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  • I just thought I'd throw this out there since this site is pretty international in nature.

    My sister is a lawyer who has worked for the UN and specialises in International Law - settling legal disputes between countries etc. and training people also to do the work. She is home in Oz at the moment but is desperate to get back overseas into work. So far she hasn't had any luck so I was wondering if anyone has any contacts in the biz that she could get in touch with or who could offer her some advice about getting a job? Since it is International law, she can't get a job here at home.

    Thanks all!

  • Good morning Captain

    Maybe she can apply with the government or maybe with the military as a contract worker to start with. Once she gets her foot in the door there should be plenty of opportunties for her to choose from

  • Maybe she can try to contact the Embassies (of other countries) which are located in OZ and ask them for more infos? Normally Embassies can hooked you up with jobs in their home countries if you meet their requirements..

  • Thanks for the help, guys 🙂

  • Any other suggestions? Anyone got any contacts in this area?

  • My sister is very depressed over this so any help will br gratefully received.

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