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  • Hello Captain ,

    How are you today ? Captain , I just wanted to know if you could tell me what my malfunction is when it come to contacting my own Angels/Spirit Guides . I have been instructed by others as how to go about it . I feel that I am totally open to communicating with them and very much welcome all that they have to say to me or want to tell me .. I write down things that come to mind to the question that I am asking them . But have not a clue if the signs or clue are true in my mind or just me thinking them . I am very frustrated .

    My Paternal Grandfather is one of my Spirit Guides and I will often chat with him for advice on things . The last question I asked was ,( where I could find a good second hand Car in my area) That I really need one . The answers or clues that I thought I received was (Silverwings ,Crows ,Blacks . Do any of these words actually to come to your mind as well . I guess I am just trying to get a bit of confirmation as to if I was actually hearing or seeing the signs that were being put out to me .Or if I was putting those suggestion there myself .


    Do you look to your own Spirit Guides when you look for answers for others as well or do you see things in your own minds eye ? Any insight Into all of this would be greatly appreciate .Oh yes , would you be able to tell me as well who my other Spirit Guides are besides my Grandfather ? I was told I had 3 of them . Thank you for your time . Have a great day and evening !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Your guides change all the time as you change. You get new teachers for each new level af advancement that you pass.

    You may not have found your own partcular way of receiving messages yet. Try different things like asking for communcation through music then listening to the radio or thinking of a question and opening a book or newspaper, or automatic writing where you sit with pen and paper and scribble down whatever comes to you. But your mind must be loose and floating - if you try to make things come, you will fail.

  • Hello Captain ,

    Thank you for your reply . I will try all that you have suggested :O)

    Have a great day and weekend to come !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Hello Captain ,

    Welcome Back ~ I hope you enjoy your vacation and also had great Bday ! Captain , I have been experiencing some strange happenings as of late and hopefully you can help figure them out all of these happen will I was just settling into to bed and still awake . I will list them below .

    1. 2 flashes of light at the same time , one white in color and one red . The white flash was bigger with the red behind it .

    2. A small round ball of light , before I seen this one , something told me to turn over on my other side . I had nightmares that same night of not so nice ghost chasing me .

    3. A vision of something brown or gray popping out of the ground at me while I was gardening .This one was so real that it startled me and I flinch to get out of the way of it .

    4. This one just happened a few days ago days ago , it was a vision of something white coming down on top of me head . I could feel the pressure of it , and again I flinched to move away from it and my body totally jumped . lol How crazy that was .

    I was not frightened by all theses strange happening and for the most part I was not thinking of anything when they happened . well at least i don't remember if I was . It certainly have left me puzzled . Can you pick up anything in regards to all that I have mention?

    Hope to hear back from you soon .

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


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  • What you are refering to is just evidence of the fact that you are opening your senses to the many worlds around us. All these experiences are real and show how far you have come. I have visited many different worlds and dimensions and seen many strange creatures and spirits and thay have visited me.. But they are all a part of the same Universe and God self that we are from and should not be feared.

  • Thank you Captain , I appreciate your reply :O) I had a feeling that , that's what was going on . but still questioning it in the same sense .I am in training lol . But thought I would ask just the same if you sensed any kind of messages or warning in them . No , I am not afraid of these happenings , just in awe of them all . Yes , I have been working on communicating with my Spirit Guides and Angels to let them know that I welcome them in my life , also eager to communicate with them .

    Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • No there are no messages - it is just what you are 'seeing' from other worlds.

  • Thank you Captain :O)

    Have a Great Day !


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