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  • Welcome to the I-Ching forums. This is a place that encourages synchronicity and free-thinking, and we're happy that you've found your way here.

    Please feel free to introduce yourself in this thread. You could start by telling us about your experience with I-Ching, or perhaps which hexagram is most meaningful for you.

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  • Hello I'm Cindy, Hola Ponch. I have always found I Ching somewhat confusing at times.

  • hi! i'm new to the forums. i've always found the I-Ching to be one of the most accurate of all the "pseudo" 😃 sciences...i've only found 1 book, though, that i Love the interpretations from, and that's by Sam Reifler- publ. in 1974:

    KHWAY #38 Neutrality

    Fire over the Marsh

    The Superior Man allows

    Variations within the norm.

  • i am a new member, and am in the middle of serious life crisis. i don't know where my i ching is now.i used to pull it out often.i have the one with the intro to synchronicity by jung. the first group reading was for a large gathering in the desert celebrating spring in 1965 or so.early earth day,the hexagram turned out to be ku : work on what has been spoiled,made for a appropo beginning to my life from then on.i am an artist so i have a record of changes from the on. i will share some later.i don't have the swine flu ,but i don't feel well today.thanks for the invitation.


  • I have made some use of IChing, using a book for reference. I feel that the gap in understanding the poetical references may come from the translations - both from the historic past and culturally, from an Eastern perspective to a Western one.

    So the only way for me is to use it to try and 'let go' and try to get a feeling for an answer.

  • Hey There, Well, I'm relatively new to this, been on line a little over a year nowand really appreciate all the info I've been missing,but, as the song lyric says, "All good things in all good time.

    As to my old friend "Ching". First meeting not auspicious, the old Evens-Wentz version back in the mid-60's. Friends were adept at interpreting the often direct translations and that got me interested. Robert Wing wrote "The I Ching Work Book" and I started using it as a starting point and filling in with other authors versions since about 1980. I've logged all my query's hexagrams and changes since then. Since I got this Mojo Machine I use it less but trust it more. Now that I'm older, I am more patient with ritual, holding the coins, sitting quietly, framing my query, writing it down in the work book, tossing the coins, recording the hexagram and change if any then writing my interpretation. At least an hour. When I check my sign for the day here, I will look at the hexagram and often am able to make a correspondence, but, well, it feels like I'm cheating at my home work.

    This site has deepened my interest in astrology and to my surprise, numerology and Tarot. Tarot has been especially useful with snippets of word phrases or images that I log someday to be worked into a poem, song lyric, or a story, at least that's what I've been telling myself for some forty plus years now. Of late I have noticed progress, a beginning a middle and an end and all somehow connected. I'm left with the feeling of having scratched an itch and am comfortable with that. Too many of my hero word smiths have already said anything I can say and have done it bettter. For me it is play, an almost obsessive kind of fun.

    My main musical interests are "The San Francisco Sound of the 60's, Folk Music, acoustic and electric blues, The Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan. Most Pop music, Jazz. Not alot I can't learn to like. I also play guitar after a fashion, acoustic and electric. I retired last September, rather suddenly, but have evolved or am evolving a routine for deepening my creative pursuits since I now have no excesses or at least my best used excuse, a 60+ hour work week. Finally, I am taking my time to do what I want as best I can and enjoying more than I ever imagined.

    If anyone is reading this, how did you get so far? Hat is off, I'm impressed. Back to The I Ching, the most difficult part for me and sometimes still is, when forming a query for the Oracle, keeping it brief and open ended, inviting interpretation . Thanks for letting me share,Bob

  • Hi Bob, I enjoyed your comments. I'm over 60 too, but not retired yet. I have only used the I Ching on-line and do not have the time commitment that you and others have mentioned as part of your study.

    What I do that is similar to you is to find some phrase or sentence that resonates with me in the hexagram and use it for inspiration for a watercolor painting. At first, I was also trying to include the hexagram itself, but now I write the sentence onto the painting. They are just for me (deluxe flashcards, one of my friends calls them) but I find it very fulfilling.

    I don't have tarot cards or anything else, but I enjoyed animal cards while on a retreat. I guess it's the discipline that is important, pausing to reflect and be open to knowing more about our motives and aspirations.



