Evil Birthdate?

  • Kind of new to numerology readings and such. I'm wondering if April is an "evil" month, I mean April is when hitler and some other extremely evil people were born and not to mention events such as the deadliest killing spree in modern America, the virginia tech massacre.. My parent even had a reading when I was born and traveled back to a south-east Asian country, and the man there said that I would become evil if my parent didn't control me. I just had an argument today, in which I didn't want to attend something because I was tired. Some meeting or something after school. My mom then proceeded to calling me evil and why I was born on that day... April 16, 94. Wondering what you guys think about this...

  • There is no evil month or a good month for that matter. You get a mix of everything in each month. There are many good people born in April too. And your total birthdate of 34/7 is actually a number shared by many great people like J F Kennedy, Harry S. Truman, Paul Gauguin, Golda Meir, Leonard Bernstein etc. People born on April 16 include Wilbur Wright, Charlie Chaplin, Pope Benedict 16th. If our current pope is born on that date, it can''t be too bad, eh?

    It's not your birthdate that makes someone good or bad - it's your behaviour and beliefs.

  • Thanks, though I don't like Harry S. Truman for his actions in ww2...any way I believe its more to due with my prediction at birth..

  • Harry S. Truman is the man who initiated the first civil rights message ever and ordered the armed services desegregated.

  • Redlightening>>I mean April is when hitler and some other extremely evil people were born

    Sandran712>>I don't believe that.My son's birthday is April 17...And Cancer is what I feel would be scary.OJ Simpson was born in July...LOL

  • Redlightning, are you going to let superstition rule your life or are you going to take control of your own fate and fortune?

  • We all have the potential to do good or evil.

  • Just remember - whatever you give out will come back to you.

  • The Captain>>Redlightning, are you going to let superstition rule your life or are you going to take control of your own fate and fortune?

    Sandran712>>I agree.Charles Mansion is a Scorpio.

    that is scarier than a Cancer ,,,lol...One Sick Puppy he is...LOL

  • Well April is controlled by the planet MARS, which represents war...So anger , selfishness, blood, destruction, wrath ...is all associated with it. the number 16 is narrowed down to the number 7..6+1 ..which is the the zodiac pisces controlled by NEPTUNE...neptune is very emotional..they have the tendency to get lost in emotion and illusions...So if your born under the planet of WAR ..april and your mixed with neptune the planet of emotion depression illusion insanity lol...you could be one big emotional WRECK and turn into a twitching psycho path killer. =]

    even this web sight said 16 is crazy =] ...you could be angelic or demonic.

    Name number 16

    Persons whose name sums up to 16 will have fast development in life and also they will have quick fall. Thoughts different from the ordinary will be occurring in the mind. They will have evil thoughts and evil imaginations. They are the persons who have thoughts that will ultimately harm the society.

  • Redlightning, have you ever heard of the "self fulfilling prohecy" ? If everyone around you (ESPECIALLY your parents) believes you are evil, chances are they will treat you as evil, treating you badly and in the end you will become evil. Understand that you must be what YOU choose to be. Walk your own path in life, not something others made for you. Try to understand people, learn to forgive their fear and prejudice, most of them have lost themselves. Work towards the LIGHT, not darkness.

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