are lost.

    You know you dont need money to help a soul

    Love to share is GOLD on this earth the world tells us

    we need so much as our parents had little and they showed they had so much as we are here today...a question I wonder how they saw life.

    More simple as life is but we make iife so Complacaited

    Ok I am on a quest to see and I ask .why we make life complacated..

    Maybe our Karma ...whatever life gives out life and we do not have the control

    We pray for the will of our creature as that is a life and to do the best we can.

    To me that is it...Our time comes to fulfill our life mission and we only to ask for the will of our God or our mission..its all personal..We will get what we ask for as ;Long as it in legemancy.

    May I ask for I do what I need to find...and I am ok for that..

    May this be a shared understanding as we all go through allot now in the changing times to see

    Our love energy..there is no guarantee to life it is the life we give out and thats is not expected

    But it ask us to believe a form it 's own reason...

    We can do the best for ourself but if you see we dont have that control.

    The spirit will always show more

  • No problem Ramonita.=)

    Oh and zep lovely zep your doing good. keep it up

    Love and light Bee Xx

  • I am truly thankful to all the teachers who have interacted with me throughout countless lifetimes to faciltate my learning. I know it was getting pretty tough to blast through my growing wall of ego fueled arrogance. But you didn't give up on me. A special shout out to Kitty, who I never dreamed I'd really ever listen to a word she said, but who turned out to be an incredibly wise teacher and one of the most significant souls on my journey. I only hope I was able to reciprocate somehow. ( I still got a Kitty in my engine!)

  • Zep so happy to hear from you. It is amazing the lives we touch and who touch ours during times like these. It seems as if a distraction of sorts is somehow sent your way and in the process of making a difference to someone else you remarkably do the same for yourself. Always praying things get better for you & Andr'e. We love you.

  • I am thankful for another day

    I am thankful for the little things

    I am thankful for the things we take for granted

    I am thankful for the people in our lives that make it what it is today

    I am thankful for the people of our past who molded us to be who we are

    I am thankful that even as you wait for the sun to rise, that there is hope for a better day ahead

  • Today i am thankful to everyone on the healing and prosperity thread for their dedication in sending out positive vibes to others.

    Thankyou Rc for what you wrote as well it means alot

  • Good Morning Guys/Afternoon/Whatever! lol!

    I/We have so much to be thankful for and I am thankful I am.

    Zep I'm glad your spirits are up and I'm thankful.

    I'm thankful that I'm sure the Universe is going to reveal what's next on my journey.

    I'm thankful that again there is hope for us selfish humans, that the Father did not give up on us.

    I'm so, so thankful for an open mind, it amazes me how so many people do not have an open mind and think that anything different is somehow evil.

    I'm thankful for each and everyone of you's (like Archie Bunker).

    You guys are also my teachers, I learn something everyday from each one of you and we are all one. You guys keep me humble and remind me of what's really important in life.


  • Unifier of Opposites

    The Color Green

    Daily Om message

    The color green balances our energy so that in looking at it we feel confident that growth is inevitable.

    Green is a combination of the colors yellow and blue, each of which brings its own unique energy to the overall feeling of the color green. Blue exudes calm and peace, while yellow radiates liveliness and high levels of energy. As a marriage between these two very different colors, green is a unifier of opposites, offering both the excitement of yellow and the tranquility of blue. It energizes blue’s passivity and soothes yellow’s intensity, inspiring us to be both active and peaceful at the same time. It is a mainstay of the seasons of spring and summer, thus symbolizing birth and growth.

    Green is one of the reasons that spring instigates so much excitement and activity. As a visual harbinger of the end of winter, green stems and leaves shoot up and out from the dark branches of trees and the muddy ground, letting us know that it’s safe for us to come out, too. In this way, green invites us to shed our layers and open ourselves to the outside world, not in a frantic way but with an easygoing excitement that draws us outside just to sniff the spring air. Unlike almost any other color, green seems to have its own smell, an intoxicating combination of sun and sky—earthy, bright, and clean. In the best-case scenario, it stops us in our tracks and reminds us to appreciate the great experience of simply being alive.

    Green balances our energy so that in looking at it we feel confident that growth is inevitable. It also gives us the energy to contribute to the process of growth, to nurture ourselves appropriately, without becoming overly attached to our part in the process. Green reminds us to let go and let nature do her work, while at the same time giving us the energy to do our own.

  • Message from veronica-

    Rough Times In The Linear

    "In the linear the feeling of separation is often expanded as one feels his or her way through the sea of chaos. Most feel the void and become fearful that their connection with their soul may be forever out of their reach.

    It is important to realize that those in spirit are always moving past any impediments to connecting with those they love in the linear.

    Close your eyes when fearful and feel the touch of spirit. The warmth of that embrace can supersede any detachment one may feel while in the physical form.

    Spirit senses when the disconnect occurs and moves forcefully to reconnect. Allow the energy to proceed. We realize it may be difficult but open yourself to the probability if at all possible.

    We have stated before that spirit will never abandon you. This remains the most stable connection in the linear world as spirit moves forward to connect.

    Always know that these moments of warmth and love continue. Pay attention in times of trouble so that the connection may become more stable.

