To ScarAndStars

  • Flowsco,

    Thats very sweet of you! 🙂

    Hope you are doing okay and yes, we will patiently wait for Stars to get down from the roof and take some rest from her telescope! 😄

  • emergence

    SS is back. give it a few days, she might be able to do the readings for you.

    sit tight 🙂

    hope things are OK with you and family

    it's well into spring now

    I spend a lot of time gardening and work, not much on here

    take care now

  • Dear Emergence & everyone – (LEO! 🙂 :), you found me!)

    in case you thought I fell off the face of the planet (again), I did, though this time not by my own design. You may say that I tripped over Mercury retrograde and landed on my b*utt 😉

    Let me explain: two Sundays ago, as I was trying to wrap up the reading and I got off the couch (for literally 30 seconds) to stir the dinner, one of my cats (the only male among the four)

    decided to go into a fit of crazies and tried to jump his girlfriend (he's fixed, too, so go figure...). This didn't go down too well with the female cat (otherwise a sweet little Scorpio – yes, they DO exist, lol) and what ensued was a furious cat wrestling match in the heat of which they both jumped on the couch and knocked my netbook to the floor. Needless to say, after that the thing went dead and no amount of prodding could turn the monitor back on. Since I happen to be gloriously unemployed for 16 months now and the money is beyond tight, we had to ask our friend Tom the computer genius to pick the netbook up and fix it (it needed a replacement part, too) , which he finally did and now I owe him a dinner and a bottle of wine. The guy is a newly wed Scorpio, by the way, so you can imagine he has better things to do at home than fix broken netbooks 🙂

    The funny thing is, during last December's Merc retro our desktop kicked the bucket. Also, Pluto (the said male cat) was adopted during Mercury retro AND he's a Gemini. Every Mercury retro this cat freaks out and breaks something, but I can't stay mad at him since, in addition to being a crackpot Gem like his momma (me 🙂 ), he's the cutest, brightest, cuddliest boy who is my best bed buddy and gives me the sweetest kitty hugs 🙂 🙂

    Things to learn from what transpired:

    1.Males are trouble (among animals and humans alike)

    2.A Gemini and a Scorpio, when left unsupervised, WILL cause mischief -one way or another 😉

    3.During Mercury retro, “retrograde” cats are to be locked away in the bedroom with copious amounts of catnip until they're so high on it that they can't even break a f*art, let alone electronic devices...can you picture it – a bunch of felines cutting lines of catnip and snorting them in, hahaha?

    Just felt like sharing this typical Merc retro story.


    you poor soul (about to run out of patience and unleash her inner Mike Tyson on yours truly),

    of course you can come climb the roof with me – I'll bring the booze (the least I can do for your inhumanly patient self), you bring the parachutes! I'm only saying this because a Gemini-Sagittarius combo has often been described as “Bonnie & Clyde of the Zodiac”; tumbling off roofs, starting accidental fires and breaking laws in various ways are not an uncommon occurrence when we pair up (I grew up with a Sag brother and can attest to the truthfulness of the above statement).

    I'll be off to type your reading in my Wordpad – at long last - before you lose your cool and aim a flurry of arrows from the Archer's bow at my scatterbrained Gemini behind, thus turning me into an unwilling Fountain of Trevi wink (can a brain dislocate and descend into your a*ss? – 'cause I feel like that's where mine has been hiding lately, lol).


    It will take me at least a couple of hours (I currently hold the title of “Slower-than-sh*it typist” unofficial champion of the world). It will be posted here tomorrow, in the event of my passing out 😉 Also, I have to post a reply to FLOWSCO and go give a sign of life on the Men of the Zodiac thread – I hear that Highpriestess' cats are already throwing me a funeral, lol.

    All I will tell you right now is to hold onto that Taurus boy, he may be well worth the trouble 🙂 More later.

    Hugs 🙂

  • FLOWSCO, the other sizzling sis' - a good one! (or should we call ourselves “The Twisted Sisters”, like the off-the-wall 80's band, haha?)

    First off, thanks for the link and the info. I wasn't familiar with InTwine and I do like the guy's voice (he reminds me of a younger version of Chris Daughtry, an American singer – look-wise, not so much music-wise).

    I must say, even though I'm as straight as a pole, those were some nice boobies in the video LOL. It's refreshing to see a girl with “the jugs” proportional to the rest of know, not like the sticks with an 18” waist and a 40 triple D silicone rack that we keep seeing on TV here in The U.S. (or on the street, for those who live in L.A.) They look like they're going to topple over any minute under the weight 😉 Don't get me wrong, I don't speak out of envy (since I do have some “boobage”, in proportion to my frame), I'm just scratching my head at how something so unnatural looking came to represent the coveted standard of attractiveness? scratch scratch

    It's the way things usually work – 18” waist = smaller “girls”. You got hips, you got breasts – they tend to come as a set, lol...Ah, what the hell, all b*oobs are good, let's just keep them healthy 🙂

    Also laughing at the fact that we could never watch this video on regular T.V. Americans are some funny muffins: a nation so obsessed with b*reasts, yet in such mortal fear of being faced with an exposed pair of the same (??)

    Anyway..huh.... how did I get into b*oobland fantasia?

    I am happy to hear that everything is well with you and as for the singing lessons and performing – that is just AWESOME! You go girl!!!

