The Cards Call to Me

  • I have been reading cards for years and am used to my cards calling to me. As of yesterday, however, I have run into something new. It started with the flash of an image in my mind while describing a dream I had had. I instantly recognized where I had seen that picture before. It is a card in one of my husband's two tarot decks. (Please note- My husband is 800 miles away and I have not seen him for 6 months. I have not seen his cards for 9 months- Which was only the second time I had ever seen them.) I mentioned to him that I had seen the image of one of his cards and he asked if it was this card in particular. I had only told him that I had seen a card. Not which one, not the image, nor which deck. When I confirmed that it was indeed that card, he informed me that, while shuffling his deck earlier in that day, that card had fallen out twice in a row. I thought it an odd coincidence but shrugged it off. Just earlier today, the image came to mind again out of nowhere along with six more images. Frustrated, I informed my husband that it had happened again. When I described four of the images, he told me that they were also some of his cards. I couldn't believe it. I brought up two more images and he again informed me that they were cards. I am used to odd happenings but this was too much. The seventh and final image came to mind repeatedly and I shook it off at first. There was no way that it was one of his cards. Still, the thought persisted. I brought it up and he confirmed that it was a card of his, giving me both the card name as well as definition.

    Being called by my cards is nothing new to me but, in this case, it was not my deck. Has anyone ever experienced this or know what I should make of it??

  • well first off i have a question for you, what cards where they exactly? i am getting this feeling that the cards that you saw were a warning for one or both of you. mostly likely you.

  • They are the Gothic Tarot Of Vampires. Like I said, I've never used his cards. I have my own.

  • The cards themselves were-

    2 of Swords

    The Moon

    7 of Swords

    The Hermit

    Ace of Pentacles

    Hanged Man

    6 of Chalices.=

  • I never have had that. I have only read my cards a couple of times. I will feel the need to. I have only read them three xs. I have the witches deck. I don't even try to read my mom's deck anymore. The reading is always negative. Should I even keep them? My mother passed away in 2006. She has the Rider deck. All of my readings have been pretty accurate.

  • oh, i really get bad vibes in general from the Gothic Vampire deck. it tends to have some what of a negative pull. even if the deck it self is new. which i assume since he has had it for some time that it is not new. now about that last card you said that appeared multiple times, 6 of Chalices. that is of the most discerning to me than the others. i don't like giving someone bad news in general. but i feel it is necessary for you. and i think this may already be worrying you. where ever your husband is, there is someone from his past that he has or will encounter, but as i said i think you are already aware, your best bet is to be up front with him and as honest as possible, i don't know how long you have been with this man, but i suggest you figure out what his motives or intentions are with being where he is at the moment. You deserve to live a happy life and i don't see it happening with this man you are currently with. i have this sick feeling that he is not being faithful to you, and the fact that when you asked him about the cards and from what you said about his responses, witch seemed to be some what cold/uncaring.

    i hope that helps a bit.

    i just hope the best for you.

    Much Love & Light.


  • Jenna- Wow.... Thank you.... As a matter of fact, just two days prior to seeing these cards, I found out that he had slept with another woman. She is an old friend of his and he is currently living with her and her mother. From what he's told me, it was a one time thing. A matter of convenience since I have not seen him for six months. He says and acts like he is incredibly remorseful and that his actions with her were meaningless. Is it possible the cards were just telling me of what had already happened? Again, I don't understand why HIS cards would come to me if I have my own deck.

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