Reconcilliation Advice

  • Brian

    he broke up with me he should call me back if he wants

    i think i did more than enough.......cant run after him...

    but i might call to ask him if he received the postcard

    i am kind of lost

  • Killashandra,

    Forward will all be positive for you. Do not worry. If you do marriage counseling together or by yourself, it will be very positive. You are strong and will get stronger.

  • Mimolb,

    Yes he did, but you want some sort of closure, and that will come from putting it onto paper. I would tell you to write a letter and then throw it away, but you will need to send it in order to receive closure, or for him to give you some satisfactory reply.

    This is not about keeping score, and how you already did this or that, although I understand how you feel.

  • Brian

    i called him was a very nice conversation,he told me he received the postcard ...also he told me he stoped some bad habits he had and that i used to complain about.....he did not mention his new girlfriend.........then he asked why am i calling him his voice was playful.......i replied i am just calling than i said i have to go take care....he said take care too

    what do u think? what to do next?

    thx Brain for yr replies really appreciate 🙂

  • Mimolb,

    Keep in contact, that is what. Call him again, and have a conversation. You can go onto a search engine like google and search for something like getting your ex back, on YouTube too, there are people out there will like videos and books and such that offer sage advice on getting a relationship back together. Not a bad idea in your case. I think that this can be put back together, but I also think you have to take your time doing it. If he is a good decent guy, and one you can see yourself with, I say do what you need to do to get it back together. He told you he stopped some of his bad habits, whether he did or not is a whole other matter, but the fact he told you he did tell you something, he remembers. Right now, I get good feelings on this moving forward.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi BT,

    I am also quite curious to know about my relationship. Everything seems right and destined..but if you could guide me a little bit more.. about him and me..

    His Date of Birth - 11 september 1988

    Place of Birth - Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

    Time of Birth - 06: 10 AM

    MY Date of Birth - 23 September 1990

    Place of Birth - Rohtasgarh, Bihar, India

    Time of Birth - 06:10 AM

    Kindly tell me about his future and mine.

    Also Are we destined for each other..?

    Need little guidance.



  • curious1990,

    Oh yes, I think you two are, especially after what you told me before. Just be patient, and hold on loosely, and do not let go. It will all work out.

    God Bless,


  • Hi BT,

    Thanks a lot happy to hear this...... If you do not mind..

    Could you tell me about his future and mine?

    and It's been months we have not seen each others faces... so any idea when we gonna get to meet..? We get to talk on phone only and both of us are dying to see each other...

    please do answer my questions...



  • Thankyou for you time Brian

  • curious1990,

    Your future will just happen if you take it one step at a time. I only get general vibes, and it seems that is so I can point people in the right direction. For a more in depth look at what will happen and so on, you can ask other people on here with gifts to see and feel that are better than mine. I do not think you NEED to do that, outside your own curiosity, but if you FEEL you must know look around on the forums here for other people who offer such insights.

    God Bless,


  • Hi BT,

    Oh it is not such...I am feeling quite depressed in regard to this relationship..I cannot understand in which direction the relationship with him is going?? what is the future of this relationship..?


    Apart from this I have one more question..

    Should I leave my hometown for further studies or study where I am residing right now?



  • hello Brian

    yes i found on the internet useful books to get my ex back

    i am going to take my time as you said and follow my intuition whenever i feel relaxed

    i have a good feeling about this moving forward

    thx again will keep u posted

  • Curious1990,

    The relationship is going to be okay. I think since the relationship is very important to you, you should see about continuing your studies somewhere close to the love interest. What do you think?

  • hello Brian

    on sunday i called my ex again

    he said he was bored and did not do much in the weekend and that he is no longer going out at night that much

    i suggested we go for a walk near the beach with his dog

    he told me he is buisy now and to call him on wednesday to agee on a meeeting time

    i called him on wednesday,left a message on the answering machine,he never called back

    i think it is clear

    anyway i am going a lot with my friends and i am enjoying myself.everything will be fine

    thank you

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