Totally Confused about a Cancer Man ! Help.....

  • Thats wht I was meant by just depends who it is not the sign. Were you suggesting I did a reading? that wasn't reading! Sorry if I misunderstood? I'm not a reader.

  • I was just suggesting the chart for her own insight into it, if there was an interest, not really for the cancer guy situation, sorry just wanted too clarify. I think of cancer as a shy sign when it comes too the physical stuff, thats why I said he might be embarrsed about the family getting word.

  • Bluecat123,

    No, no, I meant tell Kaplow to get a birthchart reading, not that you were a reader. LOL

    And I understood what you meant, you were clear, I was the one who was unclear. Sorry.

    With Kaplow, she just has to do some basic everyday things, like communicate. The zodiac signs, and birthchart stuff, indeed she wants to know that stuff, why she started a topic. However, what she really wants to know the answer to is something that she has to do the leg work on herself. That comes before she gets into the nitty gritty of "Imma Scop girl he is a Canc boy", and birthcharts. There is a little mess that needs to be cleaned up, and a little talk that needs to take place first, in the real world, before she gets into the analysis.

  • Defintly! They do need too have that conversation, the series of events went a bit out of order, but , better late then never! It would be great if all else fails, that they can atleast clear up some confusion.

  • I have admit though, I am rooting for this pair for some reason!

  • Bluecat123,

    Oh I agree she would like, could use a birthchart for her own insight into herself. Yup Yup!

    But it is like I said above, I had to figure out what her first and main concern was, and it had nothing to do with signs or charts, that was secondary (at least at this moment).

    Being a Cancer Guy myself, yes indeed we are reserved and private, generally speaking. As long as the bedroom door is closed, and what happens in there is private, we will be relaxed, but you move us out of our comfort zone we will get real shy real quick. And their families are close.

  • Bluecat123,

    Yes, clean up the mess, and move forward, as friends or a couple. And indeed, for some reason a few of us are rooting for this pair. Not sure why either. But I suspect it is because, sometimes when people have known each other since they were young, the love can be deeper, and a lot of the unrealistic expectations are negated.

  • One of my closest friends is sag, and her boyfriend is a cancer, you want too talk about drama? That poor man! I love her too death, she is the sweetest thing, she just has the hardest time with how settled he is compared too how shes always on the go, he always looks confused trying too keep up with her, but she finally stopped breaking up with him atleast, finally accepted the love and loyalty.

  • bluecat>>One of my closest friends is sag, and her boyfriend is a cancer, you want too talk about drama

    Sandran712>>I love a Sag.But, I can't seem to communicate with them.My brother is a Sag.and I dated a Sag.They have the raunchy sense of humor.You gotta love

  • Basically, it really boils down to a booty call; you shouldn't have gone for it. I'm a Cancer -- married to a Cancer. If he wanted a relationship with you, you wouldn't be a "secret" from his family which is extremely important to Cancers. He would be shouting it to the mountaintops. I'm not trying to be rude, but that's just my perspective. He has basically already put you into the "box" that he intends for you to be in. And, in my opinion (humble) there's a whole lot of drama in there with you. Be friends -- if anything -- and leave it at that.

  • I agree. My brother is a sag, and so was my grandmother. In both cases, they appeared to open their mouths and let anything fly out. Many times, it was totally inappropriate -- way beyond the bluntness they are known for. Although I'm crazy about both of them and have learned to 'laugh" their comments off or make a joke out of what appears to be meanness, it's just how they are.

  • pamt726>>Basically, it really boils down to a booty call; you shouldn't have gone for it. I'm a Cancer -- married to a Cancer. If he wanted a relationship with you, you wouldn't be a "secret" from his family which is extremely important to Cancers.

    Sandran712>>I agree with you.I am a Cancer.But, met a Cancer man online about 6 years ago.We had alot of emailing,telephone.I told him to leave me alone before anything got said.And he was very persistant. OMG! the the BS I was fed didn't carry enough shovels.I still stand by what I said.If a Cancer is interested.They will move heaven and earth.Regardless of long distance.I just do not see a Cancer doing long distance unless it's for a booty call.I don't like to be so negative.But,this is what I see.

  • pamt726>>appeared to open their mouths and let anything fly out.

    Sandran712>>Thank God for intuition because if you know the person well enough you know how they get.I sometimes take offense.But, a Cancer comes back in the same fashion.It's all good...LOL

  • I guess we'll have too wait and see how this one goes, honestly, I'm hoping Kaplow's cancer guy suprises us, breaks the stereotype, something, just for once!

  • Hello All ! I contacted him , The convo was NICE ! I told him that i would be in his area & before I could finish my statement with " Since I was so close I was thinking of stopping by " He asked me !!! He also invited me to a football game ( He's a recruiter ) I told him that we need to talk about some things and he said " you're right , we'll talk about it when you get here " So there is some progress ! I hope I don't freeze up when I get in front of him ! ( Because I actually wrote down everything I said & read from the paper ) Advice please ..........

    @ BrianTristan - I don't know where I got this name from . I just want to be as inconito as possible because it was my first time writing on a forum like this .

    @BlueCat123- Thanks for the advice, Keep it coming !

    @pamt726 - Im hoping it was not just a booty call. Considering that we've known each other for forever , why would he want to put me in a so called " BOX " that's usually something you do to a random chick .

  • WooHoo! So glad your making progress Kaplow. Are you two still going to a party together?

  • Kaplow,

    Write what you have to say down again, and read from it, yes in front of him if you have to do so. Nothing wrong with referring to your notes, people do it all the time. As a matter of fact, I think that would make it very clear that this is serious business to you, and make it less likely that he will play games. He has known you a long time, he does not want to hurt you.

    So far so good.

  • Oh, good, this does sound promising, keep us posted! I've never used notes in that way, but I hae wrote letters, I suppose that could be similiar, just in person, he sounds like he might have missed you! Brain Tristan, should she rush in? or take it slow? I;m getting the feeling this cancer guy might be ready for more with the warm response she got?

  • @ Mellove - No he's not going to the party with me. Im actually going to a housewarming that is about 2 hrs from me & 30 mins from him . Since I was going to be so close I was going to stop by and see him . He did say " Don't be a stranger "

  • Kaplow,

    I think Brian Tristan had a good idea of rewriting the points you want to get across to him and practicing them out loud. Maybe you can suggest getting together for dinner or brunch after the housewarming party? That way the two of you can have a chance to talk

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