Careers in the metaphysical field??

  • I currently work in oil and gas, and I make a rather good living doing so, but I am beginning to see the truth that money isn't everything! Lately I have been very unfulfilled & unhappy and I feel like I could be doing something so much more substantial and productive with my time instead of feeding the CEO of some huge oil corporation's bottom line. I know that I not only have the capabilities, but feel that it's my life's purpose to help others and be of service to society, but I just don't know where to begin looking or how to get my life headed in the right direction.

    I just started studying astrology, but I'm nowhere near competent enough yet to start charging for my services and I don't think I can take much more of greedy, immoral corporate America! Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any resources that I could use to help me find a career in the metaphysical field or any other field of service? All comments/ideas/suggestions, etc. are welcome... I just need a place to start! Thanks so much!!

  • My friend Bill has a website

    He helps people explore synchronicity in their life and how to find out their destiny. I know he gives classes and does coaching. You might ask him for advice or get some coaching from him. He's really good.

  • Honestly, stay with the job you're in right now while you practice.

    Yes, it sucks to have to work for the greedy people, but you need food, a roof over your head and enough to pay the bills. This will be true, even when you do get good enough to start your own little metaphysical business. Always remember to be practical-- and dumping a well paying job isn't practical right now in this economy.

    Maybe to make yourself feel better you can use some of the money you make to help less fortunate people? Donate to charities, volunteer somewhere on your days off and use some money to help the place out, etc. That way, you'll be helping give back to others using the job you have now... makes it less of an evil and more of a blessing, yes?

    Good luck.

  • Stay with your day job!!! However, check out psychic fairs and new age type shops in your area. They usually have psychics and readers etc. who could help you with additional information on getting started in a new field. Typically they do not earn enohgh to live on. It is more of a side job or supplement. It is almost like donating your time as you are not paid anywhere near the time you put in at learing or keeping up with your field, so many look upon it as voluntary service to mankind and/or small fee for learnig their craft. Like any other choosen field of work, once you master your trade, put in your time other possibilities open up. But you will need to hone your skills. As for your corporate america job, it can use people with heart and you could be the one to make a bigger diference to mankind with your belief in the greater good. There may come an oppurtunity to suggest a different approach or be a part of the development of something new and better or just be a different voice among many. Your job could just be your job, fill your life outside of work with more meaninful things and hang out with like minded groups.

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