Strange state of mind

  • Hi Captain,

    What a time I have been in.

    I needed money to move and I have checked many resources.

    I have in my horoscope and tarot readings and before the full Moon,of things coming my way.

    I always found away to get what I needed.

    So here It is:

    Walking to the store I saw this man I always spoke to..he was a security guard all around this area.

    A nice fellow

    He ask me to walk over and ask how was i doing..I told him we wanted to move back to the usa.

    I miss my family and here i could not get a job to travel to them.

    Anyway he said I will lend you the money,next week bring your husband and we talk.

    I walked away with shock as to is this real,can the universe answer me this way...?

    Well in the mean time we wanted till april show from him...another guy said he was off that day.

    I was amazed i was not mad..the strange difference inside..and confused.

    So monday the 12th I am walking my dogs and he was there on the road..I just waved and said Hi not expecting him to stop. and he about timing..

    He said he was off that day (which he was the one to set up)SO to meet him next saturday at 15 minutes before 8am.Eu time

    I responded this a Test.?.my emontions were up as he could i went to say my family is wondering of this...he ask for my phone and I was blank(.theres more in between all this in talking but i am trying to get to a

    Anyway I know the heavens can give answers and i feel and see many things,,,and I dont know where to place this and my state of mind...I had wondered have I done to many readings on what will come to help us with money to move overseas....My belief in the giving out of others..?

    this is my correct dob..7-10 -1953 5;59pm Newport News Va.

    I am a digger to my senses now with plantes going into the next sign many changes I see coming as to myself at a loss.

    Well if you have some thoughts on this ..I would love to know what you think?

    Thanks on your time on this matter...Zephire

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't know if Captain does astrology stuff. You may need to go on the psychic threads and see if she will pick this up.

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