A Capricorn Trying to Like a Taurus

  • Well I like this boy, he's currently a year older about to be 2 years older. And the first time I saw him , i thought he was hot but he was taken then later through the year they broke up . He started talking to me and he's really sweet and what I want in a guy , but he deosn't want to ask me out until later . And i don't know what to do because I am unpatient and I mgiht lose what I feel for him now after we just talked for 6 or 5 days . Any suggestions? And he's sort of laying back at the moment ,like not trying anymore and I don't know why .

  • It isn't very real or deep if you think you will lose your feeling for him in a few days.

    How old are you, Judy?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Not a few days , about this month til mid august . And I'm pretty young .

  • Thank you ;D

    But I'm afraid of his reactions too .

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