• I know you are pretty reclusive and have your own life, but when ever you have time, can you please give me a reading, whatever you pick up is fine, I've been trying to reach my inner self and am connected with "I AM." Thanks very much and may your blessings return 10 fold! 🙂

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  • poetic, I think I wore poor blmoon out awhile back with my ancestor reading. But she has made an appearance or two, have faith, she'll get to you I'm sure.

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  • Wasn't sure I could get close enough to you to give you an answer. You so need the healing touch of peaceful waters. The lull of the ocean that moves connected to a pull bigger than it's own--the music of surrender--First sign spirit holds up says SURRENDER. You are very busy in the head and like a tornado a force of nature and I am empathetic to your energy in a way that draws me in to want to help--you have great NEEDS--- but knowing your wall of frustration right now is a real force I must weigh the effort you could extract should we connect.. Will you really "get it" what so many have said in so many different ways. Surely you have received much valuable advice. You are at the crossroads-- and you will either get it soon and open like a tight bud to blossom or life will happen to facillitate that breaking open. BE open like a child--to FEEL--like a child so free of tommorrow and the past that in the momemt forgets all time--remember that as a small child?--no worry no fear just the moment. Spirit shows me a sign CONSTANT CRAVING. Always reaching chasing--never smelling the roses without attaching a story. You are about STORY everything has a name, a reason, a story past or future but never alone with you and God in a moment that is never like any other. You have craved yourself blind from the truth of owning the gift of feeling you alone are enough. It's all good--you are safe--you are guided. Believe it or don't believe it--Choose--then let the thought be in silence. Get out of your head. If you can not break this self made barrier life will do it for you. To be broken open--out of nothing you will learn to just be. You are asking right now--yes but how do I do that?--let go but get answers. Tthe answers never cease--let go of answers.Freedom comes with action--get craving out of your head--as a prayer tonight before sleep say it out loud your concerns, your questions, your desires and tell God you've turned the story around enough and you raise your hands to Heaven and give it all to him and then say thank you for solving it all. Then believe it and let it go from your thoughts.Just do it just do it just do it. BLESSINGS

  • Whenever you have time can u please give me a reading.I lost my daughter on may15nth last year.i havent been able to get my energy back since then.i have gone downhill in every aspect of my life.

  • Gemmini

    You are broken and all is normal. My son passed away almost two years ago. I know your pain. You are different--all is different but it iis not all bad. It takes at least a year to heal physicaly. I was sick with every little virus the first six months. I had no strength no stamina even though I have always been a very sturdy person. It was very frustrating to be rendered so "helpless". That's how it felt helpless. The reality is a great shock has shattered you. When my son passed I went into shock and had to be taken to the hospital--the physical trauma is very real.. I was forced into really taking care of myself physicaly as there is a very strong urge to go with our children and that is normal but the choice is to live and honor your childs purpose this lifetime though short it was. It takes great fortitude and determination to heal through this grief. You must find the balance between time for letting grief out and not drowning in it. At first I was too stoic and didn't grieve enough and then it came out anyway like a great storm that blows us apart all over again or visits our dreams. It is ok to cry all you need--let it out but then get busy in the sunshine. Think of honoring your child with playing out your life purpose--your child was not just a visiter here with no purpose--her purpose continues on through you and the others she touched. Many times when people die young they are very evolved old souls--pure love--and they teach us our soul purpose--remind us to live from the heart. You will get better--don't fight it--don't see all destruction. It's a clearing away of the fertile ground before planting the garden. Give yourself permission to be broken, tired and sick as long as it takes while also nurturing yourself. See a doctor and force yourself to live healthy. See a psychiatrist and get medication if needed as long as you do not have addiction issues a little bit of medication can help you through the more stressful moments, seek a grief counselor or group if you can not take medication--in short do not hesitate to reach out for help as this is a hard time. Only accept help that feeds the desire to live. I am very spiritualy minded and psychic but still that did not make me immune to the feelings of wanting to give up on this life--it is ok to acknowledge our feelings but it is our free will to make the right choice. Live each day for now one day at a time and mostly be kind and give yourself permission to have as many crazy days as needed. I found once I gave myself permission to be crazy some days it got better. The relationship you had with your daughter still evolves--the part you miss most you will learn to find in yourself--that is her gift. If it was her way of loving with big big heart unconditionaly--that is what you will honor her with in yourself. She visits you often--will never leave you. Blessings--she will leave you a feather to echo my words.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words and advice.Do u see any spirits around me.

