• Sounds like your mum is trying to keep you at home. You should get a job.

  • Sounds like your mum is trying to keep you at home. You should get a job.


    Yeah i thought that too, Maybe i should 🙂 thankyou.

  • I was woundering you think i should ask my friend If she does contact me before the weekend to spend sometime with her this weekend on my own maybe get a train or something im just not sure if its a good idea but i was woundering wat you would thing?

    because i do love being away from home am just too scared to ask 🙂

  • I have had nightmares since childhood of being chased. I have had some recurring nightmares. I also have three specific nightmares that I remember like it was last night, only I had them when I was 3, 5, and then a recurring one about being chased around my middle school since I was about 11.

    So last night I had yet another chasing dream. I've been having them a lot. It is always dark outside, a bit mysterious. This time I was in a house that was supposed to be my home, only it wasn't my home for real. I had candles in my room and in my dream somehow the candle caused a fire to start in the basement of the home (??) and the fire was lapping up through wooden floor boards. I was worried about - of all things - my clothes in the closet. I was worried that I would be in legal trouble because I started the fire. Then later I was somewhere in a house in the woods with friends (only I don't really know them) and we were bound, like we were kidnapped. I somehow escaped but did not let them go, I ran. Then, the person I was running from was the actor Sean Bean (Boromir from Lord of the Rings) and I was running through the woods and came to a house with a wooden door, I openned and a woman was there, I told her I had to lock the door. I got the screen door shut and locked and just as I was shutting the wood door he was pushing at it and this woman was trying to find a metal device to insert into a strange lock device. It was an "L" shape with a hole on one end and this was supposed to lock into place. I managed to do this, and the door was locked. Once inside, I do not remember what happened.

    I have been having dreams where I am running through a maze - between buildings, in the woods, etc. Geez, my sleep is tiring me out!

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