Pisces Woman (in love) with Cancer Man

  • I'm the Pisces. He's the Cancer.

    In my life, all men have been the same, except for this one. Yes, he does have similarities, as all men do, but for the most part, he's different. It scares me, but then, it makes me feel good.

    For the longest time, I was praying that I'd be shown that all men aren't the same.... here's the situation, though:

    In a year's time, my Cancer man will have to go... unless he's approved to stay with me. I finally get my prayers answered and am happy, but ever since we've been dating, I've had this feeling that he'll leave.. that our relationship will be a short one and I think the year time-limit is why.

    Why would I be shown a difference only for it to be taken away?

    I know that if he finds out that he cannot stay, that I must hold on until the very end... and then, I must move on. Right now, though, it makes my body go numb and my heart sink, wanting to cry to know that he may not get to stay.

    Anyone have anything to say?

  • what do you mean approved to stay with you?

  • We're both in the military.

  • SexyGem,

    you give sage advice

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