Remembering past lifes

  • was wondering who remembers theres what you remember and all that outher good stuff.

    illl go first lol. i remember being a slave in atlantis and being whiped and having steaks driven through me after the whipping needles to say i died for loss of blood.

    anouther i remember working on the spinx in egypt when it was being built for the anceints.

    i remember fighting on the great wall defending chinna from the mongoles

    i remember walking in the anceint forest with the druids and the celts. i was a druid then

    i remember saling in a boat with outher vikings going to new found land. i get sea sick easy lol

    i remember living in venice being a stay at home mom to many shildren and orfens

    i remeber farming during the depresion and fighting for my home wife and children

    i also remember being an animal on several diffrent times. cats dogs wolfs wales bears

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  • Hi ladies! this is a topic I am so interested in. I think past lives are best realized by dreams, and to that end, many years ago I started keeping dream journals. I keep a notepad and pen by the bed, and when i am in that "twilight" stage, when I know I am dreaming but somewhat awake, I write what I see. I have had situations, in two cities, where I found myself literally in front of a house that I knew everything about the house, including the floor plan; I have learned that things we find ourselves attracted to, like the Mardi Gras masks of New Orleans, or, for me, anything related to being a nun, like my favorite doll, are possible links to the past. When I was 5 years old I had a fixation on Holland. I wanted everything blue, i wanted the doll, the wooden shoes. Later on in my life a family member wrote a book on our family tree. One branch of the family lived in the Netherlands, the woman named, on the event of having her eighth child, through shoes at her husband and threw him out. There are synchronicities in our lives, and i for myself am trying to piece them together for meaning of past lives related to life now. I have more examples, but you get the idea. With the dream journal, after a while you see trends, and that gives you some direction. thank you both for the fun post!

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  • No I wish I did, I was by two different seers, I was in Africa, in one life I was killed by a Crocodile.

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  • You're absolutely right. We dream every night, often we have no memory of them. If you keep a journal and as soon as you can see and the memories of the dream is still in you - write it - it helps to be as descriptive. If you have a night of 3 dreams in a row - upon reaching conciousness - write them all down. Dreams are telling us - without the usual language we're use to - dreams use icons, colors, you'll fly, people that have died will be in them. You're right, it will all come together. I was doing that for awhile and everything I wrote down (I only lasted a week) - it either happened verbatim THAT day, or within the week. Never seemingly (to me) anything significant, but it was telling me paths and situations that would happen. And they did!!! I only kept at it for a week, you're doing it longer so your mind, your spirit, your Higher Self are all now tuning in to this way to reach you that you're paying attention. You're very attuned to your spirit / instincts. In THIS lifetime in a typical night - dreamstate - I was older, beaten to death in the desert and was whisked through the tunnel of light. Millions of colors - each color was an event in my life. I watched it, but also was in it like it was happening the first time. Toward the end of the tunnel, I went faster, the colors were amazing at the end of the tunnel, it was kind of like I was re-birthed into what I call "The Room of Love" - which I strongly feel was at the edge of Heaven. Very simple room. A very thick light colored marble table took up most of the space - it eminated SO MUCH LOVE. A simple palm was to the right and the ground was soft. I could have stayed there forever - the love penetrates every cell, atom, everything you are. This simple room was alive. The walls were like gentle falling sand and one parted and a man walked through - dressed like a monk with his head down in reverence and respect. So much kindness. He too emenated love, but he was very important. When he pulled his hood back and revealed his face I was shocked. In a microsecond I recognized him and somehow knew him incredicbly well. To this day I have no idea who he was. But it was someone you would never expect as being for the best word possible: omnipotent. I'm not saying it was God - his face and my knowing of him is wiped clean from all memories. He was middle aged, dark hair and had made everything happen in my life - EVERYTHING. He was disappointed in me - kindly - that I hadn't lived up to what he (or they) felt my overall potentials were. He acknowledged he had 'made everything happen' either in my life: good and bad, or the world. Then he kind of appologized and said "I'm sorry to tell you this but - " and that's all I remember. Back on earth thrilled I had that experience but so sad the LOVE THE JOY was not down here. It was THIS life I died in and what he told me was also wiped from all memories. But I think he sent me back to a time in this lifetime when I without foreknowledge, could have changed things (I had a drug problem). And things that I saw and felt in that tunnel they seem to be happening, like it may be a few more years and God I hope I did whatever made them or Him satisfied. What I got out of it, is sometimes we stay in this life until we do or share or talents - or help or be better or whatever is instilled within us. Time in Heaven is not linear we don't have to come from the past - it may be this life looping until I get it right. Keep the journal, I'm gonna start again. That happened 20 years ago and I think about it everyday trying to make sense of it. There is such an endless miraculas element to life we are not taught about that folks like us are finding on our own. You have very good instincts in your dreams. I don't remember anything from any other lives. Just know, Heaven is simple this planet was created for life to be easy, kind and with greed, power, love of money, the original design has changed so much. Also in the room, it may be a place that every 20 years I go to, talk to this man and that's the other reality - maybe why he was so familiar. We are capable of so many things, just need to trust ourselves. Take Care and God Bless.....the "Slayer".....

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