    Music is the greatest gift of God to humanity (right next to love, of course – see, I AM a sentimental lunatic, any way you choose to look at it) and I am sure you will be great at it (at singing, not at being a sentimental lunatic,lol) All it takes is great passion and profuse sweating (as does love, wink). Here's a synchronicity: I myself had decided a year ago that the first thing I'd do when I can afford it would be to take singing lessons. Now, please don't burst into uncontrollable laughter – I'd like to take some basic lessons in belcanto (opera-style singing). I was never formally trained, though during my last two years of high school I sang in an all girls choir that traveled & performed the works of classical composers. I realize how weird this must sound -coming from a woman who's been the biggest rock/heavy metal fan all her life, lol. The truth is that to a sensitive ear the link between the old masters and today's metal compositions is quite obvious. (This would explain my undying love for northern symphonic metal: in its own way, it's the best of both worlds).

    I commend you for your performer courage as I doubt that I could ever perform solo -I am a total chickens*hit and would likely have to be carried off stage on a stretcher haha. I would still like to do it for my own pleasure (take lessons) because, as I always say – music is my religion and I can't even breathe properly, let alone write without it – I become like an invalid. Also, in the eastern chakra system our throat (the third chakra) is “in charge” of the creative expression, namely the arts that we verbalize like singing and writing. I noticed that the more I open this chakra through singing, the better I can verbalize my thoughts on paper. Therefore, I torture my neighbors daily with dilettante squeals and pretty soon, I'm sure, there will be a riot in the building demanding my immediate removal from the premises LOL.

    On to the “scales repairman” - he scr*ewed up? Uh-oh! He better be ready to bend over and receive some tough Scorpio love 😉 I hope the two of you will settle this matter soon as it is unfortunate that those chairs at your place are now lingering in disrepair. I don't doubt that in the event of his re-hiring, you will employ him “heavy duty”...just make sure you don't break him wink. A broken repairman is hard to put back together and, besides, those chairs will not fix themselves 😉 😉

    I like your idea of a deserted piece of land in the middle of the ocean as our summer alternative to the dungeons. It could become our own version of Gilligan Island, only without geeks – nothing but eye-caressing, mind-provoking, talk the talk, walk the walk exquisite male specimens clad in banana leaf aprons 😄

    “Perhaps abducting “the creator” and “repairman” to be sure we have good quality equipment just in case”

    LMAO...that's right, Flo – when in doubt, the abduction of s*exy men endowed with quality equipment is the answer, haha!

    Man, am I longwinded (the case of an over-stimulated third chakra and 2 weeks without a computer). Even a blind man can see that my greatest challenge in this life would be to find the way to walk the middle ground...unfortunately, I'm not very good at it and even less fond of it. As of now, the world (as seen through my eyes) is still a place filled with black and white, silence and songs, caves and castles, ghosts and angels and nothing in between...(is it the world or could it be me?)

    I'll throw two more links at you (duck!) – this is what I sing (and headbang) along to while I'm fluffing the pillows and washing the dishes 🙂

    1 - For something completely different – symphonic metal version of “The Phantom of the Opera” – Tarja Turunen is my idol, she really shows off her vocal chops here (Marco, the bassist, is a damn good singer in his own right and his raspy vocals perfectly complement her operatic soprano). On a good day I manage to follow her all the way through 4:14 – the day I can hit the notes between 4:14 and 4:20 will be the day I'll fly without wings and beat the crap out of Mike Tyson with one hand!)

    2 -This one is a piece of cake (& I love the lyrics...”Drink the wine, the red sweet taste of mine”)

    Hugs & extra-large edible man-thongs 🙂

  • Hey LS,

    Good to hear from you!

    Got your email, thanks. Funny, I was about to email you about the same thing! You beat me up to it though. I just woke up from my dreamland and it involved swimming in $$$$$ (I wish!)

    I am back at my own home, away from family but they are doing well.

    We communicate almost sisters and my aunts.

    Can't escape any of them, twitter, sms, email, Skype etc are to be blame for that! LOL

    Weather still pretty much sucks here. Still chilly and wet...BRRRRR...

    Oh, I see SS is back too! Good to know that she is allright!

    Take care and happy gardening!

    x x x

  • Hey SS,

    You are back! Good to know that you are okay and not stuck on some kind of roof that forbids you from climbing back down!

    Oh that silly doozy cat of yours LOL. of all things, he needs to pick something else to knock over, not the netbook! Haha...anyway..great that it is all fixed now, good for you and definitely GOOD for the newly wed Scorpio, Tom. Oh I am sure he has better things to do with his time and it does not involve computers! 🙂

    I am still waiting patiently for my reading. Take all the time you need. Surprising right? A Sags who has all the patience in the world?? Well, you can thank my Taurus boy for that. With him, I know what the meaning of the word "PATIENCE"!. So he is a keeper huh? Woot woot.....can't wait for details!

    Okay....I see you are in the Men of the zodiac now. I wanna get there. Gossiping in the morning is just my way of relaxing LOL! Let's talk about the mad witch.

    x x x

  • This post is deleted!

  • SS!

    Hey twisted sister...LOL

    I think your cats can join our pack at the sound of what you wrote...LOL especially unsupervised Gemini’s and Scorpio’s LOLLLLLL

    LMAO @ Highpriestess cat’s throwing you a funeral....oooh gosh!!! LMAO

    You always crack me up...thanks for that.

    The Intwine singer is awesome. Live he sounds the same.

    What do you meannnnn straight as a pole? Woman with all that bending and twisting and dodging man thongs you are straight? LMAOOOOO

    Just kidding I saw those...actually I forgot about them until you mentioned it so I had to go and check it out But I do share your question why is it that men likes or even prefer fabricated jugs I mean dang. I can’t complain girls help me out now and then...but that’s another

    Yeah, who would have thought me singing and performing? If you asked me last year I would be laughing very hard and ask you if you hit your head anywhere? Thanks for the vote of confidence I am doing my best. I am not formally trained either so I am getting the hang of all the techniques etc.

