Captain - A Little Advice Please

  • Captain,

    I spoke with my best friend who told me that my Cancer still hangs out at the restaurant he used to work at. Should I go there to see what will happen? I'm a little scared, only because of getting rejected. I still have strong feelings for him but I dont want to go there and him completely ignore me or hurt me in other ways emotionally. What do you think?

  • This is a very bad idea. He will feel pressured, and trapped like a wild animal, by seeing you and you will just push him further away.

  • what if I act casual and say nothing of the past? I could just act like nothing is wrong so he won't feel pressured. I really kind of miss my friends from the restaurant other than him as well, and that's really the only place they go that I can see them. I won't go if it's going to backfire though. I don't want to ruin anything.

  • Captain,

    I went to the restaurant yesterday so I could see a few friends I haven't seen in a long time. it was good to see them again. My cancer man wasn't there last night. they have asked me to come on Friday so I can hang out with them again. I'm sure that my cancer man will be there. what should I do if I go? is he still going to feel like a trapped animal?

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