Cusp questions

  • This thread is for questions regarding cusps, specific or general.

    What is a cusp is, and what is it's significance?

    I was born 23rd of June 1967, at about 3:30 a.m. Does that put Me on a cusp or not? I have gotten various answers over the years, and this seems to be the place as any to get some really good input.

  • That does not put you on a cusp.

    The truth of the matter is that cusp has not been studied scientifically. No philosophy or science of cusps has developed because everyone believed he knew about astrology. No one has seen the need for a scripture of cusps. This is a very grave mistake by mankind.

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  • Hey Brian Tristan, we share a birthday! I'm '74 though. Are you ambidexterous? Lol. I responded to another cusp thread a long time ago because I feel very Gemini sometimes and if people guess my sign, that's the sign they often think I am. Idk. I had a Vedic report done and many of my stars were in Gemini. Do you feel like you live on a border as well?

  • Hi Mellove,

    Very cool, 7 years after me, you came into the world, very neat. A birthday buddy.

    I am not ambidextrous, I am a righty.

    I am not so sure I feel like I live on a border, as much as I seem to be compatible with more than what my sign says I am, and a lot of that lines up with Gemini it seems. idk. I never had a vedic report done, which I suspect would get things down to brass tacks.

    Being as hanswolfgang says cusps are a no go, I would suspect a closer look at my birth chart is in order, since I am not feeling the cancer sign sums me up completely. There has to be a reason for it.

  • I would most definitely get a complete birthchart done if you haven't done so already. Mercury, your moon placement, etc. seem to have impact on your total composition. As I stated on the other cusp post most of my close friends are either cusps or fire or air signs. Most things I've read say my close friends would be too challenging to have an easy relationship with.( Although I've come to the conclusion that I really enjoy challenges in life) Lol.

  • I was born Dec.22 at I know that i am on the cusp of Sagi-Cap. I usually am very reserved (Cap) until I get to know a person then I guess that's when the Sag. comes out. I feel there is conflict going sometimes(internal).

  • Alice Q,

    Thanks for the info and links.

    Pretty Pit,

    Checkout those links, and see what you think. You could also ask Hanswolfgang your question and see what he has to say. Like Mellove said, a complete birthchart is probably in order.

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