When to stop believing?

  • I've had a few tarot readings over the past months that all tell me that, with patience, my ex-bf and I would get back together.

    There are no signs that show this will happen. None. My ex remains convinced we should stay friends. He never waivers.

    When do I stop believing in these readings? or is this called losing faith or belief?

    thanks for any insight....

  • I find a lot of people use tarot readings to stay in a fantacy land..... if 10 readings say he is your soul mate and it will work out, and still he is treating you like shite.... don't close your mind to the possiblity that it is what it is, nothing more... if he is ment to be with you sitting around feeling sorry for yourself will not change what only time will reveal. live your life and if he returns good, if not.... good he wasn't shite anyway.

  • hahahah, thank you for this but I am not in fairyland or at home feeling sorry for myself and my ex doesn´t treat me like shite. it´s the exact opposite, actually.

    what I´m asking is at what point do you start thinking that maybe it was a false reading? or maybe misinterpreted? or maybe the wrong energy? at what point so you accept that maybe the cards are just plain wrong?


  • Typically, when several different readings aretelling things similarly, you can be more confident about how things are going to unfold. They all work differently. The information comes differently, sometimes it is useful to get with more than one reading but too much is not helpful either. And as you pointed out -- things were on track, more or less progressing as predicted.

    If a reader sees something going awry, or not working out the way you would like, it ruins your day. Being that you had several similar readings, it seems that there really wasn't a glimmer of anything blowing up. But, as you have discovered, sometimes the unexpected happens. The most common reason for a devastating and unpredicted curveball is free will. While you don't consciously know what you will be doing, thinking, or feeling two days, weeks, or months from now . Readings can't control your will, or the will of those connected to you.

    As an example, just becausethe reading says you dripping pasta sauce on your white shirt on Friday, June 18 doesn't guarantee that this is exactly how it will play out. You may wake up and decide you want to wear the blue shirt instead. Or, you may decide that you'll forgo the spaghetti and just have salad -- that doesn't mean you can necessarily escape a stain, particularly if your Mr. Right is supposed to be the dry cleaner that you use at 2pm on Saturday the 19th.

    If it's a concrete part of your life's path to meet this man on this day at this time, you will. Whether it's a stained shirt, a jacket in need of repair, or draperies that need to be steamed and pressed -- you will still end up where you are supposed to be. Likewise, if Mr. Right decides that he's too hungover on Saturday to pick up his suits, that doesn't mean that he'll get out of work early enough on Monday to pick up his cleaning, so he may have to use his lunch hour on Tuesday … just like you.

    Details can change. Timelines can fluctuate. No one knows -- or can always predict -- every nuance of a series of events. But I think when you get similar information from different readers, the outcome of destined experiences or life events will usually come back into play.

    Just my 2 cents......hope this helps!

    All the best to you.

  • i had to agree with Emergence.. well sometime U must see the reader itself too.. mostly wat we do is just interpret only.. depend on your question that u ask and wat kind of andswer u get.. mostly will just advise u wat u can do.. of course by doing that U can actuslly change ur own future.. the future always lies in your hand.. U can also don listen to advise and carry on with it.. Differences of course there is but still it is up to u.. wat we can do is try to tell u wat u can't really see and whether is there another alternative to it.. 😃

  • Thanks Mikyo,

    I am not a reader but I always ask for readings because I just love them.

    But I know what to believe and what can change it.

    You know better than me in this I believe. You are a reader, right? I think you are 🙂

    lots of love,

  • Haha yea Emergence.. I am a reader but even though ppl who are not a reader doesn't mean they don know about tarot cards... We could always read about it whether is it on the net or a book.. And I don dare to say I know alot too.. >< I got a long way to go...

  • Hi Mikyo!

    Yeah you are right 🙂 I am not a reader but I love to read all about tarots and whatever that fall under the category Spirituality. I love readings! So anytime, you feel like giving me one or practicing your skills on me, go ahead 🙂

    Have a good day!

  • sure.. anytime from now~ haha wat would u like to know? anything as long as it is a question~~ 😃

  • aaw thanks!

    I have started a new thread since I do not want to hijack this thread from dupepp.

  • Mikyo,

    Oh here is the thread I started,



  • Mikyo, could you please tell me if Bill or Tom is the one I´ll spend the rest of my life with and when I´ll meet them?

  • Hi Mikyo, I saw on my thread that you were going to do a reading for Emergence. I was wondering if maybe you would be willing to do one for me too? If so, just let me know what information I need to send you. Thank you!!!

  • duepp i think that your first mistake is that you're using too many mediums you need to pick one and stick with them this is a personal choice of course. Next we all posses past lifes which is what your medium could be picking up on they may truly be your soulmate from a previous life. Most people in this day and age have what i call the "Instant Grits Syndrome" everything right here right now without putting any of the many major ingredients into the equation suggestion only slowing down doesn't mean giving up BREATHING ROOM is good for the both of you alot more romancing showing not telling if the realtionship is really important to you then you'll work at it at a slower pace hope this helps

  • Texastea119, it did help, thanks. Do you mind if i sort of pick your brain a bit? You really believe in past lives? do you mind if I ask you why you believe in past lives? and if your soul mate is your soul mate then why isn't that same person your soul mate in your next life as well? I feel some sort of freakish "cosmic" connection with my ex and that's why I can't seem to let him go. I feel our connection is of another world. I guess he doesn't, though, so does that make my feeling "wrong?"

    thanks for any insight and education..... and thanks for replying earlier. you're right. too many mediums bc I'm seeking reassurance. thank you.

  • hi Dupepp.. part of it I need to agree with texast and part of it i personally think that U might question yourself why U feel like that? and how woud U be so sure of your feelings? I can say feeling this thing is a wondersul thing and at the same time it may lead u to downfall too.. Doing a reading for u is fine but wat''s more is to believe yourself. I always leave a choice to the querent or give them a bit of advise.. mainly think logically is mre importantly rather than being too emotional.. maybe because I am not in the situation but still ask yourself certain question and u will have an answer.. I always do that whenever i can.. keep asking myself tonnes and tonnes of question.. hope it helps u.. And i don really like the idea of predicting future.. everythings that u do of course wil change the future.. 😃 If u still want a reading I can do so for u..

  • sorry if I offended you. I guess I was a bit extreme, what I was trying to say at some point you have to accept things as they are, not as they will be (because the cards say so)... Your situation the guy may really care about you and love you, but if he is saying he just wants to be friends and 100 tarot reading say oposite, he probably knows better then they do.

  • sexy of course that should be wat they are thinking.. of course noramlly Wil base on a logical thinking.. well tarot cards are part of it where u can piece and fix just like a puzzle.. so it regardless of wat happen in the future still lies in the querent hand.. 😃 it is the matter u do the consquences..

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