    And no I am not laughing at your desire to take some beltano lessons. My group that I have lessons with are from different background and are there for different reasons. There is a rock and roll lady that just want to get more elasticity in her voice range and there is another that is just afraid of public speaking so she is learning to sing so she feels more confident etc. So you go for that lesson and blast us all away. I am counting on you!

    You know what I was a chicken just like you and a few months ago we had a try out voluntarily I said I would join. I did it to see if I can do it in front of a live audience. It was in an elderly home but the point for me was to see if I dare to open my mouth and sing out loud. And I surprised myself. So after that I decided that I was going to continue with my classes. If I sounded like s,hit I would have stopped. You sound passionate about it so please follow through just don’t evacuate the building or

    Isn’t there a location that you can go for an hour or so and do your thing? How about that know who was in. Don’t they have somewhere you can “loan”?

    On to the “scales repairman” indeed. He was MIA for a while and I plotted and took action. So we had a powwow the other day and we are back in “business”. Now I have to set up a date to get repairs done and some It’s seems that the tools has been soaking and they need air to dry up to give their best performance. LOL!!!! So stools, chair, sands, thongs you name it beware it’s going to be heavy duty.

    He does have some concerns about the heavy duty since he cannot believe that I would let quality chairs go without maintenance. But its true...I do take care of my belongings and so there wasn’t any need. I kept them out of the sun and oiled once in awhile.

    Ooohh Gilligan Island in Twisted Sister style. Yes....I like!!! Make sure to tell the Lioness and the Highpriestess of this alternative.

    Yep!! Always have a backup plan...and a backup plan for the backup plan...LOL. So never in doubt ...just have a backup! LMAO

    Sis we all have our challenges believe me I have mines but looking at the strength and determination you possess I am sure you will find that middle ground.

    Thanks for the links. The singer is indeed very good. I suck at head voice. Still practising though.

    Heads up about that reading for Emergence there are some cleaning up action by admin and I don’t know where yours will be categorized so read on the threads where other members advices has been totally deleted. I hope that doesn’t happen to this thread. Search for the

    Long2010 where did your reading go? & Natapier are you okay thread. I am not putting the link so we can stay in peace for now here.

    Okay sis..will catch up soon.

  • Dear Twisted Sis' FLOWSCO -

    thanks for the info about the new rules re: personalized readings. I will go ahead and post it in hopes that Emergence will get to read it and I will reply to your gracious post tomorrow.

    I'm totally wiped out at the moment, lol.

    "Love & thongs" (this is what we'll call our rock band when someday we form one) 🙂 🙂


    I had Tom & wifey over for dinner earlier and some bottles of wine were consummed (mostly by me and Tom since we can hold our liquor - Pisces wife and Crab husband were knocked out after the second glass hahaha),

    Anywhoo...FLO warned me that they may remove the reading, but I'm posting it next anyway and hopefully, that's where it will stay. If they remove it, let me know and we'll find the way for you to get it through email.

    Sorry about the typos (it's the wine, not my general illiteracy, lol)

    Here goes...


    let me start by saying that both you and your man are two complex characters, which in the case of us mutable signs is less of a problem than for the signs of other the matter of fact, I would say that in close personal relationships we SEEK complication, whether we want to admit it or not – the main reason being that through another's complexities we try to come to an understanding of our own. For you as a Sag, dealing with these intricacies and multiplicity both in you and J. would cause less of an inner tension than for a fixed Taurean. He may not be as ready to openly admit to contradictions within his own personality, as Tauruses in general prefer simplification to complication as a way of life. (Did I make this complicated enough for you yet? LOL)

    Let us “dissect” you first (mwahahahaha) 😉

    On one hand, you are a strong representative of your sign with Neptune-Mars-Sun conjunct in Sagittarius in the 5th house (one of the fire houses). Mars-Sun certainly emphasize the fire element here, BUT then there's Neptune – the watery Lord of dreams and illusions himself, come to stir the contradiction. This could play out in different ways for you. Since this conjunction is placed in your house of creative expression, I'd say one of the best ways to use it would be to immerse yourself in creative endeavors, to dream big (something that to a Sag comes naturally) and to actively pursue your dreams.

    Fifth house is also the house of romance and with this combo there your love life is guaranteed to be anything but dull; you crave (and carry within) a certain flair for old-school passion that sweeps you off your feet, the drama, the romanticism – you want it all (and you usually get it).

    Neptune here makes you fall in love with love – there's a predilection for either looking for an ideal man or idealizing the one you're with. You yourself don't object to being put on a pedestal – your kind of love needs to be fed passion and fantasy in equal amounts.

    Neptune, though not one to enjoy dealing with reality, bestows great powers of imagination, amplifies the faith, gives one the desire for spiritual and possibly artistic pursuits and makes one extremely compassionate and sensitive to the plight of the underdog. Perhaps Mars paired with Neptune (two planets that couldn't be more different from one another) makes you especially loud and fired up when fighting for the rights of the downtrodden – a veritable “crusader” for the weak.

    Your rising sign is Cancer, which only adds to the aforementioned complexity.

    While Sags are born adventurers, ardent, blunt, charismatic, extroverted, fond of taking risks and much less fond of routines and the daily grind...well, Cancer brings a whole different mix of flavors to the stew.

    Though as a Sag you would like nothing more than to shoot your arrows into the sky and ride off into the next great adventure, tasting life in its exciting unpredictability to the fullest without ever thinking of the consequences – your Cancer rising - and Saturn & Moon in the first house – say: “Hold your horses, Missy...let's see first what's going on here and if there's a possibility of us bloodying our knees.”

