No love reading needed - but a sanity reading would sure help

  • I am at my wits end or I would not ask for help on this. It's just so complicated and so stressful for me to think very clearly about things that I need some second/third opinions. My husband and I started a divorce proceeding last January. He moved out and gave an attorney a retainer and thought that would be it and that I would agree to everything and he would have his divorce in 6 months. However, he did not tell his attorney the WHOLE story about our children's developmental delays. ADD and therapy needs, or my medical needs and so HIS attorney advised me to get my own attorney. We were then sent to a very expensive psychology team, the specialists and we had to get educational advocates for the kids (This was all after I had already done most of this work at my own expense previously - but my husband would never follow through or do anything but criticize me on what the kids needed) To make a long story short, we are now in financial doo-doo with the bulk of the credit card bills for attorneys and therapists on my plate. He makes more money than I do and was able to pay off most of his "half" of the expenses, but I could not and thus, cannot keep up with the expenses of where I live. My only recourse would be to declare bankruptcy and possibly let the house go into forclosure. My credit rating is already wrecked. Ahh, but when my husband heard that he realized that if I file bankruptcy and don't pay the mortgage, he goes down with me.... (The divorce had just started to get into the settlement phase so nothing was "settled yet) The only option we could come up with was that he said that he would rent out his condominium and he and my oldest daughter would move back in with me and the younger daughter and that he would pay all the bills for the next 6 months while I put all my paycheck into paying off these other bills. Then we could proceed with the divorce and get it done with.

    Well - this is better than declaring bankruptcy, but I am already anticipating serious distress occurring with them moving back in. I think I can make it though - maybe September.

    I am just wondering if anyone can see if my debts will get paid and if he will really move back out and if so - when. He has to rent out his condo for a year which will probably start May 1. I don't know if I can take it that long. His BD 6/12/61. My BD 3/14/58 Thanks inadvance for any help.

  • You already know what I'm about to tell you--you know this been there done that and one big exhausting circle. It is why you are getting ievorced because this ego based relationship is killing you--bancrupting you financialy-mentaly-physicaly-and spiritualy. TRUST YOUR GUT. You are gifted with intuition but the male side of your yin and yang is too small--defeated--fearful. This man gets his way ALWAYS by getting you in the fear ego based corner that beats you so low you stop listening to the wise spirit guided voice in your gut and head. You cannot make big desicions when you are most tired scared and beaten. This is where the wolf eats you. You are drained. First you need a new lawyer--FEMALE--pray first for the power of the Goddes to pump up your male energy praying that it idoes not get eaten by the wolf. If you already have a Legal Goddess then pump it up with a Goddess counselor as you need backup--all you can gather. Most important you must get your center back--get resored--feel some joy and go to a silent place and get all the answers because you are intuitive more than most average people and have very psychic moments. Then imagine the worst--LET IT GO. Loosing everything is not a bad forever thing--sometimes it liberates us to higher ground and future prosperity. SPIRIT SHOUTS---GET A GODDESS ON YOUR SIDE TO PROTECT YOU--REST AND RESTORE YOURSELF BACK TO THE POWERFUL WOMAN YOU REALLY ARE BENEATH THE WEIGHT OF THIS STORM--STOP FIGHTING IT--TAKE COVER----AND LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT NEVER AGAIN LET THIS MAN DEVOUER YOU INTO A DESICION THAT DOES NOT COME FROM YOUR OWN TRUTH!

    You can do this--Blessings

  • THank you - you are so right. It seems like I get myself built up - only to get slammed down again. The female lawyer and female counselor - I have/had. It took them months to firgure out what I was going through - uinfortunately THEY are part of the cause of the financial drain. Meanwhile I have told the husband to put in writing what he said we were doing. I already put it in writing for my attorney and sent him a copy to sign which he did not. He is just doing the same thing all over. I have got to get out of this.

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