Reading for a new forum member? Long term health & relationship issues

  • If any of you kind and generous members would provide a reading for me, I would be so appreciative.

    I have been waiting for years for my health to improve and it finally was. My significant other and I were finally going to look at rings and then a huge health setback took place 2 days before we were going to look at rings. Things are not in my control and I don't see when I will be able to stop reliving my past. I am a gregarious person and I'm in pain and not myself.

    I can handle any news the reading gives- I am ready for a timeline of events. Am I looking for the wrong thing?

    My birthdate: 6/6/1973 and my boyfriend's: 1/21/1971.

    Thanks anyone for your help. I have tried to read my own mini-tarot cards for myself- I wasn't successful!

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