    The Sag in you may secretly resent this voice of reason and wish you could just throw caution to the wind and live free and undisturbed by the world's nagging demands... and your Moon in Leo (fire again) adds: “No ills can befall me, for I am the king of the world!”

    In spite of all this, Cancer in you “anchors” you, making you uncharacteristically rooted, tied to family, home, past history. Cancer gives you a downright NEED to nest, to have an emotional center (and a physical one in the shape of an actual place to live) – it makes you crave security (PROFANITY ALERT! Security is a dirty word in a Sag's dictionary, LOL)

    Cancer rising also makes you considerably more sensitive than a typical Sag would be. You may play it cool on the surface, but your feelings are easily hurt, especially when your pride and dignity are involved. You may have strong psychic hunches and are generally good at tuning into people's emotional vibes. Pluto in the 3rd house in Libra makes for a deep thinker and a very perceptive mind that can cut through the BS with ease.

    Leo Moons are usually well liked by people, popular and charming – they exude an air of warmth and generosity. However, a person that steps on your toes (especially a repeated offender) is likely to experience the infamous lion's roar. Once a sincere apology has been issued, though, you are more than willing to forgive and in most cases don't like wasting time on holding grudges.

    Again, there's a contradictory “appendix” to your fiery Moon – it's conjunct cool and dry Saturn, the Lord of karma, time and the principal of the school of hard knocks (oh, was I held in detention there more times than I can count, haha!).

    I know first hand about this one (my natal Saturn is also in the first house AND in Pisces conjunct Chiron, so consider yourself pretty lucky in comparison, lol).

    In short, Saturn puts a little damper on things and is a signature of children who were either given much responsibility at an early age or were forced to grow up too fast in some way. A part of you may feel that life/ fate was unfair in this respect and that you are somehow prevented by onerous duties or a constant sense of responsibility towards others from fully letting yourself go and enjoying the moment.

    While this may be true to an extent and Saturn sure can crash a party, this planet does have its rewards.

    They are not as obvious or as glamorous as the gifts of Venus or Jupiter and they often come slower than we would like them to, but come they do. Saturn in the first is likely to make your thoughts and feelings much deeper and constant than those of a happy-go-lucky Sag, the depth with which you are able to observe life gives you a great potential for developing wisdom and understanding.

    Consequently, it makes you capable - perhaps even fond -of those periods of solitude and self-reflection which serve as your own little pilgrimages out of reality and into yourself, where you experience a sort of renewal through getting in touch with your own fragile humaneness. It may seem dreary, but look around – it is a gift that many people have lost along the way while frantically trying to keep pace with “the real world”.

    The catch is (if there indeed is a catch) that, underneath your put-together, confident, likable exterior you probably hide secret insecurities, fears, even sorrows – you worry that people would not like you much if you showed this vulnerable part of yourself. Saturn-Moon can make you doubt yourself or/and experience short bouts of depression. But in spite all of that, this is where you experience accelerated growth as a person. The good thing about Saturn is that it gives you an ability to focus and to persevere under hard circumstances – as a result, success comes in anything that you decide to put a real effort into, albeit usually later in life.

    Lovely Venus sits on your Descendant (house of marriage and partnerships) in Aquarius. Seventh house is Venus' natural domain, she feels pretty darn good there 🙂

    You like your men unusual, different or nonconformist in some way, exciting and even unpredictable (Venus in Aqua square Uranus in Scorpio = fireworks).

    Your life partner is likely to be handsome AND not exactly challenged in the money department either (lol). In fact, material security (Cancer rising needs it, though Sags are notorious spenders) is likely to come through marriage or the partner. Smile, Emergence – you definitely could have had it worse 🙂

    In addition, your Midheaven is in Taurus – tapping into Taurean well of earthly abundance and learning to enjoy and appreciate it for what it is (not for greed but for pleasure) will be your life's work.

    Or is your Taurus boy your life's work?

    Speaking of Bulls, onto J. now.

    I will have to be a bit less specific here since we don't know his time of birth, but I can still give you the basics. Keep in mind that any of the characteristics described below can and will be filtered (and to some degree may be altered) through the sign on J.'s Ascendant – which we have no way of knowing without his birth time.

    Here, again, we have a strong Taurus; Sun & Venus-Jupiter in his birth sign. Venus-Jupiter conjunction opposes Uranus in Scorpio, oh Mama, LOL! He's good looking and electrifying, isn't he? 😉

    As a Taurus, he highly values material security and beauty in all its corporeal and non-corporeal forms (people, beautiful objects, fine food and drinks, fine arts etc.) Being the one sign most “in the body”, Taurus sure knows how to appreciate earthly delights and is generous in sharing and spreading his experiences onto the loved ones. And let's not forget the pleasures of the physical love for which a typical Taurus was born 😉 There is something about the earthiness of a Taurus lover that is quite unlike anything else we can experience in this department. Every sign has its own ways in expressing themselves in the bedroom, but a Taurus' boudoir, ah – think of the “Thousand and one nights” and you get the picture. Taurean lover is sensuality incarnate; they want/need to touch you, smell you, taste you and take all the time in the world with it...Casanova may have been an Aries what with the thousands of chicks he s*crewed and became world-known for it, but Casanova missed the point – the one that is not lost on a Taurus: “Quality over quantity”. Taurus men are often even physically recognizable for their heavy eyelids (“bedroom eyes”), slightly flared nostrils (like those of a bull) and soft skin that begs to be touched tee-hee...just one perfectly timed word whispered by a Taurus during lovemaking that will send shivers down your spine is worth more than a hundred sweaty ego-driven quickies with whatever-the-sign-dude x-D

    Now, my dear before I force you to take an icy cold shower (or go hum*p your Taurus, ha!), just a quick explanation for my “expertise” on this matter:

    1.My Mars (the planet that determines our s*exual nature and how we express anger) is in Taurus, so yeah, maybe I should go and jump in the shower instead, hahaha

    2.Once upon a time I had a Taurus man in my life...over twenty years ago, but I still have vivid memories of him (can't you tell?) lol

    3.I'm trying to write a novel, the love story in it is of a very sensual nature and I made the male character – you've guessed it – a Taurus (“write what you know”) 🙂

    Moving along. His Mars in Cancer conjunct Saturn speaks of a sensitive and loyal lover, although his physical demonstrations of love may (due to Saturn) at times go through periods of withdrawal due to moodiness or self-doubt.

