Spirit guides/guardians... can anyone tell me about mine?

  • I was told that I have two?

    One older, and one younger... I would like to know about the younger one, how I can connect with her or listen to her, and most importantly, why she chose me.

    Because I am very very very grateful that anyone would choose me.. Especially being a girl, seeing as I never get ''chosen'' by the non-spirit girls!

  • Hello Hidden Diamond

    I often find myself with a Few Animal guides. But everyone is different.

    I beleive having animals guides are fantastic, they play with me, show me things i never knew possible and they take me to places when I cant get there on my own. Sometimes they like to hide until they are needed and they always change depending on the circumstances I am experiencing at the time.

    I have had eagle, dragon and wolf and a couger as my spirit guides and It aint hard to find your guides. Sometimes my wolf disappears and I gain my couger. My couger is mysterious and only comes out to protect me he is always around even though i cant always see him I certainly feel him.

    If you would like to see who your animal guides, try closing your eyes and go into mediation and ask to be shown your spirit guides .... then look for a gate to walk through.... on the other side of the gate look around who do you see first? Is it animals/ angels? what do you see?

    Are there any particular animals that stand out to you in meditation or out of meditation? This is a good way to find them and ask them to show themselves so you can meet them and learn from them. Hope this helps. I do have Animal Cards and reguarly check to see who is hanging around. But I still prefer meditation as they seem to come to me when they are most needed.

    Hope this helps and Good luck!

  • Thanks beaniac, will try that method 🙂

    I'm specifically trying to find out who this girl is, but the same method should probably work, I assume.

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