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  • Lady cdf welcome, you are in a good place!

  • Bi-moon, angel reader told me I have or had over 250 angels the other day and that it changes constantly, can you Please ask Spirit what they are working on? Just curious!

  • Blmoon -

    WOW... I don't know what to say. Thank you. Much of this is fearful to me and, well, maybe disappointing. Everything you said was correct about me. I have a couple clarifications to request, only when you have the time please though:

    1. "You do not feel safe in the dark--there is a faceless bogieman that haunts you. An event against you caused such deep shattering fear that fear comes out repeatedly in other ways--this must come out and be heard it says but hids untill you are ready to give it a name." This is true, I have a love/hate relationship with the dark. Your comment scares me. Can you elaborate? What is this thing and how do I remove it? I know it's here, always with me.

    2. What is "the silent place that hears angels"? Is this because I am working to connect to them and try to use this to help me in my life?

    3. What is the nature of this "destiny that will not be denied"?

    4. Does strong woman mean that I will never have the loving relationship that I want so desperately? Can I work to bring this about for myself? I feel that I have felt true love only once, perhaps twice. I feel in my bones that my last relationship (db 5/18/67, Michael - huge name in my life) was the one I was supposed to have - when I met this man, the second I saw him I felt that I absolutely knew him and we connected and it feels like there is a rubber band between us. We are currently pulled apart. I feel him around me all the time so now I'm just accepting it. I know that he is thinking of me and confused. I feel his affections toward me returning. I felt peace with him like no other, now there is a huge empty hole. Feelings about this? How can I heal this and perhaps close the gap between us? I do not feel him as happy at all, it seems to come through so clearly to me that it's almost like my OWN feelings yet I know they are not mine. I have to say that this is the absolute strongest psychic connection I've ever had aside from knowing when it was not safe to go home as I grew up.

    Many many blessings to you also. I need help...

  • Ladycdf

    do not be afraid! This false bogieman is really the past haunting you--it's not any kind of reality. I can't name it other than someone --a male energy had evil thoughts about you--possibly of a sexual nature definetly of a abusive nature--this is very seriouse stuff to go into and do not dig deeper than you feel comfortable with--what I pick up is an early childhood trauma that came and went without notice or expression to the adults caring for you--you were very small and unable to voice it yet you felt the evil. The silent place is the place wounded spirits go to be safe--that's were you went and it brought you closer to God and spirit--it's the balance of GRACE so your spirit knows both. You can go deep enough to be psychic. It's a gift. The destiney is that you came into this world with less free will than some--you have a very guided soul purpose to be of service to others. It is all good. I was worried you would be afraid about not having a loving relationship--remember what I warned about jumping for fear first! Of course you will have loving relationships and eventually a very strong bond--BUT you will be the strong one and will have to give up any superficial ideas of what a man is supposed to be--you must never feel like a man should take care of you or complete you. Because of your destiney most of your relationships will be very karmic and strong--hard to resist. Never think of them as failing but later try and really see objectively what they taught you about yourself--remember that most men you bond with are meant to empower you as you are a very strong woman--a Goddess in progress--meant to serve as a leader for others. Your confusion with men comes from your gift of empathy--yes you feel others and this again is part of your learning to be psychic--to know what is you and not--hard stuff! This is why you must have space in your relationships. I'm out of time--hope this helps some

  • Thank you, Poetic555. I'm finding solace in like-minded souls these days.

  • Blmoon - Does this imply "Blue Moon"? Because I have had the song "Blue Moon" inside my head since I wrote to you yesterday.

    So I thought about your words. I meditated. I have some feedback/questions:

    1. This male energy. I am not sure whether I know for sure. I was definitely abused physically/emotionally/mentally all through childhood beginning at age 3, of which I am fully aware and trying to clear from my to this day. Do you pick up only one male energy? This is very important for me to know.

    2. My recent relationship that I discussed. You did not comment. I would point out that this man in fact does not fit the typical "what a man "should" be" which is part of why I love him so. He is definitely the "weaker" of the two of us, but not so that I could or would manipulate him. Our relationship was different than anything I've ever experienced, and I am divorced twice and have been around the block more than a few times. I can feel him all the time. Comment?

    3. On another note, I have found now that when I concentrate/pray/meditate/perform a ritual, the right side of my head throbs, tingles, feels like something is moving inside. This is not painful, more pleasurable really. In fact, last summer I believe that I healed myself of anxiety. Can you give me insight into this phenomenon?

    Blessings to you... I am grateful, so grateful.