    So, you have a strong Taurus on your hands, a Taurus with his Moon in Leo. This would give him a double dose of fixed energy and determination and vitality to boot. In the same breath, it would tend to make him even more stubborn and quite inflexible at times. You cannot force this man to do anything that he's not ready for – gentle persuasion and tons of patience are key. He will make his moves whenever he deems the time is right and not a second sooner; pressure will make him not want to budge AT ALL. Leo moon male also likes to be in charge, they are better at being a boss than a subordinate. There's charm and generosity about him that you were probably attracted to and the fact that you two share the same Moon sign is great. I can't emphasize enough the importance of Moon compatibility in close relationship. Your shared Moon sign makes you very emotionally in tune with one another, you know where the other one comes from feelings-wise. Any friction would not stem from emotional incompatibility for the two of you, but rather the way you mentally digest information and how you deal with day-to-day situations in practical ways. The only danger of this Moon (more for him as a male than for you) is that it can sometimes amplify arrogance and pride, especially if he feels “cornered”.

    Taurus males are the embodiment of “macho” and let me make clear that the word itself does not have all negative connotations. If you can train yourself to let him have the last word sometimes (a difficult task for a Sag, I commiserate with you there, lol) – of course, NOT if he's obviously in the wrong, but even then – diplomacy works way better than screaming arguments. They are a Venusian sign after all and generally try to avoid conflict. Until they blow the gasket, that is LOL. 'Raging bull” is a pretty apt expression and when faced with a Taurus that has been brought to this point, it's best to leave the room/building/town for a couple of hours until they calm down. Remember, they are slow to anger, but once there – they ARE a very physical sign, so get out of their way because something is likely to be broken...better chairs/dishes than you. Back to the pleasant-side effects of the term “macho”. Sounds ugly, but it's not all bad. Tauruses like to be given the opportunity to be the man in a relationship. They don't mind providing security for their woman and taking care of business, which doesn't mean they will object to you working, they just like to feel in charge and that they can provide you with support in their manly way.

    Now, your J. likes to be all Taurean for the world to see. He's capable, he has ambitions, he has a potential to succeed. But, like I said, on the inside he is a more complex fellow than he lets out. His Mercury in Gemini makes him more mentally flexible, curious and versatile than would be expected of his Sun sign. Its opposition to Neptune in Sag tells me that, secretly, he likes to drift off into daydreams more often than you suspect. There's also a compassionate, goodnatured, easygoing side to him that people respond positively to.

    Though a practical realist by nature, deep inside the passion of that Leo Moon makes him want to follow the beat of a different drummer, to see where his imagination could take him if he allowed it to.

    Yet he remains anchored in reality, “taking care of business” since that's what he's good at, yet always wondering...”What if?”

    The great news is that, once he gathers the courage to take a step outside his comfort zone, he's one of those rare people that possesses the tools for making his fantasies a a very earthy, Taurean way.

    And though he remains faithful to his Taurean ways, the conflict of reality versus fantasy remains. Until resolved. This inner psychodrama plays out in the domain of love as well. He will take care of his loved ones in very palpable ways, yet at heart he's a bit of an idealist when it comes to love...kind of in love with a dream lover.

    The thing with the two of you is that there is a strong attraction based not only on the physical, but on your mental/emotional exchange and it is in part fueled by fantasy (strong Neptune in synastry).

    It is all very romantic and intense and highly unpredictable at times. You two tend to be in a way mesmerized by this connection and each other, but things can get a bit volatile, especially when you allow your differences, instead of your points in common to take over.

    I'd say that the irritation mostly ensues from his Saturn right smack on your Ascendant (your fiery Sag can get annoyed with all his earthiness sometimes and see it as shackles that constrain you) and your Saturn on top of his Moon (if he makes you flip out, do you tend to verbally fly off the handle and give to him in harsher terms than necessary? This would tend to make him feel emotionally isolated or depressed, which he in turn may express as emotional coldness toward you).

    Just remember that Saturn is a tough cookie but, if you develop patience and stick by one another, the reward could be great emotional growth for both of us and a stable, lasting bond.

    Also, whenever Saturn is strong in synastry, it indicates a karmic relationship – you two were brought together for a reason and then some.

    For my part, I wish all the best for both and I hope that you found the info useful, at least in part.

    Now, if you'll allow me, I'll take off the freakin' thumb-clamps, kick off my bunny slippers and pass the hell out, right on top of my cat (who always plants his fluffy ass on my pillow 🙂

    It is 5:45 in the morning – maybe I should have breakfast and THEN hit the sack...hmmm, strawberry yogurt and rice krispies or hazelnut ice-cream – what shall I attack? Lol

    Good night, world – see ya at sunset 🙂

  • My dearest SS,

    I know you are sleeping right now (I hope it would be on a comfy bed, hugging those fluffy pillows that we outrageously paying a lot of money for and not on some rooftop, hugging tightly on your telescope).

