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  • Blmoon could you help me please?

  • Ladycdf

    your number 42 actually ended up being very important for ME! So it seems I often do receive unawares.

  • Blmoon, my request is on page 6 😉

  • pilot007

    if I would have spelled out in all its true repulsive ugliness the depth of this mans weakness would you have believed me? Spirit says it is not to your advantage to wait for or insist on answers that make sense. You want answers that will excuse this man from being the problem he truely is. He is very self destructive and takes others along. Others who are more willing than victim in his eyes but the truth is he exploits the weaknesses of woman to give himself a false sense of power and worth and for awhile he was at the top of his kingdom but it was built on lies and now it crumbles and the ruins are what's left. You will have to answer that question in your own heart and HEAD--how can someone be so lovable and yet do terrible disgusting things? People often only show you what they want you to know and you must learn to turn off your ears and open your eyes--you see the truth. Believe it--he uses women. He attracts the most neediest and weakest hearts to give them a false sense of being loved and give them a false sense of being truely cared for when in fact in the end he loves no one. He does not love or respect himself. Nothing was ever real to him he has a hard time really feeling anything so everything is in extreme--he never thought about anyone past his own needs. Now reality is loud in his face and he can use this sh t storm to really get a character check on himself or he will just run for the hills and do it all over again. You would be wise to stay away from him. Yes he did sleep with that married woman--she felt neglected by her husband and they had grown apart with all the heavy work schedual between them. She was weak and felt very used and fell apart and just as her husband sensed something was wrong someone else gave him the info about her mistake. This man has reaped some real revenge. Please protect yourself and step away from this mess and count your blessings he didn't ruin your life as well.

  • Blmoon - I hope that the 42 was a good indication for you. I am struggling so very much but am also discovering that within my pain of loss, others going through relationship loss are coming to me for help or an ear to listen. It helps, but it makes me cry right along with them. I often feel suddenly overwhelmed with emotion and this man MNF will NOT get out of my head. If he is engaged and getting married then WHY am I picking him up so strongly sometimes, making me sob and sob and sob?

  • poetic555

    I do not get sick of anyone! I was just busy living my life. I've tried picking up for you but it's kind of flat. Spirit says your reaching when you still should be digesting the info already given. I'm assuming they mean that you are still dragging your feet in some aspect of your life. I pick up that disconnect again between head and heart. You read the books--understand the wisdom but something is missing. You are stuck right now. Not enough alone time with an empty head and listening. I see a child around you tugging at you but you ignore her. Let's get silly she pleads but you want perfection--you want to be right--perfect. You are so generouse with others but cut yourself little slack. I see an older lady around you who also says put on that crazy hat--lets dance. She is very open hearted and loves making crafts--wants you to get out the macaroni and the glue and the glitter and make some joy. You are too grown up she says. She wants to hide your shoes--make you play in the rain--get your toes in the mud--make mud pies! Ackowledge these two spirits and let them lead you where you need to go right now. Blessings

  • Ladycdf

    actualy it was a trying event and the relevent 42 was a hug from spirit reminding me that I was not alone. AND you are crying over this man because he is a safe place to cry the pain you carry so so deep inside--the pain must come out somehow before you can heal. You have a lot to cry about! BUT it doesn't have a name or face yet or it is so disconnected from that pain that you are compelled to find safe life events to ALLOW you to express your pain. You were horribly violated and the pain is there at a cell level and must come out to heal. If you did not have this man to allow you to feel some pain could you allow yourself to just cry for no reason--or would you feel too crazy to just cry cry cry and feel that loss. Once you understand that you will not need to gather pain in your life anymore. You are so close to really understanding yourself--keep going! The past and the truth hold the key.

  • Bimoon would like some insights from you too

    birthday 9/11/1991 🙂 thankyou.

  • Blmoon - I see and do understand. I had a breakthrough last night that I was really surprised at when it happened. But at the same time, I am seriously heartbroken and missing this man who is a soulmate relationship with me. That is clear. I miss his friendship so very much and the children too. I realize that when I am better he will pop back up, but in the meantime he is proceeding with something that I know at the cell level he will be unhappy with in the future. I can see it clear as day just as I saw what was coming now a year ago and he told me I was crazy.

  • Thank you, I wonder who that baby is, I felt something touching me all weekend and yesterday, something touched my neck. I'm glad someone is thinking about me, I miss them so. God Bless you!

  • Don't know why the disconnect is there either, weird. Thanks, I am trying everything. 🙂

  • Don't TRY so hard just BE. Have silly fun--buy a big colorful puzzle to work on--put in on your table that you pass often and take mindless breaks at it. Or buy a coloring book and color--visit a craft store! You deserve all the universe has for you--be worthy just by doing nothing--no jumping hoops no earning it--just BE perfectly NOT perfect YOU! Now go--PLAY!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I colored all afternoon, will keep trying to relax! Thanks!

  • zephire

    I know what you mean about counting a dead child--I always say I have 4, not 3! I may say one is in Heaven or I may say nothing--it depends how I feel--if I am prepaired to talk about it or not. I lost a sister when I was in my twenties and once many many years later I was with my mom when someone asked her how many children she had and she didn't count my sister! I wanted so much to blurt out no there's one more! But I didn't because you just have to respect what each of us can bear in our own way--but it made me sad.

  • heya sorry to be a bother, thought u might have missed me, just woundering if u could do a reading for me,any insights wud be great 🙂

    thanks xxx

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Was hoping you could do one for me as well... Wondering what you see for me or feel. thank you..Have been going through alot over the last few years and I hope that things are gonna get better.. Any insight would be appreciated.. Love life, family, finances..etc.. Thanks again... dob if needed is 10 22 69

  • Blmoon, I had posted 2 posts on page 3 and was wondering if you had time if you could address them. Thank you and love and light.

  • dear blmoon

    I posted my request on pg. 6 and was wondering when you have time if you could answer it. thanks!

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