This is for Mikyo

  • Aaaw thanks!

    love and financial are my main concern for few months now.

    since the reading is restricted to one question, maybe you wanna tell me where my love life is heading to?

    thanks so much!

  • your love life.. okie I try it later.. haha.. maybe i could give u a cle~~

  • 1 + 2.What's the question about?

    1. 3 of cups upright- there might be a marriage on your mind right now.. and something to be celebrate for your love life..

    2. The hanged man upright - somehow U are in a major transition between the old and the new

    To combine this two about ur question.. U ask where is your love life heading to well U may head to the marrige road but in the past there might be painful experiences that U have been through and need to think more about it before U can actually thought of marriage..

    3. the main influence in present

    Death upright - in your currently situation of your love life there is a major transformation in it.. there might be a change in your status or the change in your lifestyle.. 😃

    4. The force that empower the influence

    9 of swords reverse - in here your nightmare has over and it means one of your burden is release from the situation.. It can be that U now can see clearly wat has happen and what U can do about it..

    5. The force that weaken the influence

    the hierophant reverse - it may due to your fanatical thinking and too dogmatic in your assesment of events.. it is much of the ways U do and how u think of it...

    6. the unseen, unknown and fear that act consciously

    Temperance Upright - U need to have patience and moderation at this time.. If U couldn't remain balance there is a high chances that U have a wrong decision.. just like the matter of give and take..

    7. Things that u can see

    3 of pentacles upright - U must have emphasis much on the financial status and social consideration that he have.. (if u got a partner, if not that's the guy that U are looking for)

    8. Near Future

    knight of pentaces upright - in your near future a steady secure relationship will come along ur path.. whether it is a secure one it is still up to how u manage ur love life.. everything plays a part.. =D

    9 secrets of the high priestess

    ok i shall explain myself first before teling u wat card it is.. this card only taken account in only if it is a major.. but since it is not a major it doesn't count.. so it doesn't wants to reveal the secret to u.. not now at least.. 😃

    here your last card is 8 of wands reverse.. I still tell u want it means in this card but it is not include in the whole reading.. U feel overwhemed y the fast pace of event happening around..

    To conclude everything for u in your present 3 going for a major changes but got good and bad.. just like wat it says in 4 you may release from the previous relationship and 5 but the thinking of urs plays a bigger part.. U may be a much materalistic person but at the same time U need to be more patience and balance the situations.. So if I kind of away from the question U can enlighten me.. 😃

    Hope to hear from U soon, Mikyo

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Wow, thank you.

    I didn't expect to hear from you this fast.

    Well, I can relate to this reading. I am not in a relationship right now, it ended a few months ago but me and my ex are still in contact, still friends.

    I don't know if he will be in my future at all, I definitely hope he will but it it is not meant to be, it won't.

    I wanted to cut off all ties with him but he doesn't want to let me go, so I am kinda stuck 🙂

    So you know the situation now 🙂

    thank you.

    x x x

  • Emergence, What DO YOU WANT !!!!

    Do you want to still be with him, for him to call the shots or do you want to severe the ties which bind?

    It is your choice.


  • lovingsilverwings,

    Thank you for your comment.

    What do I want?

    I am giving him what he wants, my friendship, on my TERMS.

    Want to know what my TERMS are - He is not my number 1 priority any longer. My life and my happiness. And you know what, it feels great!

    Have a good weekend.

    Lots of love.

  • Ooo I see.. U know we gals should be more of like stand up for ourself rather than going back to those guys.. Many ppl ask me if I got a bf and often I would reply a no.. some might not even believe in the first place.. Wat can I say?? I think I will be better off alone unless someone right is coming... Haha well maybe I am too nagative about them but I can say good ones does exist..

  • HI Mikyo,

    You go girl!

    Yep, I was happy for 8 years when I was single and I was happy when I was in a relationship. I believe I create my own Happiness, not anyone else. As crappy as this is for some men to hear, I do not need them to make me happy 🙂

    As for my ex, he is a great person which is why I agreed to let him be my friend. As I have said, the break up was the fault of both of us. I think it is how we handle the situation and what we want from it. If we stayed friends with our ex with hopes to get back together and not able to move on if he is not into us, then we will definitely be S C R E W E D!

    I have let him go and leave it all up to fate. It is great that he is in my life now, as my friend but I know where my strength is and where I stand in this friendship. He has no power over me and he is definitely not my number one priority any longer. If he has to go, I know I will be fine 🙂

    When I asked you a reading about my love life, I was open to anything. I don't know what the future holds. For all we know, it can be my ex or it can be Bratt Pitt! LOL.

    Thanks so much for the reading!! And whenever I can ask you for a reading again, for my financial, let me know! 🙂 Appreciate it!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lots of love.

  • sure i will~~ Maybe next week.. =D a financial.. hmm interesting~~

  • bump

  • Ok about your financial wise.. I could see that u are a logical and a person who does things in system.. U know how to manage your financial but somehow in a old fashion methods.. U might not want to change your style of managing but overall u believes it will work somehow due to the logics that u have..

    Right now u trying to do something different from wat u have been doing from ur past.. Maybe u wish to try whether the other method works for u a not.. U could haven't been busy with your current methods and u don have enough time for your rest.. Somehow u could have been weaken by your brighter path aheads of u.. The path may seems ok and success but it might not be the path that u actually wanted to go..

    In your financial.. The method that u use might be struggling and hard to manage.. At the same time u have no choice but resort to use the negative ways to let u struggle through your ways.. U could have notice why u suddenly become more and more negative and this might be the reason explains why..

    In your near future u may feel that watever u have done has drain u out totally and your finance might be at a risk.. Sometime we should be satisfy with wat we have and even we desire we must went on the right path for us.. Basically u do not have much time to rest and think which will be bad for your health.. Venturing out a new way is a good thing even it is success or failed we still learn a lesson.. That's how we grow strong..

    I hope this helps.. And sorry for the late replies~~ been busy lately.. Haha good to you and hope to hear your comment soon.. o.<

  • HI Mikyo,

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    Do not worry about the late reply, there was no hurry at all.

    I appreciate you are doing this for me.

    Since this week, I am managing my finance differently.

    And I have been balancing between work and rest.

    So far, it is going on very well.

    So in this reading, you meant the way I managed my finance in the past,

    does it covers the way I am doing it now?

    This new path I am choosing, is this the good one for me?

    I feel that it is going the positive way.

    My finance has been great for the past 15 years, I am very practical and logical

    when it comes to finance, you are right.

    I like taking risk but I don't like to put myself in a mess.

    But something happened a few months ago which I was not able to avoid.

    This is the first time in my life where I feel that I have no control in my finance.

    But since this week, I seem to have a very positive feeling that things will turn for the better.

    So, if you have anything else to add on this matter, I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you for doing this, greatly appreciated.

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Hmm thanks for your enlightenment.. Haha well this show that why the sun upright coming up.. Good ways though.. Just do watever u ought to do.. The bear future will be in 3 months time from now.. Of course future will change if u made ur changes.. =D wish u all the best~~

  • U can add me in msn if u have .. U can ask me readings through there whenever I am online.. 😃

  • Hey Mikyo

    Thanks for your address.

    I am not online often on MSN, mostly on Google Talk

    But I will add you in my MSN, thanks!

    What is bear future? Sorry, I don't understand that term.

    Thanks so much! Have a great day.

    Lots of love

  • U are welcome.. Just in case I am not alway on forum and u could contact me.. Sorry is near future.. Haha I always got typo error.. Lol..

  • Haha okay lol!

    You are added! 🙂

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