    I have copied your "advice" (WARNING : personalized reading is strictly forbidden here) into my Google Docs and I will read it again and again. All I can say now; YOU ARE RIGHT ON!!!!!

    I will write more later. This message is just to let you know that I am faster than BIG BROTHER! Seems like I have a radar or something. I could smell it the minute you hit th Submit Post button. Woke up from my sleep and here I come, straight to the forum.

    Need to go and make some money now to support my "BIG SPENDER" attitude. Being a trader, market is not gonna wait for me. It will burn my A S S if I don't keep my eyes glued to all the candles and the numbers my charts are showing me in real time.

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You will be hearing from me soon!

    Lots of love,

    x x x


    Thanks for the heads up! This is the main reason why some of us are now at. Would be awesome if we can have the pleasures from a thread like Men Of the Zodiac to accompany us there as well 🙂

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • SS, why did you leave? Are you happier on this site?

  • hey SS,

    I am back! Are you awake yet or are you still in the dreamland????

    Wow, I don't know what to say.....I AM IMPRESSED! You described me very very well.

    Normally I would read my astrology / birth chart / natal (whatever they called it) and feel that not everything fits me very well but this one.....WOW!Whether we want to admit it or not, we (mutable signs) seek COMPLICATION! lol Life is boring without it! Don't you agree? 🙂

    Very well done on me and J! The way you described us is unbelievable true - J feels that he is not good enough for me, he is not sure if he is up to my standard ( What standard?? He cannot keep up with me as I dream big, I dream further and I am "hasty" at deciding what I want in life while he is more like weighing his decisions seriously (for like a thousand times) before he can finally figure out what he wants in life. For example; if I only have a dollar now; I am still convinced that in 10 years, I will own a villa, a Porsche, a butler etc etc (just an example) but he has to actually see everything in 'writing' before he dare to dream for the same thing (very realistic trait). Sometimes, I feel that he wish that I slow down a little and let him keep up. Well, I did! I have more patience now since I met him. ((Pssst...this is off topic but I have to type this here in order to avoid Big Brother's watchful eyes, they are keeping a close track on me now because I set up a forum where we can all do readings etc etc without any restrictions. Feel free to check it out. LS knows too, I emailed her about this))

    Creativity in me - Oh yeah, if I set my mind on something, I will go for it till hell freezes over, not going to give up easily (unless someone out a gun in my head or if I stumbled for like a million times). As for romance, yep, I want it all! The romance, the passion, the courtship etc etc. I don't need guys to buy me flowers all that stuff but makes me feel special once in a while would be great. Give me the fantasy, bring me to the dreamworld and I would worship him! I like to be pampered sometimes when I am in LOVE! ( is this wrong??? I guess not as I love to pamper the person I love as well) 🙂

    You really make me realize why I have been feeling as if I am out of sync with the Sag in me. I am everything what a Sag should be but I do love my "ME" time, be alone and think deeply. Freedom is something that is very important to me but lately, I am thinking more of wanting to settle down at one spot (ouch, this thought is still making me nervous sometimes). I want the security and the stability. I am done not knowing where I would be in the next 10 years. Dang......I really thought it was J doing! Influencing me to be like him. I know now that the Cancer in me is making me feeling this way. I don't enjoy outdoors as much as I used to, family is very important to me and I am very domestic. ( But hey, I love to travel and I don't see this going away. My toiletries bag is always ready and packed, just give me a flight ticket and a few clothes and I am off my way to where ever).

    I am sensitive, yes. I play it cool on the surface, but it is easy to hurt my feelings, especially when your pride and dignity are involved. I used to "protect" myself by building walls around me but I am free from it now. I am learning how to not let others get to me. I can read people quite easily and that scares me sometimes. First 10 minutes I can decide if I want to be friend with the person or not. Many times, I have ignored this hunches or my intuition but they seems to backfire. When they did, I would feel so angry at myself for not trusting what I felt. I know better now. LOL...I do have radar for BS and I fight for the weaker ones. I poked my nose where it didn't belong sometimes. ! I guess this have helped me in my previous career in Human Resource.

    Popular, generous and charming – I will leave this for other's to decide ( kinda snobbish if I'll be the one to compliment myself LOL) I roar and I bite when I am attacked too many times but I am very capable in forgiving others. I just don't have the heart to "torture" that person or myself by holding on to grudges. Forgive, forget (okay not easy to forget sometimes) and move on! Life is just too short to play the "You are wrong, I am right!" kind of game.

    Uuughhh, don't remind me of detentions back in school days!! *shivers". I can still see the face of my discipline mistress very clearly! I bet she is not gonna leave me alone till I die ( or she dies). She hated my guts hahaha. I was not full of mischief, I only wanted to learn things the hard way bwahahaha (I kept telling myself this). Oh my...sometimes, I just cannot believe that I have never been handcuffed or thrown in jail during my adult life. ( Maybe my lucky star is protecting me!).

    Is this really true about Saturn being responsible for giving children given much responsibility at an early age and forced to grow up too fast? Well....give Saturn my big Thanks for making me a responsible child who and to grow up much too fast that those who were at my age. I was missing too much of being a child because of this (now I am mad!). Always felt that life/ fate was unfair in this aspect; I wanted to be a child but then I felt guilty to enjoy the moment. In short, I felt as if I was 21 when I was only 12! The benefit of this ( I am smiling now), I gained much knowledge in life and was more mature than those who were at my age 🙂

    Oh I love my man to be different, unpredictable, not a "Yes Mam" kind of guy! Maybe it is because I like to discuss and keep things alive LOL! I will die of boredom (at an early age) if my man is the non argumentative type. God please save me!

