Past Life Dreams

  • well, from what you have said, i gather that the second past life dream, as in what happened to you in that life was you're past karma debt coming back to your from previous life/lives. as in that possibly in the first dream of you being royalty, there was an abuse of power ether your own or done in your name. also, i think that your husband in that second past-life, did not mean to harm you, he was not his former self something change in him.. he possibly was suffering from some sort of mental disorder due to age and/or a head injury.

    but i just want to let you know. no mater what you have done in past lives take what you can and learn from it. you can and will move on from that past bad/good/unsettled karma. we all have with in us the power for change with in our selves. and we can not chance the past or anyone in our lives no mater how bad we want to.

    i hope that helps.

    Much Love & Light


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