Birthday reading please

  • today april 9th is y birthday i was born n 1962 at 344 in the am i really wish someone would do a reading for me and give me alittle hope im having to pick myself up dust myself off start over literally but thats ok i just need alittle direction would greatly appericate any help Thanks so much

  • I see a new interest in home and surroundings. Making lists and promises to yourself. You will be very selective about decorating and feel the need to clean up more. Feng shui will interest you--you will make your kitchen the soul of your home and the bedroom less cluttered and more luxurious--but on a budget--as you start dreaming and planning things will pop up cheap or for free. You will make a promise to not buy impulsively--it's as if you are so determined to change your life that you are really taking note of the habits that sabotage you. Follow these intuitions and don't get too depressed when you fall off track as it is not failure but a process to manage your darker side--it's never finished--you will always have bumps and challenges as they help you heal and grow. Mostly be kind to yourself--this ability to not dwell on the past or wallow in regret is the key to keeping the flow of energy on your side and your intuitions coming in. You will see a bright change on the horizon in late August and September will bring a surprise that involves the heart. All you do between now and then is laying the foundation for receiving that gift. Blessings.

  • thanks to you i really do appericate the reading

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