    Okay let's move on to J - Okay....I recognize allof the stuff mentioned. You described him perfectly, even without the birth time! Are you sure you are not a psychic??? A TRUE Taurus he is! Guess what? He was not my type of guy (in the exterior); - he is too well mannered, dress neatly, sophisticated blah blah blah. BUT BUT BUT, there is such an intensity and mystery under that disguise and that makes me fall head over heels over and over again in love with him! He prefer to dine at good places (well, we'll have Mc Donald if I insisted), buy branded stuff for his home and go for holiday in some high class resort. (To some people, this is BLOODY snobbish but to him, he deserves every bit of it since he works hard for the MONEY!)

    Woot woot!! All I can comment about male Taurus (in the bedroom) is; They are not the " super action' type, they don't have to...... their touch and whisper can have your head spinning a thousand times LOL! No more comments 😄 ( or you and I both and everyone else reading this might need a very cold icy shower!).

    Jeesh, I have to thank you for explaining the emotional side of him. I did plenty of research about Taurus but I couldn't understand the emotional side of this man! Now I know and I hope it is not too late to make things right. You see, we are taking a "time off" from each other for now. The relationship was being too much of a burden for both of us at the wrong time. I lost my mind ( not sure if I have it back now) when my younger brother passed away and my investment went down the drain in 10 seconds, just a few months ago. I hit rock bottom and I shamelessly turned into a clingy, complaining, whining BIATCH. At the same time, he was having a super busy moment with work, business picking up, clients demanding more time etc etc...and acting like a total D I C K head! ( I don't have to explain how all this had effected our relationship, right?) 😮 I accused him of not being supportive when I needed him the most and he accused me of not understanding the nature of his work. BOOM! BAM! BOOM. World war started and we ended up NOT TOGETHER anymore. Sad but this is the truth. I threatened to cut off all ties with him but being a BULL, he insisted on staying in my life, as a friend. I was a mess! I was too blinded by my sorrows that I didn't see the mistakes I've contributed in the break up (100% blame on him, sister! Shooting arrows at him whenever possible). Despite all that, he is still not giving up on me 🙂 ( you feel all sorry for him right? You are supposed to be on my side! )

    Last I heard from someone, he is dating now...although not happily. He is still confused as to what he wants. And he is keeping all this infos from me. Oh well, I am not going to probe. All I want is for him to be happy. If someone else can give him that happiness, then he has all my loving support. 🙂 (but if that someone ever breaks his heart, I am going to break her legs!)

    Wow....I got carried away. This is a long winded post (are you falling asleep already?), sorry! But you really make me understand clearly what I need to fix when it comes to our relationship / friendship. (oh hell, if we ever get back together, I will let J read this, he need to do the fixing too!). I don''t believe it is 'done' yet between us, the connection is still too strong. Let's see what happens! You will be the first to know.

    By the way....are you going to write the book??? You should! You have a wonderful, natural talent in writing. It is amazing how you put the words together. You should write the book. I will be the first to buy it!

    SS....thank you again! If I can help you in anyway, please let me know. Whatever I can do to help, I definitely will!.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • emergence

    I'm glad you find SS reading helpful

    I won't recommend her and HP to you without knowing they are skilled in it

    hope the best for your journey

    going off now, SS will be on soon I think

  • Dear friends,

    would you believe it - this computer is still giving me headaches!?! Running slower than s*hit and I've tried for hours (unsuccessfully until now) to log onto Tarot website...all I can say is - do yourselves a favor and DO NOT buy a netbook...EVER! Tom, the computer guy, tried to warn me against it months ago but this was all I could afford. Oh, well.

    Anyway -


    I didn't leave, girlfriend, just took a couple of breaks - my cats knocked out the computer and left me cyber-handicapped for a few weeks (read explanation on page 3) and, prior to that, I needed my "solitude fix" (not all Aquariuses are rock stars, not all Scorpios are se*x addicts and not all Geminis are raging extroverts, LOL).

    I am still on our home-thread (Men of the Zodiac) and will try to quickly post a few "ripe bananas" before I crawl into bed, now that the gods of cyberspace have allowed me back in...see you there 🙂


    I still owe you a reply, what with this slow machine (I may need to do defrag or deworming, or both) and the weather that has been lovely in the last 2-3 days, so I'm trying to get outdoors as much as possible.

    Sing your heart out, sis, and squeeze Libra's behind (possibly while singing something perky - pun entirely intended, haha). I'll talk to you over the weekend 🙂


    my dear Saggie, I can't tell you how glad I am that you've found the reading helpful (again, sorry it took me forever and a day). YES -I've said the word - "reading"! I will not use the word "advice", ever - the reason being that I am always happy to offer an opinion - if asked and if I have one- but advice - no, not me. As much as your post makes it clear just how much of a fiery Archer you are, I believe that - for better or for worse- I myself am a true Aqua rising. I fervently believe in the uniqueness of each one of us and in the subtle & mysterious forces that (with or without our voluntary cooperation) govern and guide us.

    No one can ever tell you what to do or why do it, even when instructions come from our loved ones and with our best interest in mind. I always say (and I wrote this in the book,too) that sometimes when it comes to choices in life, there's no right and wrong - sometimes the wrong thing is the right thing to do. It's YOU at any given moment, it's YOUR life. We learn, we grow and still, we will never know everything, we will never fully understand the reasons behind it - at least not with our minds.

    As my favorite composer/lyricist nicely put it in the song called "Planet H*ell" :

    "In hope, in love...mankind

    works in mysterious ways."

    Frankly, not only do I not give advice, I don't ask for it either. Simply because I'm not good at following it, so why should I waste other's precious time and attention when I know that, in the end, I'll go ahead and do as I damn well please ( or it'll be: "the Devil made me do it" LOL).

