Past Life Dreams

  • This started many yrs ago, I had dreamed of my first past life (which is like watching a movie clip but very real.. You at a point enter into your previous form), which I did find myself (an oil painting) on the internet of whom I was and also my Husband at the time actually on the History Channel in a painting about one month after my FIRST past life dream.. (Just confirms it was based on real ppl in the time era of which I dream-pt of.. confirmation these ppl did exist) this took place in the 1500's

    However recently I had another one (Back from the 1800's) and it replayed twice but this time I was murdered by my husband as an older woman.. with a branding iron!!! My husband and I as an older couple (probably 60+ yrs of age)

    He walks in through the door and I am standing by the fireplace mantle in my dress and overcoat, I turn around pleased to see him as he seems to have come in from the field and he has this blank look on his face.. Walks up to me and stabs me in the face with a branding iron.. I was kinda shocked that it was done to me because I didn't understand why he would do it..

    Then I woke up (it was a very short dream clip) and fell back asleep and the entire scene replayed its self and nothing changed.. I can remember vividly the clothes we were wearing, what he and i looked like - what our home looked like, ect..

    Can anyone tell me why this is happening and why my past lives are coming back into play??

    My first life I was Royalty, this next life I was a farmers wife..

    IDK, maybe it was just a dream on this one. I have not looked for confirmation but.. I just find it disturbing..

    Please and thank you


  • This post is deleted!

  • no problem. 🙂 just glad i could help a bit

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