Captain - Insight needed please!

  • My girlfirend, date of birth April 6, 1969 has mentioned several times that she is feeling mellow and doesn't understand what is goingg on. She has a complete lack of motivation but says she doesn't believe she is depressed. Do you see anytihing going on with her? Name is Tracy. BTW, she is the friend that I posted a picture on the picture readings for a coup;le weeks ago.

    Thank you so much. Blessings!

  • I think she is just generally feeling uninspired about her life. She needs to find her passion and follow it.

  • She did just end her second job and her main passion for a job has always been a struggle. She is trying to build up her clientele (hair stylist) but I know it's a tough road for her sometimes. BTW, did you notice all the typos in my post??? Ascension?? I think so. LOL. Thank you for your advise. I'll pass it along.

  • AB, ask your friend to consider whether hairstyling is her real passion. What gets her all fired up? If she can't think of anything like that, then it's time she found it.

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