Will I be alone forever? I cant go on like this.

  • I caught my husband cheating 2 years ago. He is in a relationship with that person now. I am so tired of being alone I am thinking about ending it. Every one I meet is games or drama - not the real thing. I just want to be happy in a relationship Im 38 now - and I don't think its ever going to happen. I just cant take the thought of waking up alone for the rest of my life. Please help.

  • magic81,

    I am so sorry you feel this way. Google Surviving Infidelity. It's a good site and will help you through this. Don't let someone who could not respect you or themselves make you feel this way. Most the people in my family divorced and never remarried. It was rough for them at first but all thses years down the line they say that when they let themselves heal they are happy without a partner. Every one of them had the chance to remarry and chose not to. The time will come that you will meet the person who you want in your life. 2 years is not that long after a divorce.

    Peace and love to you!

  • Magick81, if everyone you meet is games and drama, consider what you are putting out that draws them to you? Could you be asking for that type of thing for some reason? I get that part of you wants excitement in a relationship, but with excitement often can come instabilty and dramas. Maybe you should be looking for less exciting bad boys and cheaters, more solid partners. Stability and security doesn't mean dull and bad boys are called that for a reason.

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