Too good to be true! ... I think

  • Hello! I'm totally new at this, and I just got a Thoth Deck that I am trying to delve into. I did a Celtic Cross spread for myself, and it seems too good to be true! The cards came out as follows:

    1: 4 Wands

    2: 6 Wands

    3: XIV Art

    4: VII Chariot

    5: VI Lovers

    6: Prince of Swords

    7: I The Magus

    8: 7 Cups

    9: Princess of Disks

    10: 9 of Disks

    Any insight from you seasoned Tarot masters would be greatly appreciated! A word about myself, I am a struggling artist searching for bigger outlets for my work. I also recently ended a 6 year relationship with my girlfriend. I thought this was symbolized by the Lovers in position 5 (past influences, or that which is just ending, right?) I would like to believe that many of the other cards are pointing towards a breakthrough in my career as long as I stay on task. (The 7 of cups "debauch," in position 8 is like a warning?)

    Any advice would be awesome. Thank you so much!


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