• I just got a pendulum this weekend and I have wanted one for such a long time. I am having a lot of fun with it and finding that it constantly amazes me with the information I get from it.

    I'd be thrilled to hear anyone else's experience with them. Please share!

  • AuntBuck, There is a thread called "PENDULUMS 2" which I just bumped. There are a few good articles on it.


  • bump

  • Thanks Julia...I spent quite a while yesterday reading the topics. I couldn't seem to find them I lost the thread on the Hall of Records too. Geez. Sometimes they just don't want to reveal themselves to me. LOL.

    I took some of the suggestion on the topic about cleaning and charging my pendulum and I can't believe how much more forceful it was in answers today. I also had questions about how my mind could possibly influence it and it was all right there for me to read. Thank you so much for helping me find the information I was looking for. Blessings and love to you.

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