Is HE a dark spirit?

  • Those reading my postings of late will know just who I'm talking about but I want to ask it this way simply, Is HE a dark spirit? Still trying to piece together the puzzle that is unfolding before me. I want to try to stay one step ahead.

  • Wow, I have wondered the same exact thing about a female in my life. Can people be dark spirits?

  • Dear RC and BrianTristan,

    Hello! Yes RC I know who you speak of...and here is what I've been told. Spirits -- your Higher Selves -- your Soul if you will -- are NEVER dark They cannot be because they are created by God. What can be dark is your mind. Choosing a life of fear over a life of love. One's spirit is still within you...egging you on so to speak to choose the higher road in your decisions...but if your mind chooses deception and lying and all the "wrong" choices...the Spirit is being denied and ignored. Spirits will even (I'm told) leave...because they are so unhappy and return Home to Heaven because they are fulfilled and replenished there. They don't leave permanently...but hover outside the body...waiting for that person's free will to find the light so to speak, and in an instant the Spirit returns.

    You know the people described with lifeless eyes? Those are people whose Spirit has left them. Lifeless eye people...the black eyes...the soul-less eyes...are those who would be described as dark. A body exists. A mind exists. But that is all. It doesn't mean God loves them just means they have a super long way to go in their spiritual learning because they totally missed the boat this time around.

    People can be dark. Spirits cannot be.

    I'd be interested in hearing other explanations from anyone else on this subject as well!

    Angel blessings, and LIGHT!


  • Angelreader,

    Well explained. That all makes perfect sense.

  • angelreader, thanks for the information. I am learning more each day. Sure felt like a dark spirit to me, meaning oppressive and unkind I guess. I know you understand. I guess I was just hoping there was an explanation I could put with besides you can't fix stupid. Anyway, thanks for the insight. I'll be interested to read the analysis of others too.

    I always love to hear your take on things. Thanks

  • Angelreader I posted a dream I had on this other thread I started, I'd love your take on it if you have the time.



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