Any Guidance Please ?

  • Ive never had a full reading before so i would love if any of you can

    pick up on anything you feel is significant. thanks all.

    As I come to Thought about my Life,

    trying to cover all important aspects i realize I

    cant do this, because there are some things i have no control

    over, such as money issues, my career, time, and the never ending

    thought will I be Happy?

    Hanswolfgang, Captain, Bbloom, Angelreader, Twinsoul

    and anyone else who have any guidance or give readings i would love

    some help.


  • This post is deleted!

  • okaayy thanks about how long is the waiting list?

  • anyone else guidance please...

  • The energy I pick up right now is stagnant--a wandering about with no direction, stop and go--nothing steady. Spirit says aimless. You've come to a crossroads--you've had this same opportunity every 5 to seven years. Healing is just beyound the darkest part of being utterly alone with yourself. You tend to hitch yourself to other's dreams--you make yourself a part of someone else--you get fired up by attractions to others but can't muster your own steam your own drive--you can't wear that badge of entitlement on your own--It is time to heal and find yourself--the spirit you were born before life happened--I know it is cliche" but you need to find yourself--your bliss--your soul purpose. You need to fall in love with yourself in a good way. You have all the book smarts so I know you know HOW to do this--now is the time to be brave enough--you are deserving and brave enough. Next month can be a turning point--as if a new energy has entered you--an invisible friend to help you make this leap this time so you don't have to wait another 7 years! This spirit extending her hand to you right now is female--a pilot--she is dressed in tan and white a wild mane of red hair. She was loved by many men but never married as her heart realy belonged to a man who belonged to another and she loved them both. She is a writer for world news. She is very passionate and adventurouse and says to you she will take you to your bliss if you let her show you the other side of being free. Break away. Avoid any self sabataging habits--be kind and forgiving of yourself at all times and it will stop those old habits. No more dwelling on mistakes .Next month is your leaping off point. November could see a much brighter money picture for you. This could end up being a good year for you by it's end. Lots of weird twists--where something seemed bad or wrong only to turn in your favor later. You will feel like someone's watching over you (that new energy). There is a lot of good stuff waiting for you on the other side of this challange to break a bad habit. Just like giving up ciggerettes, drugs, food whatever your addiction--including pain. You feel like you are going to die a short time but it passes. When it comes to trials remember the words "this too shall pass". Be kind to yourself.. Blessings.

  • Blmoon,

    Thanks Alot.

    Everything was on target.

    i really do get fired up about others dreams; & see potential

    in everyone just about except Mine. Yes you mentioned it! Ive gained so much

    Book Smarts & Use a large amount of time studying & learning

    hoping that it will connect me to my soul's purpose which is why Im

    looking for guidance, gudiance to help find my Purpose..

    ummm, is this lady or girl in the physical form ?

  • P.S

    This Year Has Been especially wierd!

    i guess since i had a bad ending of 2009,

    i basically had to start over with a damm there new lifestyle.

  • Opps one last Question lol,

    do you have any idea, What this bad habit might be ?

  • The lady who is holding out her hand "inviting you" is a spirit guide. If you take the leap you will connect soon and definetly feel her presence full on in May--she is presentinmg herself at times already as this spirit so wants you to put into action all you've learned. If you drag your feet at the last minute the month of May could bring you a bit of a stirring up that riles you up and gets you going--fired up to really change. Acknowledge this brave worldly spirit and she will give you strength to make the change. I tell it like it is and never see good things just to be nice so please grab this "GOLDEN" opportunity to heal and do it differently as a prosperouse time, financially, emotionaly and spiritualy is on the horizon by the end of the year--you will start reaping real rewards starting in May with the committment--August may test you a bit but then ends up surprising you and builds up your faith that things are different now--you will feel lucky and watched over. Blessings

    PS--bad habit--SABOTAGE--takes many forms--letting things go untill they come back to bite you--getting too caught up in drama and missing your own boat etc--the root issue is not feeling you deserve--you are not open to receiving. Small habits that do not reflect caring for yoursef--self sacrificing--putting YOU last on the list--you know all these manifestations--Pretend you are the little sweet loving child full of sunshine and you just adopted her and she brings so much joy you want to learn all about her--like a good mother you want to take care of her--find out all that she likes and needs--how would you decorate her room? What foods make her happy? Make her sick? What makes her sad? Gives her joy? Remember this leap in your journey is about bonding with yourself. You may want to pump up the book knowledge with audio suggestion--listen to subliminal cds or tapes with titles like LOVING MYSELF. For other guidence picture your new guide in her pilot outfit--like Amelia Erhart. I see her in tan riding pants and a crisp white shirt. She will help you. Also her energy will also bring new friendships in real life that will reflect her as well but spirit says now is not the time for others--it is time for ALL YOU and hitching to your own star. Blessings.

  • guidance please: your cup of life is filled to the brim. Come share it with someone.

    In your case the brain hoards knowledge, to remain the master in all of life´s situations.

    Be responsible. To be responsible means to be alert, conscious. To be responsible means to be mindful. Act with as much awareness as you can find possible. Even small things— walking on the street, eating your food, taking your bath— should not be done mechanically. Do them with full awareness.

  • Blmoon,

    Okay! Okay! Okay,

    well i will be keeping you updated

    with EVERYTHING & my New Invisible Friend,

    How Wonderful is That. lol

    if you can let her know she is Invited.

    im def. gonna look into some loving myself subilminal cd's

  • Hanswolfgang

    Yes Correct,

    what exactly does my life cup is filled to the brim mean ?

  • You are ready--now leap! You have all you need and then some the cup will overfill--get a bigger cup--reach for it above you--put action to knowledge. Anthing else is stagnation. You don't need anything more from me. Blessings.

  • Thank You Very Much Blmoon,

    Blessings to you !

  • addicted, sure looks like you have a lot to look forward to. Anxious to read how things unfold for you.


  • Rcdreamer,

    Im happy i decided to ask for guidance when i did,

    Blmoon is so right i always give to people, but have a problem

    Recieving Im way too harsh on me. This has been wierd for me because i spend

    more time fulfilling other people or Trying & now i Feel ive

    been literally forced to take care of my needs. Nobody has ever noticed this,

    & overlook it too often i hope I find my inner bliss and purpose Mainly through this all

    i will def. keep you updated rcdreamer, i cant wait till May lol!

  • These Past Days Have Been Wonderful!

    Last Night Was Oddly Strange.. As i was laying

    to attempt going to sleep just before closing my eyes

    i fell someone touch me gently almost a hug feeling.

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