Captain...ex wife wants to get back together

  • when she was sick I meant.....and abusive while sick

  • Your emotions are still raw but I think you will forgive her and not because you will have someone “better” than her on your arm, but because you will know in your heart that you did all that you could do to make it work and nothing more could be expected of you. Her betrayal has hurt you deeply and even though that little voice in your head was telling you this wasn’t right for you, you still didn’t give up. There’s no shame in that nor is there a reason to feel like an idiot. You opened your heart and without doing that you would never feel any joy and unfortunately some of the most powerful lessons in life are the most painful ones. You’re still young and you have a whole world to discover but experience it with an open heart otherwise you will miss the beauty in it.

  • Thanks. Why did she betray me in such a harsh manner? Aqua, also, why does she want to get back with me now?

    Another trusted physchic ( no charge) told me there is a chance for a future with us happily together again and that because of losing me, she is rapidly beginning to change, but she is very much spiriully confused and emotionally. He also said she would have to continue to change in order to really know what love means. It would take a lot of time for me to forgive her......or a lot of apologizing from her......but....Also, supposedly the choice to get back together is mine to make. Any suggestions?

  • Drgagannagi, with you I see a crying woman putting some eggs (hopes) in a basket but they all drop through a big hole in the bottom and smash on the ground. Time to get a new basket. The man you love is attracted to much younger women. He is shallow and definitely has a 'big hole' in his soul. It will be hard for you to find anyone who can live up to this 'dreamboat' who is much less of a star than you realise. He is not worth your time and energy.

    you did this vibe reading for me, captain

    can u shed light on my evolving situation.

    friends +- relation with guy from 4 years, we like each other a lot, but he doesnt want to marry, i just want to marry him and i have conveyed my feelings. he is a very nice guy, and i would wish him to be in my life, i have kept this friendship going despite all odds, he has maintained it too....will he come around? exactly when?

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  • Thanks Captain.

  • I don’t have any psychic abilities or any of the abilities that the Captain has to offer. I can feel your pain and confusion so all I can offer is another human ear and voice. I’m not sure what transpired in your marriage or what happened at the end. There are many reactions a person can have to a break up depending on what actually transpired. Some jump into another relationship to fill the void, or use jealousy, or manipulate and some will hold on for dear life etc. The only way to settle your mind is to hear it from her, but your emotions are running too high and honestly I don’t know that you will get the truth.

    Is it your pain that is hoping or are you really hoping for a reunion because this relationship is right for you? Of course the choice is yours to make, but what did that voice tell you while you were in your marriage? If you are waiting for someone to change or to “get it” then you are holding yourself back.

  • I knew during the relationship, she wasn't right. I even found myself for the first time in my life , depressed around her and empty feeling.

    I just didn't want to let her down because I really hurt the previous girl I was with by dumping her. Don't know what I want anymore....just wished I never met her. I feel like she brought a dark cloud over my life that won't go away. It seem's like my entire family's luck went bad when she came over...unprecented financial issues, more drama....ect. Sounds crazy but the timing of it all is very eerie. Yet I still have feelings for her.

  • If she left you feeling empty and depressed then you know for sure that it wasn’t right. Kentucker the whole point is, you didn’t let her down if you tried and you stayed even when your heart was no longer in it. Now having said that, I also know when someone wants the heck off the merry-go-round but hasn’t done anything about it and I know how messed up the other person can get when they don’t know what’s going on. I can almost bet that you don’t hide your displeasure very well, and the thing is even if the other person instinctively knows something is wrong, it can’t be resolved if you don’t communicate about them. There are usually 3 sides to every story, yours, hers and the truth somewhere in the middle.

  • Well, she was very clingy....downright suffocating for a long one could have not been turned off.

    Then, when she started seeing that guy and we got back together...I started getting clingy and I quickly saw her reaction to that....she said I was like a brother and not a lover...well guess what...I felt that way about her the entie relationship except for the beginning and she made me feel like such a bad person for it and always demanded to have a baby and made me feel guilty when I wanted to wait.

    I NEVER acted as clingy as her and she ran for the hills after I showed any signs of it.

    Basically, if I acted like she did the entire relationship, she would have dumped me in a heartbeat. She can't take her own medicine. Also, when I got sick, she ran but I always stayed by her side.

    I know she used me t get here.

    If I was ever intoxicated she would always try and get me to drive her somewhere and cause huge arguments when I declined. She knew I already had a DUI and I had sworn off ever driving under the influence again. Just one small example of how she always had to get her way.

  • Wow…ok. This really isn’t a healthy relationship kentucker. You are both not ready for the responsibilities of marriage because the level of maturity required to make decisions together is lacking. I ask you, is re-thinking all the minute details making you feel better? The things that bothered you should have been discussed as a couple while you were in the moment and then let go, there should be no reason to dredge them up again. I know you don’t feel appreciated but this is not helping you at all. Let it go.

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