Could anyone help with meditiation tips to find the Akashic Records?

  • I've read so much about them, but meditation isn't my strong point.

    I can't seem to concentrate enough to get there.


    I'd love some tips on meditiating or ways to find the Records.

  • I'm not one to be able to clear my mind so easy.

    --as a matter of fact, I can't much at all. I've tried pure silence--

    along with trance-type music.

    I feel as if I can't concentrate strongly enough on clearing my

    head; Tis easier to focus on an insect.

    Just wondering if I can find any help.

    Much thanks.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Ashleigh I was the same not long ago and I started a meditation courses who is run by a psychic. For some reason when i am around her its like i can concentrate more. Like its enhanced or something. Then from there I go home and practise by myself. This is the only way I trained myself cause I never had enough confidence what I was seeing was real.

    So this also helps with re-assurance cause if the psychic is real she will also see and feel what you do or I know the ladie who does ours does and she also tests us. And then blows us out if we forget or miss something while explaining it to the group what we had seen. So even if you do a few lessons I found this helped me enormously. 🙂 Beaniac

  • I just was in a class last night! on accessing these records. The psychic that conducted the class was able to get all of us in thru her guided mediation. It was an absolutely incredible experience for me. I didn't get a lot of information (more than enough to get me excited) but I know how to access this information by myself.

    Sylvia Browne has a book on Temples from the Other Side. She has instructions in the book on accessing these records and many other temples. There is also a mediation tape that goes with this.

    I have problems with meditation myself and have found that I am able to achieve this when I use guided meditation CDs. Left to myself, I have too much mind chatter and I can't seem to get anything because I spend all my time fighting off the chatter.

    Beaniac I'm in the great northwest. Where are you? Sounds like we had the same class! LOL.

  • Swamimomy - Wonderful website. I know for me, I was just looking for information on my journey and I've definitely found confirmation that I am on the right the right time and all is good. It was a very affirming experience for me. It's wonderful that you can help this way!


  • Thank you guys so much! I will have to check it out.

    You've no idea how much you've helped me.

    Sending good

    karma your way!

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