My loss is unbearable please tell me if I have hope

  • My life has been turned upside down since August 2010 , I am living in a nightmare situation and don't know how to move forward . My family and I, are desperately wanting to resume contact with my little 5yr old granddaughter . Her parents have fled the area isolating her from all the family, she was in our lives virtually everyday since birth .I have taken out a £10,000 loan to pay a Solicitor to take the matter to Court but we don't have any rights apparently , so I have asked for mediation can you see it working . My son and his wife's actions have left us totally shocked and bewildered but I can't talk about it on here . Please tell me if I have hope this little girl must think we have abandoned her she won't understand .

  • Dear miagre1,

    First, my heart goes out to you in your sadness. I do not know what caused your son and his wife to flee...but they have a deep-seated fear that is skewing their ability to see that being around family is not only good for themselves, but also for their daughter...your grand daughter.

    I asked Archangel Michael what he could tell you at this point in time, and this is what he said:

    "You are doing everything you can right now to protect your grand daughter and unfortunately, it's a legal situation in light of the circumstances you find yourself in the midst of. Your grand daughter is very young and will not understand what is going on. Not only has your world been turned inside out, but so has hers. You are an adult trying to understand what is happening...she does not have the logic to apply...or in this case illogic.

    I want you to know she is safe. I am right beside her, watching over her and protecting her. I WILL NOT LEAVE HER so try and have some faith in knowing this. What you can do is going to be very hard, but I will ask you to do this for the love of your grand daughter. Forgive. Forgive. I know your mind is reeling as well. This will be one of the hardest things because you are forgiving your son and his wife -- the people...not their behaviors.

    Love is a funny thing because it heals many wounds. Your love for your grand daughter is a given. And will always be. You need to begin working on the love of the other family members involved (son and daughter-in-law) and send those prayers to our Father God. Prayers are healing...and prayers are heard...and prayers are answered. It may not be in the way you expect, but they are heard and will be answered in Divine ways.

    Hope is Life. Life is Hope. So yes, you have much to be hopeful for. Talk to all of your angels and ask them to be with you, and your family, as you work through this. You are not in control of a lot of this...and while it is difficult (extremely so)...know that Heaven is working to help you in your situation. Have faith. Remember love is unconditional. Scream out loud when you need to. Get grounded yourself. Because you are the strength right now. Faith and love. Those are your two best allies, along with all of your Divine family who are right beside you, including myself. Pray. Pray for truth and love to enter into your family's lives for they are severely misguided at this point. Your grand daughter loves you. Never forget that. And it is for her that I ask you to forge ahead and keep doing what you're doing. You are on the right track."

    I'm so sorry miagre1. I hope Michael gave you some words of comfort, if not some direction. Angel blessings to you and your family. God bless.


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  • I feel there is nothing more you can do physically but I believe your granddaughter will be all right as she is a sensible and mature soul. She has a lot of angelic protection around her. I feel that soon she may be taken into care by the child authorities.

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  • miagre1,

    I am not a psychic or a reader but I can relate with your situation because I was almost in the same shoe as your granddaughter many many years ago.

    I was brought up by my grandparents since I was 20 days old. When I was about 6 years old, my parents suddenly took me away from my grandparents because they needed someone at home to babysit my brother. My parents were both career minded people.

    The difference was, my late grandparents didn't want to fight for me legally although they had all the means to do so. My aunties and uncles were all ready to fight for me. I was the "kid" in the house! But my late grandparents didn't want me to suffer as a child. They believed that all the court orders and hearings would hurt me mentally and physically. Also, they didn't want to break the bond of parents and a child. Didn't matter to my late grandparents that my parents never took care of me or visited me, but they were still my parents and my late grandparents wanted wouldn't want to break that chain.

    I was just a kid. I didn't know what was going on, I was afraid. All I wanted was to be with my grandparents. My parents were strangers to me. I was angry when my late grandparents didn't do more to keep me with them. My late grandparents called me up everyday and took me with them in the weekends. My mother didn't allowed that most of the time. She forbad the telephone calls, the visits etc.. She was jealous. My late grandmother health deteriorated because of all these.

    I didn't stay with my parents for long, well, on and off because I fleed. I ran away from them when I was big enough to take the public transportation. I ran back to my late grandparents and begged them to let me stay. My parents came and took me home again. This happened to and fro and finally my parents gave up. I was so glad they did because I was about to go to the court myself and get the laws to help me and let me stay with my grandparents. Can you believe this? I was not even 10 years old and I already investigating about the laws etc. so I could be free from my parents!