    It is the best possible moment when the soul can smooth the rough edges of a linear moment. It is not your imagination, the work of spirit is profound. Believe in the moment and all will be well.

    The soul has the power to smooth out all of the roughness. One simply needs to allow for that to occur.

    Close your eyes and believe.

    Relief will be forthcoming."


  • I am Thankful for all of you.

    and i am thankful for being alive today.

    Love and Blessings Bee Xx

  • zep,

    it was so good to my spirit to hear from you, through all the experiences you have gone through in the last month of so, your words took me back to time, where a song came out, i dont remember the year, but everyone that heard it said it was so true, a powerful message from the universe, what the world needs now, is love, sweet love, arent those words, powerful and real, theres real beauty in helping others, i am so happy to know that even if it is slowly andre is progressing, i always believed and will continue believing that everything that happens is for a reason, and with all your pain, and all the hardship you must go through to go see andre, look at the beautiful thought you have, working in a nursing home and helping others, which i truly believe you would be great at, because of that big beautiful heart you have in your chest, that does not stop spreading knowledge and love to others, yes, the universe needs a lot more zeps, to make it a better place for all.

  • welcome,

    angel city soul,


  • rcdreamer,

    i pray that you are doing great, here in florida is getting a little cold, that is in the south, imagine what the ones that are living in the north are going thru,

    angel bee,

    once again thank you for the articules, i pray that you have a wonderful day at school tommorrow.


    thank you for the articules, today i wanted to get in the internet early, the internet service provider went down and i was left with out conection.

    how is your house, are you cold, i am so cold that my feet feel numb, and i have socks on, thank you for the articules, i really enjoyed them,

    my sisters,

    today was a heartbreaking day for me, what happen hurted in so many ways that i cant even begin to express what i felt, my oldest grandson, his mother reached out to him on facebook to be his friend, he accepted, but through the conversations they been having on facebook book she told him that she never wanted to be a mother, that broke my heart because my grandson in his first years, went through a lot with her, alot of pain, my grandson does not feel neither hot or cold towards her, but she is the tool that gave him life, my grandson wants to reach out to another another child she had, whom her grandmother is raising, because he feels that is his brother, and he wants to be a part of his life and get to know him, this child is younger than the two i have in my possession, i knew he was talking to her, in facebook, i know his personality i did not want to presuure him for him to tell me details, so today when i serve him dinner and sat next to him, he open up on his own and ask s me grandma, what do you think of this , and started telling me in details, what they spoke, and that when he gets bigger and works he wants to look for his little brother, and see his great grandmother, for he stills remember her with love, because in those crucial years, he spent, his great grandmother, protected him from his mother, i told him marky, you know where that little boy is living is not a good place, few come out of that nieghborbood, to be men of good. he told yes grandma, i remeber that, and i know that something i would have to find out on what path he is on, and if i can help him get on the right path if he is not i will have to try my darnest to get him to begin from zero, if not let it be the will of god, i felt thankful to god, that at such a tender age he showed so much wisdom, yet it hurted me seeing how his mother till this day rejects her children, i know how important a mother is, the world mother is just as powerful as the word love. i knew in the bottom of my heart that thier relationship would never be like a mother who raised her child with love, i would have left this earth satisfied, knowing that at least they had a cordial relationship, i understand that to boys the mother is a very important figure in thier lives.i am thankful to her for giving me two beautiful boys, two boys who are loved deeply by the family, it hurts me to know, that the relationship between him and his mother would never work out, as he explain to me, papi told me the same thing you said, she has never been right in the head, i wish that young women that do not want to have children look for ways to awoid having them and not bringing them into this world to suffer, these two have been lucky or priveledge by god, but not all are so luckily many come into this world to suffer one trauma after another, they really have no one to turn to.

    right now the satisfaction i have is that he opened his heart to me about what he wants and how he feels about this matter.

  • angel bee,

    thank you for the articules you posted,

    thank you for your wishes

    thank you for your love,

    thank you always,

    poetic, thank you also, i recieced three.

    today i am thankful that i was able to have a good conversation with my grandson

    i am thankful he show ed wisdom

    i am thankful he was able to talk about it, with out anger,

    i am thankful he understood, that even though he does not have his biogical mother by his side, he is in a better place, where he has grown and mature, and still has a way to go for he is still only sixteen,

    i am thankful to god, that he himself is walking in the right path, for he is my grandson, and it would hurt immensely if he took a wrong path.

    i am thankful to god, for all i have

    i am thankful to god for bieng alive

    i am thankful to god for bieng where i am needed

    i am thankful for all my friends, family

    i am thankful to god for giving strength in my worst moments,

    i am thankful to god that if he is willing i live to see another day, and the surprise s it will bring.

    i pray for you all, may god bless each and everyone of you , with all the things you need,

    have a good night or morning

    love and hugs


  • sisters,

    my journey is still ill, her headaches come and go from what she tellme she has the doctors baffled they dont understand what is causing these headaches, today they ran more blood testes on her, hopefully soon we will know she is better, and she will return to us, i continue praying for her, thursday she has to see the doctor again.

    i wish i had great new to share, that day she herself will pop in and say it herself, that would be one her happy day,

    love ramonita,


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