Captain could you do a reading for me please!

  • I would love a reading to find out where this relationship is going

    My birthday as you know is


    and his is 02/8/1992 thanks again 🙂

  • Empathic feelings provide the predominant energy in this relationship. But, although sharing deep emotional experiences may ultimately be a positive experience for you two, in the short run, you will have a lot of rough spots, since neither of you much cares for exposing yourselves. A pattern of closeness followed by distancing would be no surprise here. Still, your friend is quite capable of giving you the kind of understanding you crave, and indeed the relationship draws out not only your friend's more accepting qualities but also his curiosity about his emotionally complex partner - you. It's true that you are also likely to activate your friend's dark side, but this can ultimately lead him into passionate involvements and a good dose of self-analysis and confrontation.

    A love affair or marriage is often rewarding and pleasurable. You will be roused to new heights of passion by your friend's provocative and unreserved sensuality. He will be deeply touched by your total commitment - he tends to tire easily in love and marriage, but you will provide him with an almost inexhaustible palette of sensuous delights to pick from. You both do have quite different points of view that can cause trouble so don't run out on confrontations but learn to accept your differences instead.

  • Thankyou thats really helpful to me alot and yeah it is really hard when your in a long distance relationship because you dont know how to feel most of the time, its difficult to understand eachother when were so far away from eachother, and feelings get mixed up sometimes so i guess its really hard for me to tell wheather its real or not even though soon we will be seeing eachother more than we did before,well we are trying to.

    Is there anymore advice you can give! if so that would be most appriciated thanks again 🙂

  • I would also like some Advice for a friend relationship also please

    her bd is 2/25/1964 and thanks again 🙂

  • oops sorry i mean 25/2/1964 😄

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