• I was wondering if anyone has any information about nightmares, I have nightmares ever since i was little and they don't seem to be stopping anytime soon so would be nice if i could use some advice, and yes i know there are loads of techniques out there that cud help, i am trying some now but none seems to be working and its really hard to understand them sometimes. any advice would be greatly appreciated

  • I feel this is extreme guilt from a past lifetime that is bothering you. You need to forgive yourself and relaise that this life is a chance to repay any karmic debt you accrued and to do some good this time instead of evil.

    I know you would probably want to know more about this life but I strongly feel you must put it behind you and move on. Dwelling on it will just make it worse. Acknowledge that you are a different person now and can make up for what you did by living a life helping others.

  • Okay thankyou for the advice i had no idea i was doing this!

    I also have a relationship issue i would like to have some advice on if you dont mind 🙂

  • I can give you their birthday date 😮 I am really curious about this type of relationship!

  • well if you cud the BOD is 25/2/1964 get back to me soon, i am off to bed now 🙂

    Thanks again for your help as always is a pleasure 🙂


  • What type of relationship reading is this for? Family relationship, romantic, teacher-student, work...etc?

  • Its a friend relationship 😮 Its just very curious to me 🙂

  • Its just i am curious about it and would like to know more!

  • This classic relationship seems to have been made in heaven - or perhaps in hel*l. At its best it is successful and unconventional, at its worst it is escapist and problematic. In either case, it is irresistible and unusual.

    You two can work well together but this is no guarantee for the success or stability of a personal relationship. You, RebeccaAnn, can be notoriously hard to reach, especially in your darker moods and, although your friend understands you as well as anyone, his needs and demands will often prove too much for you to handle. Aggressive as you can be, you will not find your friend to be a pushover by any means - your battles will be long and hard fought. Based on feeling, this relationship will have a dual focus: working out emotional problems and putting the tremendous energy that the relationship generates in the service of a professional endeavour, whether in business or the arts.

    You two must be careful not to get too close because you can get swallowed up by your relationship and struggle to retain your own identity. You two were probably involved in other lifetimes, so familiar and complex is your interaction. Emotional problems between you can be exhausting and perhaps insoluable but the process of trying to work them out will be invaluable to your education. A lot of deep and probing psychological investigation can go on here as each person tries to work out the other.

    This is one of the most successful combinations for business success. As friends, you may have correlated careers or actually become business partners or co-workers. But you would need to limit your contact as friends or co-workers because your chaotic energies together could prove disruptive to the goals at hand or even the people around you. Don't either of you get sidetracked from your real purposes in life by this relationship.

  • Thanks very much, is there anything else you can elaborate on? Id just am looking for ways to improve relationships with my friend as she is very speacil to me 🙂

  • Ps sorry if i am asking to much off you, sometimes i do get carried away about asking for help with things and i forget other people might need your help too 🙂 and sometimes advice people give sometimes confuzes me if it isnt Put in a way i can understand!

  • Your friend is very sensitive and has a fear of expressing her feelings. You can encourage her to say more of what she is feeling. She may have difficulty distinguishing her own truest needs and emotions from other people's expectations. Thus she has a tendnecy to say what she thinks others want to hear rather than what she really feels. She is tremendously empathic and kind, but she may have an internal struggle, especially if one of her parents was unduly dominant or if her childhood environment was too controlled. Rather than interact with other people, your friend can live in her head which is full of ideas and wonderful dreams. If you can help her learn to become more honest in expressing herself, it would be very beneficial.

  • How would i beable to help her do that? I also have a big fear of expressing my feelings too, so i know how she feels 🙂 when i go around her house my parent is always there, and i dont think she will Really open up to me, i mean why would she? Im not exactly experienced in most things, and i dont have much confidence in myself to beable to do something like that!

  • At the moment i am also seeming to dream about her alot but i have no idea why, she comes up in my dreams in different ways, and always has done but i dont understand the meanings or anything maybe you could help me with that!

  • As I said, you have a past life connection so you still feel close in this life. You are the perfect one to get her to open up as you are experiencing the same problem and you can both help each other. Just asking her how you can open up can help her do the same thing.

  • As I said, you have a past life connection so you still feel close in this life. You are the perfect one to get her to open up as you are experiencing the same problem and you can both help each other. Just asking her how you can open up can help her do the same thing.


    So all i have to do is ask her how i can open up? and she will open up to me aswell! Sorry i will have to go to bed soon as it is one clock, but i seem to be avoiding sleep!

  • Thanks for your help, i can no longer escape the feeling of sleepyness, lol if i do not reply sooner it is because i have gone to bed, But i know if this is too much to ask, i would also lovee some relationship advice from my mother, because i dont understand her at all sometimes, i wish i could just try and figure everybody out here that i know but i cant, so I know i have asked alot of you but you are very good at this lol 🙂 i dont know how you do it, but its amazing and it would mean alot to me if you'd do this one last thing for me, ill give you her birthday date 04 April 1971 i love her alot but she does Confuze the heck out of me sometimes lol 🙂 Thanks again much appreciated, and i mean it, Hope to talk again! Xxxx Best wishes to you 🙂

  • Your mother likes and needs to be right all the time. She has a lot of energy and the ability to get things done. But she can get very attached to the idea that there is a 'right' way and a 'wrong' way to do things and that she knows best which is which. She needs to learn that her way is not always the right way and that sometimes other people know better than she does. She can quite overpower people with her temper tanturms, emotional behaviour, and drama-queen turns. She must work on developing more patience and tolerance for other people's decisions and actions. It would help if she turned her energy and attention to bigger causes or charities rather than trying to direct and control her family and friends' lives for them all the time.

  • Thankyou very much 🙂 the advice you have given helps alot and is appreiciated 🙂 Xxxx

  • Is there away i can help my Mum in any of those things you said she needs to work on?

    Cause id like to beable to help her too!

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