  • Thank you Bimoon for your precious time, I take the answers i get very seriously because you and others like you are giving of "self" and I so appreciate it! I've been trying very hard to connect to my inner self open my Chakra's etc I won't give up and I know these things take time. I don't know why I'm not surrendering enough, I think it's my ego that is getting in the way. I do feel connected with the Holy Spirit at times though. I'm going to try to be open like a child and leave all my worries behind. I know now deep inside the answers are there waiting, I don't know where the block is coming from. You are right I do need to take time to smell the Roses I haven't been in a long time now. Funnny how you mentioned the waves, I was just telling my best friend that we live close to the Ocean and never go, I used to go and sit and meditate on how beautiful the world seems, when you are sitting and watching the waves. I'm going to make it a point to go soon. You are correct, I'm getting a lot of help and learning so much that I never knew before and find the possibility fascinating. I grew up traditional Baptist but I have an open mind in my truth seeking and have read about the ascension and I believe anything is possible. I was told once that I'm a lightworker? I'm going to take your advice tonight and tell God all of my issues, which I do now but I write them down and wait, I do have faith! Thank you for your help and may the Universe repay you again and again! 🙂

  • I just read your story Gemini and Bi-moon, I'm so sorry for both of you and I agree with you bi-moon about our loved one's being here with us for a short time sometimes just to give us the guidance we need. I lost an Aunt who was like a cousin to me and will never get over it, I dreamed she came back and told me she was coming back and I asked her if God was going to let her come back and she said yes. I haven't dreamed about her since, I just hope she's happy where ever she is. I think I kept her Earth bound for awhile with my grieving, but I released her to move on, can't wait to see her again! Your children know that you love them, I believe they hear you and will always love you. Like Bi moon said Live for them. Take care!

  • Poetic, Blmoon and Gemini, my condolences to you all, losing a loved one is hard no matter how young or old they are. I believe a piece of us dies with them but like you Blmoon I think we need to go on for them. You are remarkable people and we are here for you if ever you need a lift. So many here have given that to me and for every ounce of it I am grateful. It took me 2 years after my mother died to feel human and normal again. Before that I went through the motions but didn't experience much of life, I lost those couple of years more or less. You can't get that time back. Know we are praying for you and offering support and caring.

    Poetic I loved the sugar on will get have so much to give to others it's only natural it will return to you ten-fold. I think we all need a nice trip to the ocean. Let the natural rhythm of the waves carry you away and allow you to open up. Greatness is there, it's coming from you everyday, know that is true. You are a rare treasure and we here are lucky to have you. You will find it within yourself too, someone once told me we should be our own best friends. I never understood that, but it is beginning to make sense. Blessings to you my friends.


  • hello BImoon, i was hoping i would be able to recieve a reading from you. anything you could tell me about the man in my many lives have i 've known him, in what capacity?will we last this time around?many blessings to you, and thankyou.

  • RC, now you have just gone and made me cry! I'm not special at all, my life is not better than anyone elses, I too have been broken and have my heartaches and problems (and who doesn't). Your spirit is beautiful too! I do like to help others, maybe this will be my calling. Gotta remember to go to the beach! Love you! Mean it! 🙂 We have to help each other, thats why were here, in this world, in this place right now! I'm gonna choose to be happy today!

  • Blmoon. I am new to the forums. I have been reading and found this thread. I thought that I would ask you if you could kindly connect with me and read what you feel. Some basics about me: Leo bd 8/16/1971 Amherst, Ohio 8:52 a.m. I am a spiritual person with an open mind to all that is around us. Can you please give me guidance in the romantic relationship area of my life as well as the nature of my own spiritual gifts and spirits around me?

    I thank you in advance for your kindness. Blessings to you.

  • Aquablu - Sometimes I get feelings about things. I read your post and my first impression was a "yes" to you. For what it's worth. I look forward to hearing what Blmoon has to say.

  • Ladycdf

    first I see you surrounded by animals--soft furry things--you have a gentle childlike healing touch that attracts weaker things--you could be a guardian to children--an advocate for defensless creatures. BUT there is a contradiction in your past that argues this gift--somewhere you were not protectied as a child--a crime against you--- hidden from yourself--- a great harm was done to you--it leaves you not feeling safe--protected--you yourself needed a guardian protector. I sense this was an event more than long term. Long term you were loved but not always heard--invisable at times. You do not feel safe in the dark--there is a faceless bogieman that haunts you. An event against you caused such deep shattering fear that fear comes out repeatedly in other ways--this must come out and be heard it says but hides untill you are ready to give it a name. You have been to the silent place that hears angels--the gift of such a great wound--you are capable of being very psychic and strangers, specially children and old people are drawn to you and you often feel the tingle of love when spirit talks to them through you--you just know by the look on their faces you have said something profound. You have many higher spirits around you--they chant and raise the vibration around you as when someone like you has been touched both by evil and the Angels there is extra efort to keep you from moving towards darkness where the most shattered can be pulled. You are very protected and despite any fears escape your wound farely well--you can be seldestructive without realizing it. I see you growing and evolving towards healing with great success though at times you will be overwhelmed with fear and feelings of failure. It always passes. Spirit says you have a destiny that will not be denied and all that is inbetween is growth process. Also--men will never be easy for you--you crave being taken care of but it never comes out like that as you are meant to be your own protector--men will mostly test you to grow. Please don't see it in a negative way but don't expect to be peacefully in love with any man. Your attractions will always be half and half and in the end you will be the Goddess. It is your place to be the strong woman. You are meant to be of service. Blessings

  • HELLOBLMOON i saked you about a month ago for a reading but didnt want to interfere with you taking a break, so if and when you feel up to it can you do one for me? have a lovely day! and thanks so much(if tou know about my guides that would be so awsome to know)

  • thankyou ladycdf for your insight,and i wish for you to recieve many blessings on your spiritual journey,thanks for your kindness.

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