Twinsoul, Advice Please

  • Hi,

    I saw your other post and decided to copy/paste my earlier question here.

    Sunday, April 4, 2010 19:02 PDT



    Hi Twinsoul,

    Any love/relationship prospects this year for me?


    You should have your own site and charge a bit for your time. I don't know how you can connect to so many people in so short a time. Must be very exhausting.

    Thanks again for all that you do 🙂

  • techni

    real love in 2011 , you are kind to worry about my time. this is my way of giving back for all of the blessings i have recd. my web site will be up soon, under the same name i use. there are many people who cannot afford to have a reading done by me. so i give my time here, when my real day job isnt too crazy, and my family affords me the time. I manage to be here 10-15 hours a week. again thanks for caring


  • Thanks for the reading. That timing seems right - not really ready for anything this year. I should just focus on health and career.

    Great news about your site. I know I and lots of people here will look forward to the announcement.:)

  • techni

    you are very welcome

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