  • Blmoon, I asked a while back on a couple forums for a reading and you stopped reading right at that time. Things have not been going too well and would really appreciate a reading. I can not remember what you need but my birthdate is 2/26/61. Anything you can tell me would be great, highest on my list is health, love to know about love/romance, finance, careeer. Whatever you can tell me. Specific about did I make a wrong decision about the experimental treatment that I am doing. My instincts told me not too but did not have a choice. Hard trying to start over after 30 years when this health issue is in the way. Alone and scared to say the least, worried about finance but have to deal with health first. My last interest has picked up with another and meeting guys or going out is not my thing so feel like I am hitting dead ends on everything. My X tried to destroy me after 30 years because he had to make way for his new young girl. I think the stress caused my illness and I need to be able to show him he did not, and that I can do ok on my own. I signed and agreed because it was destroying me. I can only do that if I can get well and then do something to get financially secure and be happy so I can If you would have time to give me a reading it would be greatly appreciated. My empathy has greatly increased in the last couple years making it all so hard to deal with. I do think that my intuition is increasing on many levels but when it comes to myself of course all messages are mixed. Love and light to you and all.

  • Ladycdf & Blmoon, I did wonder if the fear of the dark extends to you for water (lakes or oceans)? I am for sure an empath and feel that I do possibly have intuitive and healing gifts which seem to have increased when my life fell apart a couple years ago. I am working more on reconognizing and developing myself on all fronts. I have been afraid of the dark and of the ocean or any water that I can not see in (dark or cloudy) and I love the ocean but am too afraid to go in it. Strange enough I am a pisces/water sign so I was just curious so this does not make sense. Would be interesting to see if and what the similarities are. Love and light to all of you and to those of you who have lost loved ones. I lost my grandmother a couple weeks ago, was happy to send her to the angels, she suffered enough.

  • Blmoon,

    I found this thread, and was wondering if you would please do a reading on me? My DOB is January 8, 1962. I know I'm supposed to be doing something, but I can't figure out what it is. I have been told before that I'm different and special, but I don't see myself that way. If I am, how, and is it part of me feeling like I'm supposed to be doing something? The feeling gets stronger by the day, and I would really like to figure out why I feel that way. Also, I have an extremely close connection with someone, DOB: 12-31-68, and was wondering what was going on with that? Is he part of the change I feel I need to make? I really appreciate this!

  • Olivebranch - My issue with darkness does not spill into water, no pun intended. In fact I love the water very much and it calms and soothes me. My worst fear, however, is drowning interestingly enough. And as for fearing darkness, I do have a lot of fears, and the night time is lonesome for me, which allows my fears to come to the surface. At the moment it's as though it's a cycle that I need to break. If I could simply confront and overcome the feelings of loneliness and be able to be comfortable with only me I think that it would be better. And by the way, I am much better today that I was a month ago. I was nearly in the psych ward again. My take on what you said, my first thought is that there is something that you do not trust. If you can't see with your own eyes you are afraid. Of what, I don't know. What I can say is that if you took up scuba perhaps you would see the beauty under the water and not be afraid of what is underneath. Just watch the series "Life" and you'll see what awaits you under the dark ocean.

  • BTW Olivebranch - My son's birthday is 2/26/1992!

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  • quenkath

    you have popped up even though I'm not in a reading mood today. The planets have been shifting and a shapen for me as well as others. Lots of sleepless nights going around. But despite that I check in and do pick up for you. First image an athelete--this is a strong energy around you--it is a guiding spirit and a heavy influence. Spirit shows me the words ENDURANCE and SMART COOKIE. I see a sly smile. Again-smart cookie--you are clever with words and have great restraint when needed. You know how to stand back and let the fool hang himself. You do not waste on war and choose your battles and if war comes you are all muscle. You are a good and loyal friend and the people who know you best know what a softy you are beneath the poker face. You are devoted and loyal--loyalty is important to you--you have a clear sense of honor. Your enemy is boredom. Too much comfy and fat and happy doesn't feel right for you and on the one hand you are not into stiring things up but crave some challenging excitement to kill the hohum of happyville. Your challenge is always being mindfull of finding constructive outlets for your high octane energy. Mind body and spirit is the lesson for you. I don't see love issues--in fact you are very committment mindful you understand that relationships are works in progress to be maintained and weathered through and do not just exhist on their own as if love worked it's own magic. You are a smart cookie indeed! August brings a big change--you will exit this rut time and be very busy in a gradifying, soul satisfying way. It's what you have been longing for and it is just around the corner. Keeping busy for busy's sake has about worn you thin--you are ready. Blessings

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    Blmoon - when you're in the right mood if you feel that you could revisit my last post I would be much obliged. Thank you honey.


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  • Ladycdf, thank you for your response and comments. The bump just moves it up so that it does not get too far down the list and others see it in latest discussions.... hope this helps. love and light

  • dear blmoon,

    I was hoping you would honor me with a few words of wisdom. Please tell

    me anything that comes to mind, and if at all you could enlighten me in regards to my current boyfriend. Thankyou for all your help. sincerely yours.

  • Good luck!

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