    My experience might not be the same with your grand daughter but I can share with you my feelings about this. Although I was just a kid back then, I knew who loves me the most and who were there for me since birth. I wouldn't let anyone came in between me and my late grandparents. When I was back at my parents and didn't get to see my late grandparents for months, I didn't forget them at all. I spent my time looking out of the window, gazed at the moon and began talking. I poured my hearts out about everything. About my love for my late grandparents, how much I missed them and hope they heard me. I made promises that I would ran away from my parents when I had the chance to. I couldn't wait to be older! I said many things...kid's talk lol.

    It took me a long time to forgive my parents for what they did to me. I do not care a bit that they handed me over to my late grandparents when I was 20 days old but I was very angry at them for pulling me away from the people I love. I hated them for all the time I had to be away from my late grandparents. I hated them for causing my late grandparents such a grieve.

    Anyway, I am in talking terms with my parents now and I don't hate them anymore. There is no love and close bonds between us either. They did one good thing for me in my life, they brought me into this world and I am thankful for that. But with my heart and my soul I can say this, they can never replace my late grandparents or take that love and connection away from me. I believe they know that too.

    I wish your granddaughter safe and well. Glad to know that the angels are protecting her. I am sure she loves you and your family as much as I love my late grandparents. She is just a kid but she knows who loves her the most and who were always there for her. She won't forget you.

    I hope you will get to see her soon. I will definitely include you in my prayers to the higher power and in my conversations with the angels.

    lots of love and hugs to you and your family.

    x x x

  • Miagre1, you are overreacting to this. If you are to be any good to this child, you have to get control of your emotions. She is better off than you think. Her parents treat her better now that she is away from you. They get angry at her when you are around because they are jealous of your close relationship. She is also very sensible for her age. It is not a tragic situation. She will come out of this quite well. She has the protection of angels who can do far more for her than any human person can.

    You have tied a lot of your life to this child which is why you feel so bereft. But she is not your actual child, only your grand-daughter. Time to let the angels do their thing and for you to get over this and move on to other things that are waiting for you to take care of. Your grand-daughter will be fine and she will come to visit you in time.

  • Dear Miagre1,

    I read the updates and felt compelled to write "compel" feeling is your angels asking me to write a message to you...and so I do.

    Our Divine Creator himself is with me today as I already know angels are surrounding your grand-daughter, as is Archangel Michael with his veil of protection. Heaven has this message for you:

    "Dearest Grandmotherly Love, you are full of worries and dread and your mind right now is your biggest "enemy" because it conjures up so many scenarios...none of which will transpire. YOUR GRAND DAUGHTER IS SAFE. You have to have faith in this. When you worry and are negative about the situation at hand, you are not sending positive thoughts of energy into the Universe on behalf of your grand daughter. I am blocking your energy waves right now because they are not healthy...for yourself. Or for her.

    You do not have the control you seek in this situation. You are pursuing Earthly justice. And for your own peace of mind, you will pursue the paths you feel are necessary to take. But do you know who does have control, who is in charge? ME! I am in charge. Universal justice will outperform Earthly justice...and your grand daughter is SAFE. She knows you love her. She knew this as a baby. Children, especially your grand daughter, know who love them. Love transcends space...and time. It's in her. And it's in you. Have faith in that.

    I know your life has turned upside down. But, at this stage, know that Heaven is working on it. We can be in many places at once. Please give Me your worries about this because you are jeopardizing your own health right now. You need to release the stress and worries to Me. I can handle them. You, on the other hand, need to focus on you and getting your life back under control. Your anger and disappointment is understandable. BUT, who you see in your son and his wife are not who they truly are. They are misguided. Your son is choosing a life of drugs and your daughter-in-law has no faith in Me. There is no depression when you have faith in Me. For you know I am there to help you. Your son and daughter-in-law may appear evil to you...but they are not evil people. They are lost people. They are My children just as you are. I am not excusing their actions in the least...but I'm explaining them.

    Continue praying for your Grand Daughter, AND your son and your daughter-in-law. The parents actually need more prayers than your grand daughter at this point in time. Trust in your angels. Trust in Me. And let us help and guide this situation for you."

    This is your message I heard today for you. Angel blessings to you and your family,


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  • You were trying to steal his child away - of course he would resent that.

