Can somebody set my mind at rest?

  • Hi there, we are planning to move to a different country where we have lived before and where my husband spent a lot of his life, in order to set up a better life for ourselves and our kids. can anyone set my mind at rest that we are doing the right thing and that it will all work out in our favour?

    Thanks you very much, Sheelagh

  • Hi paddifluff !

    I felt uneasy reading your question, but am not sure if I'm just picking up on your feelings or what.

    This feeling was followed by 2 questions .... Are you moving close to an area that is experiencing unrest within the country? Or are you moving due to finances? If its financial, a clear thought came to mind that in some way what you Are spending is beyond what you Have to spend. This aspect can be difficult to get a handle on and will remain no matter where you live.

    Anyway, this is just to move you up onto the latest discussion board. I've traveled all over with kids and know how tough it can be to uproot a family. I hope someone will see this (probably later today) and be able to assist you in your search for an answer.

    May peace and joy be yours, no matter where you end up!


  • Hi Laie4,

    we are moving to Berlin in Germany and yes it is becasue of finances and yes it is because our income here is not enough to pay our outgoing expenses even though we have chopped off all the unnecessary stuff. Thanks for your answer, I am not sure if I want to uproot my family or not, that is why I am begging for answers.

    x Sheelagh

  • Dear Paddifluff,

    I asked Archangel Michael (my guardian angel) for a quick review of this...and he says to call on your angels and the Divine for guidance and not to make a rash quick decision about it. He is your angel of protection and is asking you to bring him into your life to help you approach it and be clear in your thinking. The key is asking your angels for help. Stop trying to figure it all out yourself and make all the decisions in a rapid fire motion. Slow down. Allow it to unfold. Let your angels work behind the scenes to not only protect you and your family, but have it be in the right way. You have to lean God and your angels when you need it the most and are uncertain. Which you are right now. And then...have faith and confidence in them and the outcome they generate for you. Trust in them. Call out to them. Let them help you on this major life decision. You can't demand what the end result will be...but trust that they will know what it is for you and have it unfold for you.

    Angel blessings to you and your family,


  • Thanks Beth, I have angel cards which I never touch and I know I am surrounded by angels but cannot seem to communicate with them. I read your answer about how to communicate on your other post and it was very interesting. I will go meditate, funny how when times get tough you don't make use if the powers available to you (me and me).

    Thanks very much for your time.

    x Sheelagh

  • Paddifluff, I feel your hubby and kids will be fine but you will never feel quite at home in the new place.

  • Thay coild be true Captain, thank you for your comment. My husband comes from there and kids are adaptable. I do not know where I would ever feel at home. Definitely not here but maybe a lot more in Berlin where we are moving to.

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