Relationship Difficulties with a Leo

  • Hello, I'm new here at the forums, but have been a follower of the website for a while now. I'm in a bit of a pickle, and was hoping you all might be able to give me some advice. I'm relatively new to Tarot and Astrology, so don't really have the experience to work this one out by myself.

    I'm a Gemini and my common-law husband is a Leo. We have been living together for just over a year, and for the past 6 months or so, have been clashing a bit. Clashing to the point, where we've talked about breaking up.

    Some episodes have ended up with us screaming and yelling at each other and awful things being said, and feelings being hurt.

    When we're getting along though - we are really great friends and lovers. I love this man so much, and truly don't want to lose him.

    He's a Leo through and through. Proud, with a big ego, very loving with a big heart, a definite leader and not a follower. He's extemely protective of his 2 daughters (from a previous marriage), but I'm not so sure he's so protective of me.

    So any help, suggestions anyone has to assist me with the Gemini/Leo relationship, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


  • You have describe the Leo man so well. I used to be involved with a Gemini Man and they are very caring ppl very head strong and that's the part I did not like. They will take care of family that so important to them. Gemini's are I would saying confusing at times, no better yet a lot of times. Gemini's can close down some time and not even know it or just don't care. Their also known as needing their space. Do you think that is the problem you need time to yourself or u need to get away? I am with a Gemini and when I feel tension starting to surround us I give him that space and I just tend to come back around later and thing where so much better for us. Just step away and go and be with friends for a while and see how things work out.

  • Thanks worthy. I don't feel like it's so much me needing time, I think it's more to do with me crowding him and perhaps encroaching on his rule of the kingdom if you know what I mean.

    Yes, I'm a headstrong person and so is he. I wonder how to balance that well? Sometimes I feel like it might be a matter of me just letting him feel like he is the one in charge, because his ego needs that.

  • Ok, I understand what your saying. Well just allow him to see of fill that. We both knw LEO's like to fill like their in charge.

  • Yes, they do. Time to let him take the lead.....

  • I agree with all the posts. I'm in a relationship with a Leo man as well and I have to let him take the lead, that is in his nature, otherwise he will sulk. Leo's need lots of attention, and once their pride is wounded, they will shut down on you. They are very sweet people, and loyal to the death, so don't worry about losing this guy. Just let him take the lead, he is ruled by the sun, and eventually, that big heart of his will shine.

  • Thanks so much hewitt. Your description fits my man very well. It's hard for me to let go, and let him take the lead, but I need to trust in him more, I think.

    Does anyone else find that their Leo feels backed into a corner very easily, or feels their pride being threatened very easily?

  • Coming from a leo here, I avoid getting backed into a corner at all costs and will usually come out swinging (mentally) if I should find myself near that point. If I'm facing fight or flight, I generally fight. Even when I don't need too.

  • Thanks for that insight Alice. It seems the "fight" quality is part of a Leo, when they're feeling cornered. It's a part of him that I find hard to like as it's so frustrating!

  • Hi everybody.

    I am also, or shall I rather say was involved with a wonderful Leo man. We broke up about 5 weeks ago and I feel devastated because this man is all I ever envisioned for myself. He got terribly hurt by his ex wife and is now suffering with commitment issues. Everything was going so very well for us, but then he started distancing himself sexually from me. When I ask him what the matter was he told me that he can't offer me anything, seeing that he was out of work at that time. Everywhere he was looking for a job, doors would just closed in front of his face. I tried my best to be supportive and building him up, but what was getting me down was the fact that I felt sexually unattractive. He told me that he loved me and showed me in the most charming ways but when we went to bed at night, there was nothing. The night before I left, I tried to talk to him about it again and he just told me again, that there is nothing he can offer me because he doesn't have a job. I got upset and told him that all I'm asking for is his love and that doesnt require a job. The next morning he wanted to make love to me but I turned my back on him, still being upset about the previous night. We didn't fight or nothing but when I walked into the bathroom I saw he had taken all my belongings and packed them nicely on the counter for me, as to say "its time, pack your things and go" which I did. He held me close just before I left and said we should remain friends but that I must go on with my life. Like I said. this was 5 weeks ago, and I haven't seen him since. I have spoken to him on the phone once or twice, but it was only about mundane everyday things. He did manage to get a job in the mean time and went to my daughter to find out how I was and if I am ok. There he told her that he just want to find his feet and that things aren't over between us. I feel so confused, why doesnt he come and see me? I know that there isn't someone else. So what must I do? just wait it out until he makes up his mind. or shall I forget about him and go on with my life, as he suggested. I truly love this man and going on without him is unthinkable. Please help me, you Leo's out there. How can I capture this wild beasts heart again........

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