  • Hi i am Larita, and I have used I Ching for over 20 years! It has been very accurate at times, but alot of the time it is how you phrase the question. Just asking for yes or no answer , I ching isn't very concise. I also use Runes and when I need an answer to a situation, the runes back up what the I Ching says!

    I Ching also tells you what you don't want to hear, but if you meditate on the answer, you will find that I Ching is usually right about something that you do not want to acknowledge within yourself, so therefore blocking your progress in your life.....

  • hi... i'm be honest ..don't know what is " i ching".. i heard about it ...but i know that i'm going thrugh crisis in my marrieg for 5 years n don't know what to do....and seeking for help from somebody that can see in the card or...... and tell about me n him ...and if we'll sparade.. it will be good move...for me any way....and what my destany? hope i did ok coz my english is not that good...forgive me.....thanx so much..

  • Howdy all. I'm Annie. I use the "i ching" on occassion. I do find it confusing quite a bit.

  • Good evening all!

    Let me be the next t confess that I-Ching serves to confuse me as well! I really would like to know more about it and how it works in, or on, my life. I am willing to talk with anyone who has even some knowledge about it. Perhaps there is a book or two I can pick up to learn more? Thanks for listening to me ramble on.

    Many blessing and Light to ya'll


  • Hello, soooo nice to meet all of you!!!!. ... thnx, ... this is wonderful to have discovered.

    Very busy till New Years day, not even time to read all the posts right here yet ... but will be back a.s.a.p.


    I have always used yarrow stalks - imo, they are more accurate n more directly connected to the meditation process.

    Some of the best advice I ever heard was "don't read the book" with respect to Tarot reading.

    So how does one learn to read the "signs" without reading "the book"??? hahahhahahahah

    PLAY with the medii - PAY ATTENTION "to even the seemingly most insignificant signs" inside n out - and harness intuitive channels.

    Like dreams, events/etc explain them ... and with time one can begin to perceive PATTERNS, cyclic patterns, and they will acquire MEANINGFUL associations over the course of one's life.

    "We are doomed to repeat the lessons we do not learn" ... which is a good synopsis of Karma (however oversimplified it may be stated here LOL)

    I know the whole I Ching system and the basic poetry of each line as mnemonic devices ... I don't use "the book" at all anymore except upon occasion when I have time n feel the urge to review specific details ... but have found both Reifler's and Wilhelm/Baynes extremely useful ... I am NOT saying to not read the I Ching ...

    I sometimes don't even ask a question - simply meditate on the situation while I am "stalking" for solutions ...

    And sometimes my question is "What is the Question?" which Zen wise might be shortened to "WHAT Question?"??? grin ...

    This way, somehow, it is easier for me to understand the "Answers" ... AND it allows more openness to/perception of SYNCHRONICITY - the most comprehensible clues to the "meaning of the moment", (one of my interpretations of "the meaning of the times", except it is on a smaller, more personal scale).



    --o-- 2


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  • Hi I'm new I just posted a question today and yesterday ,no one replied...i'm trying to figure out how it works

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  • I am a new member to the Forums......Had not ever heard of IChing, but check mine daily and do at least one coin-toss. I have found thru the computer version, much success in answers to my inquiries. I do not have in-depth knowledge of the I Ching, but realize it must be an ancient form of divination. I have had the Hexagram for Abundance, and for determination showing up lately!!! I am wondering if this is making me aware of possible changes???

  • Today is my first venture out into the public computer world. I have chosen I ching because it compliments and amplifies my spiritual beliefs In the grand scheme of life and in this world at times of great violence and suffering ,wars and natural disasters we, as human beings tend to question who we are? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life ? I am a truly blessed woman.that wants to share and help anyone out there in need. I don't have questions about who i am, I know why I'm here, and all life has purpose and meaning. The ancient art of the study of the i ching ( yin and yang ) and my belief in God brings me a daily peace and purpose to go out into each day and give of myself and to recieve all that is waiting for me, even the days that seem dark and empty and are full of angry people causing caos and crisis can't touch or effect how I have chosen to face that day. This kind of inner strength, comes from searching ones self, I ching has given me key ways to look into my very own mind and body and find my center, my yin, my yang along with my faith in my Lord Jesus Christ, I feel a balance to all in my life.

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