    Don't get me wrong, I do welcome opinions and appreciate them, I just don't believe in advice.

    Could be because my Mom (whom I dearly love though we're as different as day and night) had nothing but endless advice for me, fueled by fear and judgement and motherly worry...that nearly killed whatever spark of hope I was born with. Or, let's not be completely lame blaming it all on our parents at the tender age of 40+ , let's admit that, yes, I hold some pretty extreme views and's been pointed out to me...on numerous occasions 😉

    Someone warned me once that it's a perilous way to live. All I can say is that it IS a way to live - one of the many.

    Thank you, my dear for your cherished comment on my writing, it means more than you know to this non-native speaker who crossed the ocean 15 1/2 years ago and still has many oceans of literary inadequacies to cross while trying to immerse herself in the intricacies of the English language.

    To think that whatever force possessed me gave me the pluck and the mad idea to actually attempt to write a novel is the living proof that miracles do happen and that not all lunatics are locked away in loonie bins - some of us are merrily roaming about unrestrained, hahaha.

    Emergence, I have much to comment on your reply, but I will leave it for the coming days.

    It makes me a little sad that you and your Taurean are on a break as I could see the karmic bond between you, by looking at your charts. Still, it is my hope for the two of you that you will use this break wisely and start perceiving the ways in which your differences can become the strength, not the weakness, in your relationship. When you get back together, and I choose to believe that you will - this is NOT advice, just an idea - talk to him. Gently, patiently, candidly... not too fast, not too much, say the words that count, those will suffice. While you talk and after you go silent, make sure that some part of you is always touching some part of him...not for the purpose of luring him into bed. You know why I am saying this, you're with a Taurus 🙂

    Kay now, 'nough of the late night rambling.

    I'll talk to you some more another time.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you and him 🙂


    skipping over to our lusty thread now to drop off a couple of slithering vipers...and to feast my half-closed eyes on whatever goodness you left there for us. Going to scoop me a big chunk of ice cream first, I like having the complete know, ice-cream chunks and steamy hunks...go oh so well together hee-hee 😉

    Night 🙂

  • Dear SS,

    I will always be grateful to LS for recommending you! YOU know exactly who I am, how I feel and what I have in me. Although we have not met in person, I feel that you already know me inside out, as a person. I am sure you heard many times about Sag, we are one of the difficult signs to understand. It is hard for someone to know the REAL Sag. I cannot say this for all Sag but I know ME. Many times I have been told by friends and acquaintance that they think they know me but they actually don't. It is always a question mark to them.

    I agree with you about welcoming opinions. I love knowing what people has to say to me, to advice me on the good and the bad and to try twisting my neck to their direction. They can try, I always give them to opportunity to do so. But....despite all that, being the person I am, in the end, I will go and do what I feel right and seek what I want for myself. The journey that I chose might tripped me and stumbled me a million times, scrap my knees and prolong the pain, it will still be my JOURNEY. The final decision is all in my hands. Also, I believe that the outcome is not as important as the journey. The experience that I'll gain from it is worth the pain.

    Talking about MUM..LOL..My mum is a Taurus. Her birthday is 4 days after my Taurus. Although they share the same sign, I don't see anything similar between them. Of course we have to take other things in consideration as well. Their Moon signs, planets, gender etc etc. I never get along with mum, not since the day I was born (or maybe since the day I could opened my mouth and talk...that's better). Oh I don't know and it does not concern me anymore why she feels that I am not good enough in everything. She was not the one who raised me. I was given to my grandparents when I was 20 days old. I believe this gives me the right to tell her that her opinion on who I am now and what I want to do with my life don't matter to me at all. Oh it took me a while to stop blaming myself for not living up to her expectations but since I did, I feel so good and so relief. Gone all the hurt and the pain. I am ME and this is what I want to be.

    Don't be sad about me and Taurus...I have this feeling that we will be thrown to each other's arm again. We are not 'done' yet. Whether it will be for good, I don't know but I know that our path will cross soon. He has his issues to solve now and I have mine to deal with. The universe knows that we might end up killing each other if we choose not to part for now. We will get back together as a different person. When that happened, I will take your "idea" and carry it out as they are very valuable (and for free!). I thank you for sharing it with me.

    I have so much to say to you here, as much as you have to say to me....but my laptop need a rest now ( she is screaming for it for hours already!). Since I need her to be "awake" 24/7 during the weekdays (I am in stock / forex market), I better give in now and let her have her rest for a few hours. I am looking forward to hear from you, whenever that would be...and I am also very anxious to get my hands on that novel of yours. I can feel that I would benefit from it in so many ways.....

    Signing of with a whole bunch of Thanks from me to you, SS.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • LS,

    I am glad that we crossed path and I am grateful for your recommendation. You both rocks!

    HP rocks too, I can bet on that! Although I don't have the pleasure of communicating with HP the way I do with you and SS, I know she is a great soul and soon, when she is not busy anymore with her backlog, she might just add her 2 cents on me too, the "emerging" Sag 🙂

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hey Twisted Sis,

    Weather has been great here too and I kept myself busy with all sorts of things so no worries and no hurry. You know we can always pickup where we left off..

    I have been singing and no squeezing of Libra's behind alas..sometime soon. He did serenade me so that was nice for a

    Talk soon hun.

  • Emergence,

    I am happy that you liked what SS wrote you. And ultimately it's always about free choice and free will. Nothing is carved in stone and we all got to ride the wave of life and see where it all leads us to. It's a continuous learning curve. Advice and understanding is always welcome and we are happy to share this with one another. You and your guy will be okay. I am pleased to read that.

    Take care and don’t let those numbers burn you

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