Could some-one give me a reading?

  • My Dob is 7-3-56 My husbands is 5-1-64. We've been married a long time. has always been a wonderful man, husband, and father. Treating me and our children like gold. One day out of the blue, he tells me its over, Files for a divorce, stops it, and then moves out. For almost 2yrs, we've been what I would call dating, sleeping together, ect. This has torn our childrens lifes apart as well as mine. The time we would spend together would be great. Then he would turn cold after words. I wouldnt hear from him, unless I call him. He,s all over the place with his emotions. Now he has really pulled away from me. I need to know if its really over for us ? Or If we will get back together for good down the road? One last question: Our middle daughter seems to be my husbands best friend through all this, She says it because, she can be a so called outsider, dont judge him , and give him good advise. Is she leading he away from me? And does she know things she,s not telling me? This is all driving me crazy........ I have talked to many different psychic,s and they all tell me, we will get back together. I dont know what to belieave any more. Cathi

  • Cathi, if you can call it getting back together, I feel you and your husband will be on-again-off-again for the rest of your lives if you allow it. I don't feel him ever returning permanently and I see you both leading mostly separate lives from now on. I feel it is guilt and the desire to do the right thing for the family that brings him back to you, not love. He wants a new life.

    Your question is whether you can tolerate such an on-off situation or do you want to part for good? Your daughter loves both of you but thinks you would be happier apart.

  • Captain, Thanks for the insight, 3-days after your reading, My husband and I spent time together. Talking and making love, after words he looks me in the eyes and tells me, its over and he wants a divorce.... I cant=not believe this. I was so shocked I didnt know what to say. What is wrong with him? Will he really file for a divorce? Hes told me 3-others times before. Never going through with it. Has he lost his mind? Cathi

  • Read my earlier post again because you are asking the same questions I have already answered but that you did not take in.

  • Sorry Captain, One other thing, He wants me to move out of our house that hes been paying because he cant afford to makes the payments anymore. He wants me to move into his house his sisters have brought for him that hes making paymente too.After 5-years it will be payed off. He wants to sale our house. Should I move into his place and will I be happy there? We've had alot of good times at both places. Thanks cathi

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