Apologies to those whose posts get passed over...

  • I want to apologise if I or anyone else here misses some posts. I check the 'topics with no replies' as often as I can. But also I think people need to be aware of what category you post your requests in because I (and probably other readers) don't usually check the categories where I have no particular expertise. For example, I have seen requests for a psychic reading in the 'Tarot' or 'Horoscope' areas where i don't normally go since I don't read tarot cards or do horoscopes. I tend to hover about the 'Psychic' or 'Anything Goes' or 'Astrology' threads mostly. Sometimes a thread somewhere else does jump out at me, but mostly you can find me in those threads.

    So make sure you post your questions in the right area to give it the best chance of being seen by the right readers. I hate to think that anyone in need is accidentally ignored.

  • Also, when I feel I have said all I can in reply to a question, I remove the thread from my 'Saved topics." Anyone who posts anything further or requests a reading will not be noticed by me on that thread and needs to start a new one to get my atttention.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks for this message.

    I did post a new question in my thread below, if you would like to take a look at it?

    It is for a friend of mine. I have included his infos there.



    P/S - I have posted a message in your "Health Check" too. My lower back is bothering me 😞

    Have a great day!!

  • This post is deleted!

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