• Posting again... with slight changes please if you could comment...

    Blmoon - Does this imply "Blue Moon"? Because I have had the song "Blue Moon" inside my head since I wrote to you yesterday.

    So I thought about your words. I meditated. I have some feedback/questions:

    1. This male energy. I am not sure whether I know for sure. I was definitely abused physically/emotionally/mentally all through childhood beginning at age 3, of which I am fully aware and trying to clear from my to this day. Do you pick up only one male energy? This is very important for me to know.

    2. My recent relationship that I discussed. You did not comment. I can feel him all the time. Someone told me a year ago that I would eventually be with him but it would take much longer than expected. This makes sense due to recent developments. Comment?

    Blessings to you...


  • I pick up two abusers--one more close and the other not around all the time but opportunity was there and you were not safe--I suspect this other male was tied to your family maybe even a friend --I see him him standing close to another man--drinking buddys spirit says. You misunderstand the description I gave of you being independant in relationships--you are not at all meant to minipulate. You just will not be in a position to find a man to be stronger than you in the fairytale sense. That's not to say he will be weak in a bad way. Your purpose is to be your own protector--it will balance out your childhood trauma and heal the fearfullness that haunts you.

  • Blmoon - Thank you for the information. I think I know what you are talking about with the second male. I am working through something but can't quite put my finger on it. Still looking for your insight on the man, MNF dob 5/18/1967. I can feel him so strongly but can't be with him now. Comment?

  • This attraction has two things going on--first there is a planet influence that is strong in the comunication area. There is a strong attraction but he is more fixed than you. He feels the attraction but you are more pulled than he. There is a safety attached to this union. Meaning on another level he is a safe escape right now---something you do to avoid the pain your still dealing with. He is a distraction. He is safe as he will not jump in and do anything impulsive--his feet are planted firmly--he's sturdy. You feel safe feeling close to him. At some point when you heal from your childhood trauma and don't need to escape into loving thoughts you will see him differently. Right now he could feel your need is too much for him--he is loyal but needs his space. I think anything closer between you and him would be more likely after you have dealt with your safety issues. That time period is not fixed as it is relative to your healing process but spirit shows me the number 2. I know it's not months. I also see the number 12 for you as important.

  • Thank you, Blmoon. I always said... I felt so safe with this man when I was with him. I slept so good when he was with me. That's so interesting. Without him in my life it feels empty and I know that I am terrified of living alone come September when my son leaves for college - I thought I would have his safety but now he has gone another route. It feels so much for me like his destiny is to move to another relationship and have another child with this woman - but I also feel "duty" and not "true love" like it should be for a permanent union.

    The number 2... I would say that it will be at least 2 years until we may be able to connect again - only after and if his current path changes. As for 12 - is this in relation to him or just in my life in general at the moment? I dreamedt the other night about the number 42.

    You are fabulous for offering your service here. I know what it's like for people to ask and ask and ask... Love.

  • I picked up the 12 seperate as being important in general--if it doesn't mean anything yet don't try to make it fit--it will come on it's own. And the 42 I see as seperate--4--2. April 2nd? Spirit says the dream relates to a question you were thinking about. I pick up you have certain months that are your crazy months--late winter early spring--January through April. April is significant.

  • Hello BLMOON


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  • You're right... I have problems with Seasonal Affective Disorder, January/April is very difficult if I can't get out of the house to sunshine and without shoes and socks. I do tend to struggle during those months pretty bad. 12 does not fit at this point for anything I recognize. April doesn't hold anything significant at this point either except that I tend to get bad news during April a lot. Thanks so much... Thank you so much...

  • quenkath

    I went back to read my words

    . First image an athelete--this is a strong energy around you--it is a guiding spirit and a heavy influence. I remembered him when I read that. He is as you describe. Thats the spirit who came forward. This energy is strong around you and you are like him in that way as well. He didn't say father so he must of enjoyed you knowing it on your own--making you work for it he says!

  • Hello Blmoon I hope that you come back on the thread tonight. You are so correct in that my friend (G) is surrounded in so much deception in regard to his business. NOW Apparently some woman claimed that they had SEX* with (G) and that she got, or is pregnant? From what I understand her marriage broke up over this.

    The drama that has resulted from this is just repulsive!!

    He has moved out of the apartment building; and, has been keeping a low profile, so I basically am only able to communicate by phone.

    I do not know what to think at this time! Blmoon could you PLEASE tell me what exactly happened in regard to this matter.

  • dear blmoon,

    i am unsettled about something and was wondering if you could give me any help. I am having problems with this aries fellow bc for two weeks I havent heard from him. we use to be close and for whatever reason, this time and about a 2 year agos, things have not felt the same . there feels like there is too much distance and i am not sure if it is from things I have done in the past or what is going on, but we are not close, and there isnt much effort on his part, it feels like I am the one who has to initiate things. we use to do everything together it is not like that at all. what is really going on with him? doesnt he love me anymore? or is he afraid of loving me and responsibility right now? I don't have time in my life for any nonsense right now and don't understand any of it. it has not been the healthiest of relationships ever but there once was a lot of love, and it seemed like it is there when present, and I just want to know what is going on bc it hurts and is confusing. I just want the truth. thank u

  • ps. dob 3271978. I just want to know what is the purpose of this man in my life and is it ever going to work out. it feels like we are suppose to be together. Is it ever going to work out? and if it isnt, what lesson am i suppose to be learning from him? i have been told by numerous people in the past we are meant to be together and we are soul mates. what is the truth? why do his friends have so much influence over him? why is there a difference between me and them and the way he sees us all? are we playing one big game?

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  • Blmoon, Good Morning! or evening. Its been a few months since we've comunicated. Hope all is well with you. Could you tell me if I have any guides around me. Also, does spirit see any changes comming for our buisness. (sell,sell.sell???) I am so ready to move on to other things in my life. But I have started to live for today and not worry about tommorow. And if I could please ask about my sister. She has a mental illness and somtimes she disides to stop her meds. then she ends up in the hospital. If I recall dont you work in a hospital? The last time I seen her (she was at home) she was going threw one of her spells and she was very angry at me and would not let me touch her. I know i should not take it personal but it really bothered me. We have always been close. Now there is a wall there and im afraid she still feels anger twords me. She's comming for a visit. I can't say to visit me as she has a second mother she stays with. She lives 7hr from me. Its been about 2 yrs Should I break the ice with her? Thank you for sharing your love with so many. Only the brightest blessing to you!

  • my birhtday wish of 63 candles to all



  • thaynkyou lovingsilverwings blessings to you also

  • Dear Blmoon - Wanted to leave you a note to tell you that your words are being echoed everywhere regarding my healing. It's amazing so I suppose this is the message I need. My relationship issue with MNF indeed began to prompt me to pursue avenues in order to be in touch with myself, be comfortable, and heal wounds - this started happening about a year ago actually and is coming more to fruition now.

    I am also hearing in various ways that - as you said - when I am ready for this person, he will return into my life and I will be ok with it, whatever form it takes. AND... finally, the number 2 does seem to be significant regarding this situation. I, myself, already had the number 2 inside my head, as in at least two years before he will pop up into my life. I just wanted to tell you, you are completely correct.

    Regarding 42, that number does sort of keep popping up. However, my birth number is 6 (4 + 2 = 6). so who knows...

    Just feeding back to you.


  • BL MOON, how are you? Fine I hope! I know you are sick of us, but if you get a chance, can you please ask spirit if my Aunt Audrey is still in Spirit or has she come back? Thanks! Peace, love n light!

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