I Feel Like They're Gone

  • I used to be able to tell people's feelings and who they really were, despite the masks that they wore. I also used to be able to see, feel, and hear spiritually, but ever since I started looking up my horoscope, asking to do/see/feel/hear more, and looking into Tarot, my abilities seem like they have been put on hold.. or are gone all together.

    Anyone have advice or anything that might help?

  • I too have those qualities and when you dig a little deeper thinking it might entisify your gift it sometimes confuses them all together.. The only thing I can think of is to try and balance them out not leting what you think you know effect what you realy know.. It is still there but you have lost it and looking in all the wrong places.. To get back to your spiritual self you have to let go of everything else and find that inner being again.. Dont let your mind cloud your judgments.. Easier said than done but in the end I think it will help.. Try some meditation to find yourself again.. It might help.. Although there are no garentees it might put you on the road to becoming something greater you never know and it doesnt hurt to try.. Also if your in a depressed or distraut mood it could effect your abilities to see things as you once have.. Goodluck!!! I hope everything works out for you...

  • Thank you.

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