  • Dear Miagre1,

    I am glad my experience can help you in some way because it is not everyday that I would share my childhood stories / trauma / experience with everyone, especially in a public forum. I do not mind about sharing with everyone about my love issues or financial situation etc but my childhood memories, no matter how traumatic they were, are very precious to me. It makes me feel close to my late grandparents and that is the strong bond I have with them. Even while I was typing that message to you, my heart was aching for my late grandparents and tears were clouding my eyes. Yes, they have passed and no longer with me. I wish they were around a little longer so I could share my success with them. Anyway, I know they are always watching over me and they never stop loving me.

    Rest assured Miagre1, your grand daughter loves you. If you raised her well while she was in your care, she will never forget you. Children don't forget stuff easily. Take it from someone who have been through this tug of war game. I know who matters to me.

    Have faith in the message from Angelreader. She did a reading for me and by putting my faith in the message, I am in much better place now. Believe the message, your grand daughter is safe. The angels are protecting her. She is surrounded by positive energies. Please do not let your pain, sorrow, fear and anger transmit into negative energies which will only effect her. You want what's best for her, right? Then think positively, send her lovely thoughts and your peaceful smile. You will be helping her a lot this way.

    When you are feeling down and misses your grand daughter, I hope you will take some comfort in reading about my childhood experience. Read about how my late grandparents have handled the situation. I am not saying you have to handle your issues the same as how they did it but maybe it can help you understand how our decisions can effect our life.

    It is my ritual to have conversations with Archangel Michael and my late grandparents every morning and night, I will ask Archangel Michael to keep your grand daughter safe too. No harm in sending positive message right? 🙂 I will share your stories with my late grandparents and I hope they can help you and give you some guidance in their own very best way.

    Hugs and blessings to you. Keep the faith and stay positive. Your grand daughter LOVES you.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

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  • Hi Miagre1,

    You are not wrong in speaking the truth. I believe in honesty too. I am not here to judge you or make any comparison. Believe me, I have my flaws too. I make mistakes. What I can offer you is my friendship and some comfort. Feel free to keep me updated.

    If you have the time, do visit my thread " Share your inspiration". They are many great people in there. We inspire each other each day. Life is good 🙂

    Have faith in whatever you are doing. Stay positive.

    Lots of love

    x x x

  • Hello Miagre1.

    I have had a very similar experience and I made the mistake of involving courts and solicitors when seeking access to my grandchildren. If you have already involved a solicitor then I fear you may be too late, but if you have not then I would plead with you to avoid legal action at all costs.

    My wife of 15 years and I had a very rough seperation and I lost access to 'her family', including the grandkids. Instead of using patience, mediation and thought of how they were feeling, I contacted a solicitor who was happy to relieve me of my money, lost in court and subsequently lost my family because I dragged them through the courts. This happened 3 years ago and because I took them to court, they will never forgive me.

    It is hard to see the other side of the argument and forums only provide one side of the argument of course.

    If they are involving themselves with horrible things behind closed doors, did you find this acceptable during the time you had a good relationship with them? Unless they are committing a crime, it is worth remembering that people have private lives, that you never really know your family, friends and neighbours and if their private and personal life is exposed for all to see, it can lead to a lot of anger towards those that have exposed it, as respecting the privacy of others is fundamentally important to any relationship, no matter how strained it may be.

    I am not taking their side, however from experience I wish to point out the 'other-side' to the argument, which I could not see at the time.

    I understand your son takes anabolic steroids. Has he admitted to this and how old is he? Steroids are not illegal to use in Britain however they can lead to a short temper in a very small number of users due to increased testosterone production. It's a subject I know well as a sports instructor.

    I understand your frustration and your upset however if they fled the area I fear there may be much more to this story than you are letting on. Were they threatened,? Was your granddaughter threatened? Other than having their personal lives exposed was their privacy encroached on in any other way? For anyone to flea the area, to break their ties with friends and family is a major undertaking and I hope they never left due to the break down with you, as if this is the case, they may never return and may never forgive.

    Lastly I will reitterate my warning about the legal system. You have no legal standing as a grand parent and as your family now live away from you, your chances of getting access to the child are zero, absolutely zero. Your only chance is to appeal to them directly, to admit any mistakes you may have made such as taking them to court (which is a biggie), and to allow time to heal new wounds.

    God be with you,


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