From Lovingsilverwings- twinsoul or anybody guidance

  • Firrst I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your guidance, insight and assistance.

    May each of you be blessed beyond measure.

    Since I have made this open to whom ever is will and able to respond with the aid of my guides and angels, answer that which you are able to.

    Any and all information is greatly appreciated

    Will there be a steady income or lump sum of money for me over and above my disablility income.

    I would like to know if there are any of my SOUL GROUP FAMILY about me I person on this earth plane. I never knew my grandparents, therefore have no idea if they are about me as I have no sense of their presence. At this time there are no people I am close to. The few people I was acquainted with over the past few years were for lessons about not being abused by them.

    I am aware of my guide and guardians about me.

    Blessings to all.


  • DOB - May 2, 1947, JLA


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  • Not sure if any of you require my DOB May 2, 1947

    I enjoy reading and searching through most of the threads. Some of them are heart wrenching, while others are interesting. I have even gone as far back as one year to read some of the requests. There are many which have gone unanswered.

    angel hugs to all with many blessings.


  • blessings

  • LSW, I just wanted to say im sorry that you never knew your grandparents. blessings back!

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  • Hello All,

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  • Hi Julianna

    As far as your income goes, things will lighten up in the next 18 mos. Perhaps you can get a small income going with a little on line business.

    Also there are always guides around you. Your deceased relatives are always looking in on you. Your grandmother puts pink butterflies in your path as her way of showing you that she is around you.

    You are loved and your prayers always bring me light and joy.


    and happy birthday


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  • my bithday wish to all



    julia l arnett

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