Little OT: Need gifts for next Admin's Day

  • I was randomly searching the internet looking for gift ideas to give to the admins here at work, when I had a wonderful idea. I know several/many people here are creative/crafty with things that i might be able to use as gifts. The first thing that comes to mind are handmade soaps. But rather than giving my money to some random person I dont know I'd love to give it to someone on this forum.

    Any one have any ideas for cheaper gifts? I have about $50 to spend for 5 different ladies... I know it isnt a whole lot, but times are tough here. And of course I'd need to find something that is in stock....



  • This post is deleted!

  • Yep Mon2Jess,

    Soapmaker does have lovely collections.

    I went to her website a few weeks ago to check it out.

    She has all kind of soaps and they are not expensive.

    I think she will appreciate the business.


  • Sheeshh, there are so many options

    you could buy them a perfum victoria secret usually have


    you could buy them office decorates, such as photo frames

    they usually sell those anywhere from 99cents store or walmart,

    cards are always lovely

  • I'll check out her site. I'm an admin too so this is a thank you for helping me throughout the year present. Every year these ladies show off their creativity LOL.....I wanted to be more thoughtful than I have in the past years, and I dont have the time to be super creative. I was also thinking that I didnt want to just go to the store and buy something...I want it more to be from the heart and show how special these ladies really are.

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