Captain here is an update!!!!!!!

  • Hello the Captain! I was trying to track down Blmoon; but, I think she went ofline for a while.

    My Friend has been going through Litigation for the past two weeks now, and BOY has he got a taste of this Evil Woman's Medicine. I think that he is in complete SHOCK over how she can lie with such a straight face!!! {AS you know his employee is suing him for sexual harrassment}

    He was forced to give her a second chance....(she has been acting like a complete BITCH lately)

    He was really hoping, that he would be able to have this resolved back in March.

    I have a gut feeling that she will act up again next week.

    The Captain, do you see this employee finally leaving his business next week?? I have been praying, that the Angels will Yank her on out of there!!!

  • The Captain are you online today?

  • I think this woman will continue to be a thorn in your friend's side for a while longer. She has a feeling of being entitled to something about her, like she feels he owes her something for her 'misery and suffering' but it really her own nature that is causing her trouble. She is motivated by revenge. I feel like she wanted the boss to pay her more attention than he did and now is out to really get his attention, even if it is by litigation.

  • I am going to e-mail you at your personal e-mail ADD: When you say she wanted attention; I think that I now know why she is so angry!

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